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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an education essay on Internet Addiction, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Internet Addiction, Internet Addiction Essay
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The Internet is an astonishing creation. It fills in as a plentiful source of information and amusement. In any case, as helpful as it may be, it is likewise becoming to be similarly dangerous. Numerous individuals around the globe have become dependent on it and are experiencing the hazardous results of this addiction.


Example #1 of Essay on Internet Addiction

Internet addiction is another age addiction which is known to have held individuals around the globe. This addiction has influenced a few people having a place with various age groups; however, it is increasingly common among the adolescent. Individuals go to the internet to discover comfort, execute weariness, and acquire some enjoyment in their lives. Be that as it may, before they realize they become dependent on it.

The Internet is an enormous source of stimulation, and it is difficult to oppose the addictive stuff it brings to the table. Notwithstanding, it is essential to keep a mind your internet use to guarantee you don't get dependent on it. This is because, merely like different sorts of addiction, this one likewise has grave outcomes. It majorly affects an individual's mind work.

Numerous internet addicts create tension issues and wretchedness. Individuals lose the feeling of time and disregard their work. This hampers their expert development. Their physical health additionally weakens. They cause medical issues, for example, stoutness, coronary illness, and hypertension.

They get so dependent on the internet that they will, in general, overlook their friends and family. They incline toward conversing with individuals on the internet and grow close ties with them. This strains their own relations and causes despair. To lead a happy and healthy life, it is imperative to avoid such addictions.


Example #2 of Essay on Internet Addiction

Numerous individuals around the globe are confronting the issue of impulsive internet use. They burn through most of their day surfing the internet even as they probably are aware it is a totally vain action that is disturbing their brain. Internet addiction is as terrible as some other addiction. Individuals dependent on the internet disregard their wellbeing, work, and connections and frequently end up desolate and discouraged.


Internet Addiction among Youth

Internet addiction is increasingly regular among adolescents. They feel a consistent inclination to utilize the internet. They continually look through changed sites, watch irregular recordings, talk with companions on the internet, enjoy internet-based shopping, and include in different exercises on the internet. As they become dependent on the internet, they start to lose enthusiasm for genuine activities. They favor enjoying on the internet exercises as they were. 

They grow low mental strength and furthermore become socially clumsy. Numerous adolescents nowadays aren't ready to communicate well with others. They stay away from get-togethers and incline toward making companions and connections on the internet. A significant number of them create social uneasiness.

Internet addiction hampers their examinations. Internet addicts can't focus on their assignments. They disregard their studies and lose enthusiasm for sports. All they need to do is surf the internet. 

Tragically guardians give advanced mobile phones to their children at an early age. The universe of the internet is new and captivating for them. They rapidly get dependent on it. The time that ought to spend in considering and other valuable exercises is squandered on the internet.

Thus, numerous youthful working experts are additionally dependent on the internet. At an age when they should focus on building their profession, they burn through the vast majority of their time on the internet. Internet addiction is ruining the fate of the young. It is affecting their development and improvement.


Outcomes of Internet Addiction

Internet addiction can demonstrate to be amazingly unsafe. It decays one's emotional well-being, social prosperity just as physical wellbeing. Here is the way it impacts an individual on different levels:


Effect on Mental Health

Ceaseless utilization of the internet eases back the mind's capacity to get a handle on things and concentrate. Internet addicts ache to return to the internet and can't concentrate on work within reach. These reductions their profitability. Failure to get to the internet causes crabbiness and outrage. These individuals frequently create conduct issues. Research shows that individuals dependent on the internet are bound to develop nervousness issues and melancholy.


Effect on Social Well-being

Internet addicts invest the vast majority of their energy on the internet. They abstain from cooperating with individuals in reality and furthermore don't enjoy good activities. This affects their public activity. They become socially unbalanced and, before long, start to feel separated.


Effect on Physical Health

Internet addicts start to have an inactive existence. They simply sit and surf the internet practically throughout the day. This starts to affect their physical wellbeing negatively. They become overweight, which puts them in danger of bringing about different genuine sicknesses, for example, cardiovascular infection, stroke, and diabetes.


Withdrawal Symptoms

Internet addicts experience withdrawal side effects as they attempt to dispose of internet addiction. These are very like those accomplished by sedate addicts. They feel fretful, on edge, and furious when they are disconnected. Their feelings of anxiety sore high and they wish to return to the internet. It is really very hard to deal with this enthusiastic change. Be that as it may, it very well may be made do with proficient assistance and the help of friends and family.

It is essential to recognize the notice indications of internet addiction and treat it. Notwithstanding, comprehend that it sets aside some effort to get over it. Try not to drive yourself or your cherished one away from it without a moment's delay. Doing so will make a more significant number of issues as opposed to controlling any.

Internet addiction is a problematic issue. It ought not to be rejected calmly. It is essential to dispose of this addiction to lead a stable and satisfying life.

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