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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an education essay on Indian Army, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Indian Army, Indian Army Essay
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The Indian Army needs no introduction. We all have love, regard, and deference for our soldiers and the Indian Army in general. We all know, the Army of India has a long and magnificent history, and we are presenting some essay writing samples on the Indian Army.


Example #1 of Essay on Indian Army

In the case that you pick an individual randomly and ask him birthday dates from film stars, government officials, sportspeople, and so forth.

The issue is that we have underestimated and have taken for granted huge numbers of things. One of them is freedom & security. We have underestimated that somebody is continuously deployed to monitor our borders. At the same time, we rest in our comfortable homes, and there is someone guard us and take the bullets of the enemies and terrorists for protecting us. 

I think the events like Army day, Republic day and so forth are day's festival and celebration however I figure we should likewise introspect on those days. Why everybody needs to turn into a doctor, engineer, attorney, and so on; however, not many of us need to become soldiers.

To the extent festivities are concerned, Army day is commended officially in New Delhi at "Amar Jawan Jyoti," India Gate each year on the fifteenth of January. The day was begun celebrating from 1949 through different exercises like Military Parade, social projects, and so on. It is likewise celebrated at all military foundations. A few schools and social associations additionally commend army day.

The day is praised for remembering the appointment of our first army chief, Lieutenant-general K. M. Cariappa. The tale of his appointment is likewise intriguing. The story is like this – Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was having a meeting with senior army personals and bureau priests. He recommended that the post of first army chief ought to be given to a British official since Indian officials have no involvement with taking care of such a position. 

One of the military staff present there questioned this, and said that "as we likewise don't have the experience of driving a country, so we ought to choose a British individual as our first Prime Minister." After hearing this, Nehru understood his misstep and asked the individual that might he want to turn into the first army chief? On this, he recommended the name of Lieutenant-general K.M. Cariappa, who was additionally present there, and along these lines, he turned into the main army chief.

It's about time that we should repair our ways and start giving genuine regard to the soldiers; generally, freedom may arrive when there is nobody to protect our homeland. 


Example #2 of Essay on Indian Army

I pondered as a child concerning how is the life of a soldier. I accepted that it must be a luxurious situation rather than mine, which resembled hellfire since I needed to go to class, finish schoolwork, learn answers, show up in tests and tests, and had no freedom to play. Then again, I felt that a soldier needs to move around to a great extent in his keen green uniform with his weapon. The issue is that even numerous adults additionally feel the equivalent, not understanding how wrong they are. Most extreme individuals think that it is like a standard 9 to 5 employment, yet this is a long way from the real world. 

I used to tell my father that I might likewise want to turn into a military official like him (he served in the Territorial Army as a lesser dispatched official). When asked, "why I needed to turn into a military official"? My answer was, "I would get a weapon and a solid stick, and with that, I would pummel the miscreants." On this, my father used to chuckle boisterously.

Presently I understand how wrong I was. It is one of the hardest workplaces and unquestionably, not a luxurious situation. I got some thought of the workplace of the military from the media, yet I before long acknowledged it was a misleading statement. The main path by which I could get the genuine data was by conversing with the genuine "Faujis." Fortunately, my father and a portion of his companions (who additionally served in the military) were more than ready to share their accounts.

He disclosed to me that their preparation days were very intense because the new condition was not quite the same as the normal citizen condition which they were utilized to. In regular citizen life, 6 o'clock detailing time implies 6.15 or might be even 6.30; however, in army 6.00 am methods precisely 6.00 am. My father and his associates got rebuffed ordinarily for arriving behind schedule. The discipline was generally very troublesome. Typically it was running with full apparatus for miles or something to that effect.

In the wake of morning P.T, the physical, intense exercise began, and that proceeded for not many hours. Educators were regularly viewed as scalawags by the vast majority of the students. When my father and his associates were denied water after a ten-mile run. Their response was true to form. They had playfully wished to slaughter the teacher at that point.

There were theory classes after that. Nighttime was playtime. Cadets used to play all kinds of games, including football, volleyball, b-ball and so forth. Supper was a conventional undertaking. They made such a large number of companions there. Time passed that way, and the preparation of my father wrapped up. 

He got posted at numerous places, yet there was one presenting which concurring on him was the hardest. For that, he even got a chivalry award.

My father says that if you need a standard life, at that point, the Army isn't for you yet in the case that you need to be pushed as far as possible and need your life to be minimal daring, then you should join the Army.

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