Essay Writing: Learn how to write an Essay on How I Spent My Summer Vacation

IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on How I Spent Summer Vacation, providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Summer vacation essay
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Summer vacations are viewed as the best time for students to explore themselves and their environmental factors more as they have no examination pressure and mental pressure. This additionally gives them a much-required break from regular school activities. Various students have multiple methods for spending their summer vacations. While some visit their grandparent's others join day camps, yet others like to remain at home and make up for lost time with their studies.


Example #1 of Essay on How I Spent My Summer Vacation (Summer Vacation Essay)

Summer is a treat for all the students battling the entire year with exams and assignments. This is the time at which they can go through their days doing anything they desire with no limitations and pressure from guardians or educators. The vast majority of the students, alongside their parents or companions, like to go to some hill station or their villages or for different trips to relax. Yet, vacations can likewise be fun when they are spent remaining at home.

This summer, I chose to remain at my home during summer vacation as opposed to going anyplace for an outing. To invest my energy productively, I joined classes where I learned canvas painting, and alongside it, I additionally began learning table tennis. During the evenings, I helped my mother in the kitchen and helped my father with certain records related to errands. This was the best time where I felt all the more near and engaged with my family. At that point, for the rest of the time, I went out with companions. I additionally invested some time watching motion pictures and the internet. Other than amusement, these shows and films likewise showed me some life activities.

Thus, this summer vacation was spent drawing nearer to myself and my family, which I couldn't do during my scholarly year. I understood how productive and fulfilling it would be to be able to spend vacations at home.


Example #2 of Essay on How I Spent My Summer Vacation (Summer Vacation Essay)

Summer is the most anticipated time in any student's academic year. Regardless of the burning sun and bursting heat, these months for me have consistently carried an exceptional sort of serenity to my spirit that overflows opportunity from tedium and bluntness. As it is the ideal opportunity for vacation, the time has come to explore, meander, plan, and substantially more. Summer vacations are always fun; however, my summer vacations were particularly significant. What made it uncommon was that it was my first approach on outside land, or I may state "lands."

The year 2018 was my last academic session in school. Along these lines, before setting off for college, a total family portal to fascinating grounds was the blessing I got from my family. I was unable to have requested more. Our itinerary item was an ideal blend of pixie Disneyworld and fabulous Hong Kong and afterward to the multi-ethnic nation island of Malaysia.

On the exceptionally following day, when my summer vacations started, I ended up on the terminal 2 of Chhatrapati Shivaji air terminal, Mumbai, searching for my flight ticket and posting tales about it on my internet based life accounts. My folks, kin, and cousins encompassed me. There was fervor all over. Being a full, more distant family vacation with every one of my cousins, aunties, and uncles, it appeared to be to enjoyment from the time we set out in taxis to the air terminal. It was not my first time being amid the mists, but rather it was my first worldwide flight giving a heavenly perspective on night lights of the whole city and taking a gander at that I realized that this vacation would have been a unique experience for me. 

Arriving in Hong Kong, I was shocked by merely the unimportant sight of their air terminal. I think they, without a doubt, lived to the way that the "initial introduction is the last impression." I was unquestionably astounded past creative mind, yet someplace I realized this was only the start. The first day at this lovely spot predominantly comprised of investigating the roads of this fantastic city, which were wealthy in style, nourishment, tech, and everything that shouted the present day and simultaneously antiquated in their lifestyle.

The next spot we visited was what we all had longed for visiting for long. IT was entrancing Disneyland. The absolute first thing that grabbed my eye was not the individuals around wearing Disney characters or the sumptuous spread of the space and rides and shops; however, the manor at the far end – The Disney Castle. It was simply awesome. The very appeal and charm of it took me exhausted. The firecrackers around evening time after a whole procession show mainly make you wonder if you genuinely had crossed a line and entered the dreamland. It had been much more than I would have envisioned even in my pretend.

The following was a voyaging day as we moved to our next goal Malaysia. The City entryway was the direct inverse of where we came. This city didn't have numerous high rises, yet the flawlessly spread flat city was enormously wealthy in culture and assorted variety. The beautiful mosques, historical centers, and legacy destinations flawlessly mix with the cutting edge way of life and present-day format of the city. The peak portions of the nation, like Genting Highlands, could be unquestionably called paradise on earth. The seashores here offered an ideal spot to unwind and restore. I am happy we picked this as our last goal during this outing. 

This has probably been the best vacation I have ever gone on. I saw such a large number of beautiful spots, had extraordinary experiences, and invested a ton of energy with my caring family. My previous summer vacation was, in reality, the best up until this point.

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