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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Happiness, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Happiness
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Happiness is something that is hard to depict in words. It must be felt. Happiness is fundamental for having a decent existence; however, shockingly, it is absent from the lives of a great many people nowadays. Various individuals have various thoughts about happiness. Some accept that it tends to be found in money; others feel cheerful and content when they are in a decent relationship, yet others feel thrilled when they are doing admirably professionally.


Example #1 of Essay on Happiness

Happiness is fundamentally a condition of being glad and content. A few scholars have given various perspectives on this point anyway. The most predominant one is that happiness originates from inside and must not be looked for in the outside world.


Money Cannot Buy Happiness

It is sad what people look like for happiness outside. Numerous individuals partner with happiness with money. If this were the situation, at that point, wealthy individuals would have never felt sad. Yet, in actuality, we see that the rich appear to be progressively on edge, dreadful, focused, and regularly experience relationship issues and experience the ill effects of sorrow.

Famous people, for example, celebrities, vocalists, and clergymen have crowds of money, but the separation pace of these individuals is a lot higher than the overall population. These individuals live in consistent dread of being pursued or hit and henceforth require security regularly. They are progressively dreadful about the safety of their kids. They are additionally the ones gradually inclined to burglary and theft. A significant number of them have such a considerable amount of flood of riches that they are continually worried about where to contribute or shroud it. Then again, those having a place with poor people classes are frequently increasingly lighthearted and happy.

It is not necessarily the case that being rich is an awful thing. Having money implies that you approach a lot of things. You can go on vacation, plan parties, buy high garments, purchase properties, live in a decent region, and much more, and this gets a decent vibe factor, which is a basic segment for being glad. Be that as it may, accepting that on the off chance that you have all these you will be cheerful isnt right. Materialistic things can fulfill you immediately yet cant help accomplish genuine happiness.


Happiness Comes from Within

It is appropriately stated, "You will discover genuine happiness in life when you understand it just takes "you" to be happy. Real happiness exists in yourself, and it doesnt originate from others". This point has been accentuated in a few spots. However, a great many people excuse it as insignificant. It should be comprehended that happiness is fundamentally a perspective. It cant be accomplished from the things we see outside. We have the ability to make it with the assistance of positive feelings, which can be accomplished with acceptable considerations. 


The Final Words

It is fundamentally our contemplations that make our feelings. So we have to work after structure positive considerations and an uplifting viewpoint towards life, and it would at last outcome in obvious happiness.


Example #2 of Essay on Happiness

Happiness is a lifestyle and not something that can be accomplished and kept. Individuals go through their whole time on earth, pursuing happiness. However, they end up disappointed. They are adapted to accept that they will be happy on the off chance that they get admission to a decent school or on the off chance that they get a great job. While all these assistance in building a decent life, which is basic to accomplish happiness anyway, these by themselves cant bring happiness. Happiness is something that originates from inside and not from outer things.


Happiness according to Buddhism

According to Buddhism, "Happiness doesnt rely upon what you have or what your identity is. It exclusively depends on what you think."

Buddha accepted that happiness starts with understanding the fundamental driver of anguish. He has given an Eightfold way following, which helps control the psyche and, at last, prompts happiness. However, this is definitely not a one-time task. This should be followed day by day. The thought is to show your brain not to choose not to move on or stress over the future and to embrace the here and now. The present time and place is the main spot where you can encounter harmony and happiness.

Buddha has been portrayed as "ever-grinning." His depictions, for the most part, delineate him with a grin. This grin originates from a significant levelheadedness from inside. Buddhism expresses that genuine happiness can be accomplished by information and practice to create mental tranquility, and this can be accomplished by disengaging oneself from the requirements, needs, and interests.


Happiness according to Hinduism

According to Hinduism, happiness is accomplished by a method for ones own activities, past deeds, and the beauty of God. Three sorts of happiness have been referenced in the Hindu sacred texts. These are as per the following:


Physical Happiness: Also known as Bhautik Sukham, this can be accomplished from a happy with living, substantial delights, and arousing happiness.


Mental Happiness: Also known as Manasik Anandam, this can be gotten from a feeling of happiness and fulfillment. It is a state wherein an individual is liberated from a wide range of stresses and nerves.


Spiritual Happiness: Also known as Adhyatmik Atmanandam, this can be accomplished when an individual can leave the pattern of births and deaths and make an association with self.


A definitive point of a living being, according to Hinduism, is to encounter preeminent delight as a free soul in paradise. The individuals can encounter transitory happiness on earth by satisfying their obligations anyway; perpetual happiness, as indicated by Hinduism, must be accomplished in paradise by achieving freedom. 


Happiness - Essential for Good Life

It does not matter if you are a student, a working proficient, a housewife, or a resigned individual – happiness is something that is fundamental for every single one of you to have a decent existence. It is necessary for an individuals passionate prosperity. On the off chance that an individual isnt sound inward, his general wellbeing is probably going to do down the channel in a matter of seconds.

Tragically, even though happiness is very fundamental, individuals dont give a lot of consideration to manners by which they can keep themselves glad. They are large so fascinated in their professional lives and other essentialities of life that they neglect to appreciate the high minutes throughout everyday life. No big surprise, the instances of pressure, uneasiness, and sorrow are ascending continuously. 


The Final Words

The meaning of happiness and the point of view of seeing and seeking after it might be distinctive according to various organizations anyway; its sole importance is to be in a happy state. As hard as you work to win and keep up your way of life, if you make a substantial effort to achieve happiness, your life would be significantly improved.

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