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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Land Pollution, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Pollution Essay, Essay On Pollution
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Land pollution is a significant issue nowadays, particularly in urban districts. The results of this sort of pollution are no less lethal than different kinds of pollution, for example, air pollution and water pollution. Land pollution is expanding step by step. It is caused because of solid pollutants, which are expanding a result of the developing number of enterprises just as human littering. While the most considerable mechanical waste is dumped into our water bodies, land pollution is fundamentally caused because of improper waste management in territories of human settlements.


Example #1 of Essay on Land Pollution (Pollution Essay, Essay On Pollution)

Land pollution is viewed as one of the most exceedingly terrible sorts of pollution. This is because it offers an approach to different kinds of pollution in this manner, debasing nature gigantically.


Reasons of Land Pollution

Land pollution is caused because of different reasons; here is a glance at the various reasons for pollution:


Solid Waste: The solid pollutants produced at home, clinics, schools, and markets, for example, plastic holders, jars, plastic, electronic products, and so on fall under this class. While a portion of these is biodegradable, others are non-biodegradable and are difficult to discard. It is the non-biodegradable waste that causes significant land pollution.


Deforestation: Forests are being sliced at a quick pace to satisfy different human needs. Trees are basic for the soil as they assist it with holding different basic supplements. Cutting trees to mine, urbanization, and various reasons corrupt the soil and are viewed as a sort of land pollution.


Chemicals: Chemical waste is difficult to discard. Both liquid and solid waste got from bug sprays, pesticides, and manures are either tossed in landfills or different spots. It ruins the soil and makes one more kind of land pollution.


Agrarian Activities: Various very good quality horticultural strategies are being utilized by the ranchers nowadays to guarantee a better return of harvests. Overutilization of these methods, for example, unnecessary utilization of pesticides and bug sprays, cause dribbling on the ground and corrupts the soil. Products of the soil become here are likewise not thought about sound. It is viewed as a kind of land pollution.


Land pollution is offering to ascend to various maladies and making it hard to have a sound existence. The legislature must take measures to control it, and we should likewise contribute whatever we can right now.


Example #2 of Essay on Land Pollution (Pollution Essay, Essay On Pollution)

It is appropriately stated, "A country that wrecks its soil demolishes itself." Land pollution adversely affects living creatures just as on the earth in general. It is one of the fundamental drivers of the developing number of sicknesses around. 


Reasons for Land Pollution

Land pollution is made owing to different variables. These components are both normal just as those actuated by man. Here is a gander at the various explanations behind the equivalent:


Industrial Waste

Probably the most significant reason for land pollution is industrial waste. The absence of appropriate choices to discard industrial waste, which is created in an immense amount of prompts land pollution. The concoction and harmful waste are tossed in enormous dumping grounds that breed mosquitoes, flies, rodents, and rodents. It offers an approach to different sicknesses, just as air pollution.



Mining is basic for the extraction of minerals and metals that are utilized in different everyday items. It causes mass demolition of trees and plants and debases the land. The burrowing of soil and the utilization of overwhelming apparatus to do the way toward mining causes land pollution.



While it is fundamental to utilize pesticides for developing harvests and it is okay to do so anyway overuse of the equivalent can be hurtful. This is because notwithstanding murdering the creatures that hamper the development of plants, these restorative showers likewise slaughter the microorganisms that are helpful for plant development. Also, the overutilization of pesticides and other compound items debases the soil and corrupts it. It causes land pollution, and the spot never again stays fit for farming. 


Cutting of Trees

We, all realize that trees assume a first job in keeping up biodiversity, which is essential for making biological equalization. They likewise help in upgrading soil fruitfulness and expanding soil air circulation. In any case, shockingly, backwoods are being cut at a quick pace. This opens the soil to coordinate daylight, which is hurtful from numerous points of view. It makes the land fruitless by removing all the water and furthermore slaughters microorganisms that are helpful for the soil. The harm caused to the soil is considered land pollution.


Acid Rain

Acid rain that is caused because of substance pollutions present in the environment additionally debases the soil to an enormous degree and causes land pollution. It likewise taints the present water underground. 


Isolation of Waste Products

As expressed above, the absence of choices to discard the mechanical pollutants and family unit trash appropriately prompts the most exceedingly awful kind of land pollution. We can decrease the destructive impact of land pollution if we isolate pollutant items dependent on their sort. These are arranged into three classes – Organic, Reusable and Recyclable pollutants. This is generally done physically.

Notwithstanding, it is a dull assignment. We can also contribute our bit towards it by isolating the dry waste from the wet waste. It is proposed to save separate dustbins for these sorts of pollutants and discard them off as needs are.

As of late, the Modi government completed a crusade for discarding the wet waste in the green dustbins and dry waste in the blue dustbins. A large number of green and blue dustbins were circulated in Delhi, Chandigarh, and different urban areas across India. A few others were planted in various regions without breaking a sweat the waste isolation process. 


The Final Words

We regularly whine that the management isn't bringing legitimate measures to cut down land pollution. In any case, would we say we are doing our bit to bring down the equivalent? No! Despite what might be expected, we are just adding to it, purposely or unwittingly. It's about time that we should accept it as our obligation to bring down the pollution level by putting forth whatever attempt we can at an individual level.

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