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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on India Gate, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on India Gate
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India Gate is a war memorial situated in Delhi and planned by Sir Edwin Lutyens. The 40-meter door stands tall on the eastern finish of Rajpath. It was worked in memory of the saints of the British Indian Army during the Bangladesh Liberation War and First World War. The names of more than thirteen thousand fighters are recorded on the entryway. Underneath the door lies a dark marble structure with a consistently flaring light called - Amar Jawan Jyoti, on all the sides of a rifle topped by a head protector. On the Republic Day, the PM of India and the head of all the three powers lay a botanical wreath on Amar Jawan Jyoti in the memory of fighters.


Example #1 of Essay on India Gate

India Gate has a long-standing history. This authentic landmark is a storage facility of various recollections and penances. It was worked by the Britishers almost a century back and is being kept up with care from that point forward. The landmark situated in New Delhi is an observer of various occasions and holds a unique criticalness for Indians.


History of India Gate

Here is a glance at the intriguing history of the eminent India Gate that draws the consideration of visitors from various pieces of the world:


The First World War

During the First World War that went on for over four years (from July 1914 to November 1918), the Britishers utilized more than a million Indian officers to face the conflict as a piece of the British Army. Above 70,000, Indian warriors lost their lives during this tragic occasion. 

To respect their battle and penance, the British government chose to assemble India Gate. This significant landmark has the names of upwards of 13, 300 servicemen, including officials and troopers engraved on it.


The Construction of India Gate

Duke of Connaught established the framework stone for India Gate on tenth February 1921. This war dedication was developed with the intent to recollect the penances of the officers of the British Indian Army and rouse people in the future to serve the nation with equivalent commitment.

Sir Edwin Lutyens planned the landmark. Various workers were utilized to develop this gigantic structure, and it took around ten years to fabricate it. Emissary, Lord Irwin initiated India Gate on twelfth February 1931. 


The Construction of Amar Jawan Jyoti

Numerous Indian fighters battled gallantly during the Bangladesh Liberation War in the year 1971. The Indian government chose to devote an extraordinary war memorial to them. Amar Jawan Jyoti was hence worked under the India Gate. It frames a piece of the India Gate, and together these war commemorations help us to remember the bravery of our bold fighters and their affection for the nation. 

Amar Jawan Jyoti has a dark marble platform with an improved rifle. This rifle has a warhead protector on it. The memorial has four interminable flares on its sides. 


The Final Words

The centrality of India Gate is seen distinctly by the individuals who think about its history. Its magnificence draws various visitors from around the globe. Even though it is refreshing for its building plan anyway, just the individuals who know about its authentic past can really observe and value its magnificence.


Example #2 of Essay on India Gate

India Gate stands tall in the core of the national capital of the nation. It draws travel aficionados just as nationalists the same. The war commemoration worked to respect the 70, 000 Indian warriors who lost their lives during the First World War is an image of boldness and penance. It holds extraordinary essentialness for Indians. Numerous occasions are sorted out at India Gate to commend unique events. The spot is mainly decked up to praise our national celebrations.


India Gate and National Festivals Celebration

Here are how our national celebrations are commended at India Gate:

Republic Day

An extraordinary national occasion is composed at Rajpath and India Gate on the event of Republic Day every year. The President and PM of India are available on this event as are various different pastors and individuals in power. Clergymen from outside nations are likewise welcome to elegance the occasion. There is an inclination of satisfaction, pride, and nationalism all around. The spot is loaded up with individuals who watch the festivals with enormous energy. 


At the beginning of the Republic Day festivity, the Indian Prime Minister visits the - Amar Jawan Jyoti, at India Gate to offer tribute to the fighters who relinquished their lives to save the respect of the nation. This is trailed by the quietness of two minutes for our saints.

The Republic Day march is the principal feature of the festival. The motorcade is observed from the Rashtrapati Bhavan to India Gate. The military regiments of the Indian Armed Forces, including the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force, walk past on this event. This is trailed by the procession of a scene portraying the way of life and custom of different Indian states. Moreover, various social projects are introduced by younger students at the event. 

The president ventures forward to give boldness grants to the youngsters who enjoyed demonstrations of courage for an honorable motivation. He likewise grants troopers from the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force for demonstrating extraordinary courage in the combat zone.


Independence Day Celebration and Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations at India Gate

Independence Day is additionally celebrated at India Gate. The festival is synonymous with the Republic Day yet with hardly any changes. India Gate is enlightened with Tri-Color on the event of Independence Day. Social projects are composed at India Gate to commend this national celebration. Energetic tunes are sung, and the whole group appears to inundate in the sentiment of nationalism. 

Specific gatherings collect and sort out social occasions at India Gate on the event of Gandhi Jayanti. It is the birth commemoration of Mahatma Gandhi, the dad of our country, and in this way requires a festival. Even though the first Gandhi Jayanti occasion happens at Rajghat, commonly bhajan programs and other comparative opportunities are composed at India Gate additionally to give proper respect to Gandhi Ji and to commend his birthday. These festivals see significant social events. The adoration and regard for Bapu can be plainly observed among Indians on this event.


The Final Words

Think about an Indian national celebration, and what starts things out in our psyche is India Gate. This is because this war memorial and its encompassing regions are decked up on these celebrations, and uncommon occasions are sorted out at this spot to commend them. Individuals accumulate around at India Gate and make joyful to celebrate our national celebrations.

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