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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Farmer Suicides in India, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Farmer Suicides in India
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It is dismal yet evident that the instances of farmer suicides in India have expanded throughout the years. There are various reasons that add to it. These incorporate the flighty climate conditions, debt trouble, family issues, and change in government policies, among others. Farmer Suicides in India has seen an expansion over the timeframe. The primary purposes behind this are the developing difference in climate conditions, high debts, medical problems, individual issues, government policies, and so on.


Example #1 of Essay on farmer Suicide in India

It is profoundly heartbreaking that in a nation like India, where around 70% of the all-out populace is legitimately or by implication subject to horticulture, the instances of farmer suicides are continually expanding. 11.2% of the total suicides in the nation are farmer suicides. A few components contribute towards farmer suicides in India, and however the administration has taken many measures to control the issue, the activities taken don't appear to be powerful enough. The policies recommended here should help in cutting down the instances of farmer suicides in India.


Agriculture Issues in India

The legislature has been taking activities to help the farmers monetarily by diminishing the financing costs on credits and in any event, waving off agriculture advances. Be that as it may, these haven't helped a lot. It is the ideal opportunity for the legislature to perceive the underlying driver of the issue and work towards dispensing with it to control the instances of farmer suicides. Here is a portion of the problems that need quick consideration: 

# Agriculture activities in the nation must be sorted out. Appropriate arranging must be accomplished for development, water system, and collecting of harvests.

# The legislature must make sure that the farmers get the fixed price tag.

# The abuse of farmers by the brokers must be halted. The legislature must make policies for the farmers to sell their items straightforwardly in the market.

# The legislature must guarantee that the appropriations and plans propelled to arrive at the farmers.

# Selling of fertile land to land proprietors must be halted.


Measures to Control Farmer Suicides in India

Here are a few activities that the administration must take proactively to control the issue of farmer suicides in India:

# The legislature must set up elite horticultural zones where just agriculture activities ought to be permitted.

# The activity must be taken to encourage present-day cultivating procedures to the farmers to assist them with expanding ranch efficiency.

# Water system offices must be improved.

# National climate chance administration framework must be set up to alarm farmers about extraordinary climate conditions.

# Veritable harvest protection strategies must be propelled.

# Farmers must be urged to go for elective wellsprings of salary. The administration should assist them in obtaining new abilities.


The Final Words

The opportunity has already come when the administration of India begins taking the grave issue of farmer suicides all the more genuinely. The activities taken as of recently have not had the option to cut down these cases. This implies the procedures being followed should be reconsidered and actualized.


Example #2 of Essay on Farmer Suicide

Various farmer suicide cases are accounted for every year in India. There is a lot of variables that power farmers to make this harsh stride. Visit dry seasons, floods, financial emergencies, debt, medical problems, family duties, changes in government strategies, liquor habit, low production costs, and poor water system offices are among a portion of the common factors that add to farmer suicides in India. Here are some of the farmer suicide factual information and the variables that lead to this issue.


Farmer Suicides: Statistical Data

Studies uncover that farmer suicides in India represent 11.2% of the considerable number of suicides. Over a time of 10 years, from 2005 to 2015, the farmer suicide rate in the nation has run somewhere in the range of 1.4 and 1.8 per 100,000 complete populace. The year 2004 saw the most elevated number of farmer suicides in India. Upwards of 18,241 farmers ended it all during this year.

In 2010, the National Crime Records Bureau of India announced a sum of 135,599 suicides in the nation, out of which 15,963 were farmer suicides. In 2011, an amount of 135,585 suicide cases were accounted for in the country, out of which 14,207 were farmers. 11.2% of the all-out suicide cases in the year 2012 were farmers - a fourth were from the territory of Maharashtra. In 2014, there were 5,650 farmer suicide cases. The farmer's suicide rate is higher in the conditions of Maharashtra, Pondicherry, and Kerala.


Farmer Suicides - Global Statistics

The instances of farmer suicides have not exclusively been accounted for in India. However, the issue is additionally worldwide. Farmers in different nations, including England, Canada, Australia, Sri Lanka, and the USA, have additionally been seen as under huge worry because of issues like that in India and yield to suicide unfit to adapt up to the weight. In nations, for example, the US and UK additionally, the pace of farmer suicides is higher than that of individuals in different callings.


Variables Responsible for Farmer Suicides

Here is a glance at a portion of the significant reasons for farmer suicides in India:

Dry spell

Lacking precipitation is one of the fundamental explanations behind yield disappointment. The districts that face visit dry season like circumstance see a significant decrease in the harvest yields. The instances of farmer suicides announced in such territories are higher.



As much damage as dry seasons causes to the yields, and floods sway them similarly gravely. Homesteads are dissolved, and crops get harmed because of substantial precipitation.


High Debts

Famers, for the most part, face trouble fund-raising to develop the land and frequently take substantial debts for this reason. The powerlessness to pay these debts is another driving reason for farmer suicides.


Government Policies

Changes in the large scale monetary approach of the Government of India that is known to support advancement, privatization, and globalization are likewise said to be a reason for farmer suicides. Notwithstanding, the fact of the matter is quickly proven wrong. 


Hereditarily Modified Crops

It has been asserted that hereditarily changed harvests; for example, Bt cotton is additionally a reason for farmer suicides. This is because the Bt cotton seeds cost almost twice as much as the conventional seeds. The farmers are compelled to take high advances from private moneylenders to develop these harvests, and the last power them to offer the cotton to them at a cost a lot of lower than the market rate, and this prompts expanded debt and monetary emergencies among farmers.


Family Pressure

The failure to satisfy the costs and needs of the family causes mental pressure and unfit to adapt up to it numerous farmers surrender to suicide.


The Final Words

Even though the administration has begun taking activities to help the farmers in trouble, nonetheless, the instances of farmer suicides in India don't appear to descend. The administration needs to concentrate on farmer's salaries and efficiency to guarantee their success as opposed to focusing on credit alleviation or waivers merely.

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