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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on I Love My Family, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. A My Family Essay
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I love my family and it is the best thing that has happened to me. It is a close gathering of individuals who bolster one another and live in amicability. Love, regard for one another, and shared concern are a portion of the significant attributes of my relatives. My family resembles a mind-blowing spirit, without which, I can't make due for a minute right now the ever-evolving world. It means the world to me – I find a good pace, moral direct, get supported, figure out how to regard, share satisfaction and distress, get insurance, thus numerous different things in my family.


Example #1 of Essay on My Family

I love my family and can't envision my existence without them. It is normal to adore one's family. We grow up with our parents dealing with our necessities, our grandparents cherishing us perpetually, and our kin being unruly accomplices in whatever we do. Henceforth we will undoubtedly frame a profound bond with them.


Why I Love My Family

I live with my parents and two more younger sisters. My dad manages a fruitful business, and my mom is a great homemaker. She cares for every one of our needs throughout the day and adores us endlessly. She is consistently there for us. 

Regardless of whether it is helping us in contemplates, cooking tasty nourishment for us, or showing us craftsmanship and specialty – my mom is associated with every one of these activities to sustain us in the most ideal manner. My dad, then again, works vigorously to guarantee we get a decent way of life. He additionally ensures that he takes us out on the ends of the week to spend quality time with us.

My sisters and I have a great deal of fun together. We go to a similar school and have various regular companions. While we three love every other' organization and play together, we do call a portion of our companions home now and again, and it turns into even more enjoyment.

Throughout our summer holidays, we visit our grandparents' home, which is situated in an excellent town in the Indian province of Himachal Pradesh. It is a significant house with a front garden loaded up with different trees and plants. My sisters and I anxiously sit tight for this season. We love our visit to our grandparents' house. I particularly enjoy playing in the front yard, loaded up with various foods grown from the ground.

Growing up encompassed by such an adoring and friendly family resembles a fantasy. I love them all as a result of their cherishing and caring nature.


Example #2 of Essay on My Family

I live in a joint family. There are ten individuals in our family, including me, my sibling, mother, father, grandma, granddad, uncle, auntie, and two cousins. We as a whole bond well with one another. We help and bolster each other consistently. On the present occasions, when the vast majority live in family units and falter meeting their more distant family individuals because of different reasons, I am pleased I originate from a family that lives incongruity, respectively, with one another.

Since the time I was born, I have seen my relatives living genially with one another. Not at all like other joint families where there are frequents fights and contentions, my relatives don't enjoy any such thing. They are on the whole cheerful in their own space. They have their obligations and duties all around characterized and work in like manner without addressing or accusing one another.

For example, my granddad deals with all the accounts, my mom and auntie deal with the kitchen and other family unit assignments, my dad and uncle go out to acquire, and my grandma shows us great qualities and takes us to the recreation center each night.

One thing that I love about my relatives is that they are, for the most part, developed enough to comprehend that nobody is great. They realize that individuals will undoubtedly commit errors now and again, and that is how they learn and grow. They have instructed me that it is essential to comprehend and excuse to live warmly with each other. These are a couple of characteristics that help every one of us live, respectively amicably.

I love our end of the week excursions together. Each other end of the week, we as a whole go to a shopping center or event congregation or for an outing to a close-by cookout spot to spend the entire day together. For picnics, we pack nourishment and take it along. We likewise bring games, for example, Tambola and Ludo.

All my relatives partake in these games, and we altogether participate in this time together. It fortifies our bond even more. During our trips to the shopping center, we sit and feast together. During these eating sessions, we talk, snicker, and find a good pace other better.

My grandparents are from a period where individuals welcomed their companions and family members' home and visited them frequently. Thus, this pattern, despite everything, proceeds at our home. We have a lot of house gatherings wherein we welcome our family members and companions. These gatherings are brimming with fun. We find good pace cousins and companions and host astounding nourishment during these gatherings. We likewise meet our uncles and aunties who spoil us and give us gifts.

We excitedly anticipate our cousin's and auntie's visit throughout the mid-year excursion. It is the best season. Our home is loaded up with bliss and chuckling during this time. There is no examination pressure.

In this way, we as a whole find a good pace part. We additionally find a workable pace assortment of tasty things cooked by our aunties. It is likewise an opportunity to have a ton of desserts and jams. We study for around an hour or so during the whole day during this time, and the remainder of the time is for getting a charge out of and playing with the cousins. During the night hours, we go to the close-by park and play football, cricket and find the stowaway. 

I genuinely love all my relatives and wish we live respectively for eternity. I unequivocally accept that the joint family system is the best anyway, just if the relatives acknowledge each other as they are living respectively in concordance. I am fortunate to have such a caring family and a more distant family. Life is such a lot of fun when such lovely individuals encompass us.

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