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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an education essay on Hindi Diwas Day, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Hindi Divas 2020, Hindi Diwas Essay, Hindi Diwas or Hindi Day
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Hindi Diwas is celebrated on the fourteenth of September every year. It is because the Constituent Assembly of India proclaimed that Hindi scripted in the Devanagari content is the Republic of India's authentic language. The Constituent Assembly of India received Hindi as the official language of the Republic of India on the fourteenth of September 1949. However, utilizing it as the Constitution of the nation authorized the official language on 26th January 1950. The first day of embracing Hindi as the official language is seen as Hindi Diwas.


Example #1 of Essay on Hindi Diwas

The constitution of India received Hindi written in Devnagari content as the official language of the nation under Article 343 back in January 1950. With this, both Hindi and English started to be utilized authoritatively at the Union Government of India level. Hindi Diwas is seen on the fourteenth of September every year because on this date in the year 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India embraced our first language as the country's authentic language. 

Hindi Diwas is praised for cheering the day Hindi turned into the official language of our nation. It is additionally watched every year to worry upon the significance of Hindi and advance it during the age, which is excessively intrigued with English. It is a method for reminding the young about their underlying foundations. Regardless of where we reach and what we do, on the off chance that we remain grounded and in a state of harmony with our underlying foundations, we remain unwavering. 

Every year, the day helps us to remember our actual personality and joins us with the individuals of our nation. Regardless, any place we go to our language, culture, and qualities must remain unblemished, and the day fills in as an update for the equivalent. Hindi Diwas is one such day that ingrains us with energetic emotions.

In the present occasions, there is a tendency towards English, which is comprehended as it is utilized over the world and is additionally one of the official dialects of India. This day is a little exertion to advise us that Hindi also is our official language and holds as a lot of significance.

While English is an all-inclusive utilized language and the significance of the equivalent can't be ignored, we should not overlook that we are Indians first and must regard our national language. The reception of Hindi as an official language demonstrates that the individuals in power esteem their foundations and need the individuals of their nation to appreciate them as well.


Example #2 of Essay on Hindi Diwas

Hindi Diwas, celebrated on the fourteenth of September every year, is an approach to treasure the Indian culture and respect the Hindi language. This day in the year 1949, the Hindi language was embraced as the nation's authentic language by the Constituent Assembly of India.

Hindi Diwas is celebrated in schools, universities, and workplaces. It is additionally observed at the national level wherein the leader of the nation offers grants to individuals who have accomplished greatness in any field relating to the Hindi language. 

In schools and universities, for the most part, the administration composes Hindi discussion, ballad, or debate competitions. Social projects are likewise held, and the instructors give a discourse to underline the significance of the Hindi language. Numerous schools have between school Hindi discussion and verse rivalries. Between school Hindi paper and story, composing competitions are likewise held. It is a day to respect the Hindi language, which is losing significance, particularly among the new age.

The day is likewise celebrated in the workplaces and numerous administration establishments. To cheer the Indian culture, individuals come spruced up in Indian ethnic wear. Ladies are seen spruced up in suits and saris, and men are wearing kurta night robe to add to the substance of the day. Social projects are held, and individuals are excitedly observed participating in the equivalent. Numerous individuals approach to present Hindi verse and discussion about the significance of remaining in-accordance with our way of life. 

Hindi is without a doubt, the most broadly utilized language in India. Even though there is a tendency towards English and its significance is accentuated in schools and different spots, Hindi remains steadfast as the most generally communicated in the language in our nation. In the Census held in 2001, more than 422 million individuals referenced Hindi as their native language. No other language in the nation is utilized by over 10% of the entire populace. The more significant part of the Hindi talking populace is amassed in Northern India.

Hindi is the official language of a considerable lot of the Indian states including Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttrakhand, and Jharkhand. Bihar was the primary state in the nation to receive Hindi as its sole authority language. Bengali, Telugu, and Marathi are the other generally communicated in dialects in the country.

Hindi Diwas is a day to return to our social roots and commend its extravagance. Hindi is our primary language, and we should regard and esteem it.


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