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India is a place that is known for farmers. It is called so because a more significant part of Indians is directly or indirectly associated with farming activities. It would not be right to state that farmers are the foundation of our economy.


Example #1 of Essay on Indian Farmers

Somebody has genuinely stated, "India is a place that is known for villages and farmers are the spirit of the nation." I likewise feel the same. Farmers are regarded as individuals, and farming is viewed as a respectable occupation in our nation. They are likewise called "Annadata," which signifies "food supplier." As per this statement, farmers in India ought to be a glad and prosperous individual, however, and the incongruity is that the fact of the matter is actually inverse to it.

This is the reason why children of farmers would prefer not to seek after the occupation of their folks. As indicated by administration information, around more than two thousand farmers leave farming and move to big cities day by day looking for a business or job. If this pattern proceeds, at that point, an opportunity may arrive when there will no farmers left, and our nation will abandon "food excess," which we are currently to "food inadequate." 

I used to believe that when the costs of products go up, the farmer benefits, however, actually, a large portion of the cash is gotten by the middlemen. Along these lines, the farmer is continuously a looser. When there is a guard crop, the cost of the items fall, and at commonly he needs to offer his produce at a disposable price to the legislature or the mediators and when there is a dry spell or flood, at that point we as a whole realize what befalls the poor farmer.

The state of the farmers is getting from terrible to more terrible. If something isn't done desperately, there will be nothing left to save.


Example #2 of Essay on Indian Farmers

I think the farmer plays a similar role for our nation as the backbone plays for the human body. The issue is that this backbone (our farmer) is experiencing numerous issues. Once in a while, huge numbers of them can't manage the cost of two nourishing dinners daily. In spite of the considerable amount of hardships that they face, they keep on playing a significant role. Some of them are reviewed below.

Food Producers of our Country: Before the late 1970s, India was not ready to create adequate food grains to meet its necessities. As such, India was not independent as far as food grains. We used to import enormous amounts of food grains from abroad (mostly from the USA). It went bravo time, yet a short time later, the USA began coercing us on trade.

They even took steps to stop the stock of food grains completely. The then Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri acknowledged the demand and gave the motto "Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan" and took some exceptional measures, which brought about the green upheaval and because of that we became independent regarding food grains and even began sending out the surplus produces.

India has never thought back from that point forward. Our farmers have never allowed us to down, even though they are confronting numerous issues. They have had the option to fulfill the need of the developing populace.


Contributing Indian Economy in a Big Way: Farmers contribute nearly 17% to the Indian economy. Significantly after that, they keep on carrying on with the existence of poverty. There are numerous explanations behind it. On the off chance that we can defeat different obstructions; at that point, there is a decent possibility that this rate will improve.

Farmers don't rely upon some other hotspot for business. They are independently employed and furthermore do work for other people.

We have made some amazing progress since Independence, yet at the same time, a great deal must be finished. I am sure, if we work earnestly, we would have the option to conquer the issues which we are confronting today and God willing our villages will get as lovely and prosperous as they have appeared in Bollywood films.


Example #3 of Essay on Indian Farmers

People, who have lived in big cities for the whole of their lives, have an off-base thought regarding village life. They accept what is appeared in Bollywood motion pictures. I was the same. I additionally imagined that in villages, ladies move around in their architect lehengas. They go to the well for bringing water and move to a great extent joyfully.

One fine day I told my father, "what a pleasant life these village people have… ". On this, my father chuckled boisterously and proposed me to visit our tribal village, which is in Lucknow. Lately, when I went to our village, I was four years of age. I recalled not many subtleties from my previous visit or better to state I had no clue what a village resembled.

I took seven days' leave from the office and loaded up the train with my dad. I was actually quite energized. At the railroad station, we were welcomed by our family member (my cousin sibling), who had come to get us. I asked him, "how will we return home"? On this, he indicated his bullock truck. On this, my response was, "What!". My father let me know, "child, this is only the start… .".

On arriving at home right off the bat, I chose to answer my tendencies call. Things being what they are, I asked, "where is the can"?

A pre-owned furrow and a couple of weak bullocks remain in each house as a declaration to the strenuous existence of the tenants. Most extreme houses had no power association and even those houses which had power association utilized oil lights since power was uncommon. No one had a gas association, so food was cooked on wood or coal fire, which created smoke, and that caused different lung sicknesses. 

I found an elderly person hacking. I asked her, "Would you say you have your drugs"? On this, she gave a numb look and stated, "Beta, I don't have the cash to purchase drugs or go to a private medical clinic." Other people disclosed to me that there is no administration center close by. On hearing this, I honestly got passionate. The predicament of the Indian farmers is incomprehensible as they work indefatigably during the time without fundamental necessities.

I chose to join my cousin's sibling, who was working in the fields. At the point when I came there, I discovered him and some different farmers contending with certain men. I was informed that they were bank authorities and had come to give a proper notification (of non-installment of EMIs) to the farmers. My cousin's sibling revealed to me that nobody in the village had the option to pay EMIs this time as they had a poor harvest this time. 


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