Essay Writing: Learn how to write an Essay on Addictions and Future of Youth of India

IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Addictions and Future of Youth of India, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS.
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Addictions are of numerous sorts. A portion of the regular addictions incorporates illicit drug use, liquor dependence, internet addiction, gaming addiction, and TV addiction. While these addictions are found in individuals having a place with different age groups, the young people of India are increasingly powerless against fall prey to these. Every one of these addictions is similarly harming to our psychological and physical prosperity. These addictions are demolishing the fate of the young people of India. 


Example #1 of Essay on Addiction and Future of Youth of India

Everybody needs to be glad. Nobody needs to be pitiful and forlorn. Every single one of us, particularly the young people of the nation, is searching for some way or the other to be upbeat. They become dependent on anything that gives them a high. For some, it is their cell phone; for other people, it very well may be a medication, for yet others, it very well may be a computer game, etc. They frequently enjoy whatever is effectively available to them and become dependent on it in a split second.

The changing way of life of individuals can be accused of developing addictions among the young. On prior occasions, individuals lived respectively as one major family. The joint family system was common in our nation. Individuals from the family communicated with one another and shared all their delights and distress. They additionally imparted a nearby cling to their family members and neighbors. This framed the reason for a sound situation that demonstrated to be useful for the development of their children.

In any case, today, little youngsters are regularly taken off alone with a house that makes a difference. Their folks need more time to associate with them and teach great qualities in them. Children invest the more significant part of their energy staring at the TV and playing portable games and become dependent on them. Adolescents frequently start devouring medications to assuage themselves of the expanding rivalry in school. They, before long, get dependent on them. Addictions of various kinds are demonstrating to be a risk for the young people of India. 


Example #2 of Essay on Addictions and Future of Youth of India

Step by step instructions to Help the Youth of India Stay Away from Addictions is a very serious debate and issue for the teachers, parents, and guardians.

It has been seen that youngsters between the age group of 10-19 in India are experiencing various sorts of addictions. In India, the youthful personalities that structure a piece of this age bunch are overburdened by thinks about. They attempt to meet the desires of their instructors and guardians. They are reprimanded and need to endure embarrassment in the event that they don't get passing marks or act appropriately.

This affects their brain antagonistically. A considerable lot of them attempt to search for a departure from these issues as they can't tolerate the pressure. They try to defeat this worry by different methods, and soon these methods develop on to become severe addictions.

Numerous students in India attempt to beat their worry by method for tranquilizing consumption. They access tranquilizes through their companions at school and universities. They love the impact these substances have on them and consider it to be a getaway from their standard issues. They, before long, become dependent on them. 

It is the moral and active responsibility of the parents to get their children far from these addictive substances. The time has come to understand that the angering rivalry in schools and universities is demolishing the fate of the adolescent instead of improving it. The elevated level of competition is focusing on the students and cracking them out. The focal point of the guardians ought not to be to see their children score high in the class.

Instead, it ought to be on raising a sound and intelligent youngster who can recognize good and bad. Guardians must guide their children and be there for them at each progression. They should sharpen their abilities yet, in addition, comprehend their bore. They ought not to overburden them with studies and other such desires. They should keep up a cozy association with their youngsters. 

Guardians should keep a beware of their children's activities and make sure that they don't fall prey to any sort of addiction. Any indication or addiction of any kind ought not to be disregarded. It must be tended to right away. Guardians need to comprehend that scolding their children and driving them away from addiction doesn't help. Disposing of any sort of dependence is a continuous procedure. Guardians must remain by their youngsters during this procedure. They ought to give direction and backing to their children to assist them with defeating the dependence.

Schools should likewise run extraordinary projects to make the students aware of the dangerous effect of various types of addictions. During these projects, they should feature the present moment just as long haul effect of various types of addictions. 

Little youngsters adjust to both great propensities and negative behavior patterns effectively. At the point when they see the negative repercussions of medications, versatile, gaming, and different sorts of dependence, they will cease from enjoying the equivalent.

Schools must concentrate on teaching great propensities in youngsters and not put excessive weight on learning scholarly activities.

The young people of India can avoid various types of addictions and can defeat them effectively if their older folks correctly control them.

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