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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an Essay on Generation Gap, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Generation Gap, Generation Gap Essay
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The generation gap happens when there is an impressive contrast of age between two individuals. It frequently turns into a reason for disputes among parents and children. The generation gap is clarified as the distinction of belief systems and sentiments between individuals having a place with two different generations. It might be a distinction in the political perspectives, strict convictions, or general disposition towards life.



Example #1 of Essay on Generation Gap

Individuals born in various generations are unique in relation to one another in different viewpoints. The world is changing very rapidly, and consequently, the distinction between individuals born at different times is unavoidable. For example, if we talk about India, individuals born before freedom are not quite the same as those born today. There is an enormous distinction between the thinking about the two generations, and why not? There is an excellent distinction between the entire social, monetary, and social conditions the two have been a part of.

The generation gap is the term given to the contrast between the two generations. The general public changes at a steady pace, and subsequently, the way of life, philosophies, feelings, beliefs, and the general conduct of individuals likewise experiences change with time. Anyway, a large portion of the time, it turns into a reason for strife between two generations.

The parent youngster relationship is frequently influenced because of their generation gap. It has been seen that the parents attempt to force their qualities and philosophies on their children while they later need to investigate the world all alone. Numerous connections have endured because of the generation gap. A few parents and youngsters have clashes because of their distinction of conclusions, which they should understand is normal as there is a generation gap between them.



Example #2 of Essay on Generation Gap

The generation gap is alluded to as the distinction of convictions and thoughts between individuals from various generations. This is a typical wonder and has proceeded for a very long time. The term is frequently used to express the distinction of assessments among children and parents or grandparents.


Cause of the Term – Generation Gap

The hypothesis of the generation gap was presented in the year 1960s. Around this time, it was seen that the more youthful generation addressed and conflicted with nearly everything their folks accepted. This incorporated their strict convictions, political perspectives, virtues, relationship guidance, and even the sort of music and shows they like. Noted sociologists, for example, Karl Mannheim watched the distinctions crosswise over generations and how generations isolated themselves from one another in various circumstances.


Generation gap – An Interesting Concept

While the generation gap is typically a reason for strife between the children and their folks, it is really a fascinating idea. The world would have really been very dull if it had not been for this gap. Every generation sets its own design patterns, presents its own slangs, impacts the improvement of science and innovation and thinks of new thoughts, etc.

The generation gap has prompted a few changes in the general public, particularly in India, where the joint family framework was pervasive for generations. The idea of family units has been presented in India off late, and this is additionally an aftereffect of the generation gap. Individuals nowadays pine for security and need to lead their life their own particular manner, and the joint family framework is a deterrent to it. Numerous individuals are, in this way, going for family units. So also, many progressions occurring at different levels in the general public are a consequence of the generation gap.


The Final Words

Similar to the case with nearly everything/idea on earth, the generation gap likewise has its very own arrangements of advantages and disadvantages. There is a requirement for creating comprehension and acknowledgment to connect this gap.



Example #3 of Essay on Generation Gap

The fields of science and innovation are continually advancing as is the method for the living of the individuals, their convictions, ideas, and their general conduct. Subsequently, individuals having a place with various generations carry on contrastingly and have their very own arrangement of belief systems, which is alluded to as generation gap.


How is the Generation Gap Evident?

The individuals having a place with various generations have been given different names, for example, those born before independence have been named as the Traditionalists, the generation after that is known as the Baby Boomers, those born somewhere in the range of 1965 and 1980 are called Generation X and those born somewhere in the range of 1980 and 1999 are known as the Generation Y. There are a couple of things that obviously show the gap between these generations. Here is a gander at the equivalent:


Family System

Individuals having a place with the more established generations lived in a joint family framework and put stock in sharing and caring. Be that as it may, this idea has disintegrated over the generations. The present generation needs opportunity, and there is not really any individual who pursues the conventional method for living in joint families. The general way of life of individuals has changed definitely. 



The Hindi verbally expressed by individuals having a place with the pre-independence time is very unique in relation to that being spoken today, and the change didn't happen out of the blue it happened over some time – many generations. Every generation embraces another gathering of slangs, subsequently making some division from the previous one. 


Working environment Attitude

While individuals having a place with the previous generations were great at taking bearings and were faithful to a solitary business, individuals nowadays get exhausted rapidly and look for new openings inside a couple of years or on occasion, even a very long time of finding a new line of work. The Gen Y individuals are imaginative and need to share and actualize their very own remarkable thoughts as opposed to indiscriminately taking bearings from their chief.


Disposition towards Women

Ladies having a place with the more seasoned generations were, for the most part, kept to home. They were just observed as somebody who should deal with the house, going out for work was the matter of the men of the house. In any case, society's mentality towards ladies has changed over the generations. Today, ladies are permitted to enter any field of their decision and work similarly as men.


The Final Words

Individuals having a place with one generation are altogether different from the other, which is regular. Notwithstanding, the issue emerges when individuals from various generations attempt to force their thoughts and convictions on the other while absolutely censuring that of the others.

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