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On the off chance that I need to depict the life of soldiers in a solitary word, I would have portrayed it as "patriotic." However, some of you might want to describe it as "extreme," and some of you even as "unsafe." In an obvious sense, a soldier's life is an assortment of all three.

A soldier's life is devoted, because, s/he is overpowered with the idea of ensuring the homeland, even at the expense of his/her own life; extreme, as they need to avoid loved ones for a very long time, that too in the absolute most strenuous conditions; unsafe because they secure our fringes and are under steady danger from infiltrators and terrorists.


Example #1 of Essay on Indian Soldiers

Soldiers are the pride of a country. They are trained, brave, and magnanimous. Their life is loaded with difficulties, and they face each challenge with a grin all over.

Any individual who decides to be a soldier is, in fact, a respectable soul. He adores his nation and comrades and is eager to go to any degree to ensure them and spare their respect. Soldiers couldn't care less about their own life or wants. Their nation starts things out for them. The individuals who choose to get into this calling are very much aware of the way that they should forfeit their own life and avoid their families for most of their lives. Be that as it may, this doesn't vacillate their soul to serve the nation. They happily take up this activity and work day and night diligently. 

Soldiers are trained for a considerable length of time before they are sent to the war front. The training time frame is amazingly intense. It draws out the best in them and sets them up for the fight ground. 

We get the benefit of living in a tranquil domain and focus on our own lives only because the fighters are guarding our nation nonstop. They guarantee a serene domain in the nation consistently. They are taught and act mindfully.


Example #2 of Essay on Indian Soldiers

We admire the soldiers with pride as they are benevolent individuals who are trained continuously to secure their nation's respect. They avoid their loved ones just to guarantee their nation is protected consistently and that their comrades can live in harmony. 

Soldiers are known for their physical and mental quality. They can be alluded to as the exemplification of mental and physical strength; they are well-constructed. The physical strength of an individual is mulled over while accepting him as a fighter. He is then trained thoroughly to improve it and set him up to face conflicts eagerly.

The training camps help the soldiers to construct physical quality. A soldier who is committed to serving his nation keeps on preparing himself to remain physically fit to give a valiant effort on the field. 

So also, it is basic for a soldier to have mental quality and have a decent good judgment. The screening decides the competitors' psychological quality. This is additionally created and reinforced once they are chosen. Being mentally solid is as significant as the physical quality to develop triumphant in the war zone. 

Soldiers should be trained to fight it out in the field consistently. There is continuously a plausibility of war among various nations. Therefore, soldiers can be called to protect the country whenever. India had been assaulted a few times by its neighboring countries. Our soldiers have demonstrated their fortitude in these wars. They have battled dauntlessly, and we are pleased with them. Here is a portion of the wars fought by the Indian soldiers:


Indo China War 1962: Also known as the Sino-Indian War, this war was fought among India and China on the affection of a contested Himalayan fringe. Be that as it may, this was not by any means the only motivation behind why China assaulted India. There were numerous different issues, as well. During this war, the soldiers battled in cruel climatic conditions in the mountains. The war proceeded for nearly 30 days, and China rose champ.


Indo Pak War of 1965: India and Pakistan have consistently been at loggerheads. While India attempts to keep up harmony and utilize serene intends to settle any sort of issue between the two nations, Pakistan is known for using power and assaulting our country. It required a war with India without precedent for 1965. The war proceeded for seventeen days and brought about a great many causalities. It was canceled simply after the mediation of the USA and the Soviet Union.


Indo Pak War of 1971: Pakistan assaulted the Indian outskirt; however, the Indian armed force rushed to react to it. Our soldiers battled fearlessly and won the fight in the wake of battling for very nearly two weeks. In any case, various individuals were murdered, and a few of them were harmed on both sides during this war. Pakistan particularly endured immense misfortunes during this war. It lost a significant piece of its military, naval force, and aviation based armed forces workforce.


Kargil War: The war was battled among India and Pakistan in the year 1999. It began when the Pakistani soldiers went too far of Control and crawled into India's Kargil region. Indian fighters acted courageously and astutely during this war. Their psychological and physical quality helped India get back the locale infringed by the Pakistani military soldiers. The Pakistani military was shaken severely after this war as it endured a significant thrashing. 


The Final Words

We are pleased with our soldiers and are thankful to them for guaranteeing a peaceful environment. We regard them with our entire being and salute them for their courageous demonstrations. They are genuine legends.

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