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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Everything that Glitters is not Gold, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Everything that Glitters is not Gold
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Everything Glitters isn't Gold is an old expression that demonstrates that everything that looks great may not really be much acceptable. By the method for this expression, individuals are being advised. So We ought not to run frantically behind each looking excellent material and face. We have to initially know the reality and attempt to comprehend before tolerating the things. 


Example #1 of Essay on Everything that Glitters is not Gold

The saying 'everything glitters isn't gold' implies that everything that has a glossy and appealing outside may not be acceptable within as well. It says that the presence of something can't decide its genuine character. It might be glittery as gold; however, it may not really be as valuable. 


Everything Glitters isn't Gold – A Lesson forever

My granddad regularly utilizes the expression, 'everything glitters isn't gold.' He uses it to caution us against a few things. As a little child, I was frequently pulled in to eye-getting things. I was unable to think and examine whether those things were really helpful for me or not. I likewise didn't know whether they were directly for me or not. Also, I never truly comprehended whether they merited the sum being paid. 

I needed to buy each toy that engaged my eye without thinking about whether it was valuable for my age or not. In any case, I was regularly frustrated later as the more significant part of these toys didn't turn out how I expected them as well. These were, for the most part, enveloped by delightful pressing, yet as I opened them, there was not really much material to play with. In many cases, they were not even of my advantage.

Seeing me frustrated with my recently purchased toy, my granddad once sat with me and clarified a helpful idea, finally referencing the expression 'everything glitters isn't gold.' He disclosed to me that the market is overflowed with various things, and the vast majority of these are shrouded with extravagant outsides to bait the clients and increment deals. We can't bring home everything that interests us as not all things are valuable to us, and not all things merit buying. We have to check its utility and furthermore survey whether we truly need it or not before picking it rather than only buying it for its possible worth.

He additionally clarified that this holds excellent in any event, for individuals and connections. Throughout everyday life, we may meet numerous individuals. It is usual for us to get pulled in to the individuals who are lovely and spruce up pleasantly anyway we have to comprehend that these individuals may not really be acceptable on a fundamental level. In this way, before making companions and different connections, we should watch the individual appropriately to abstain from getting injured later.


The Final Words

The expression, 'everything glitters isn't gold,' is a warning and an exercise that everybody ought to learn. An individual who comprehends it is probably going to settle on more intelligent choices throughout everyday life. 


Example #2 of Essay on Everything that Glitters is not Gold

'Everything glitters isn't gold' actually implies that everything shimmering and gleaming isn't gold. This applies to nearly everything. We run over various appealing things throughout everyday life anyway, not everything of them is as unadulterated as gold. Some of them show up great. However, they are malevolent or counterfeit, indeed. The expression is generally utilized over the globe for quite a long time. 


Complaint on Replacing 'Glisters' with 'Glitters'

The platitude 'everything glitters isn't gold' that has become so well known has been licensed to the sixteenth-century English writer and dramatist, William Shakespeare. In any case, what he had initially composed was 'everything glitters isn't gold.' 'Glisters' was in the long run, supplanted by 'glitters.' Even though the expression has become amazingly famous and is utilized worldwide, the substitution of 'glisters' with 'glitters' has annoyed many writing darlings also though both the terms have a similar significance. They consider it to be a misquotation and demand that the expression initially composed by Shakespeare is really the right form.


'Everything Glitters isn't Gold' Holds True for People

The expression, 'everything glitters isn't gold' particularly remains constant for individuals in the present occasions. Individuals nowadays have become very wary about their outside appearances. They need to wear high garments, feast in extravagant cafés, and make rich companions. The developing furor of posting pictures via web-based networking media stages is the best case of how individuals need to look great and look for consideration from everyone around them. The photos posted via web-based networking media are regularly tricky. 

These are a vibration of the articulation 'everything glitters isn't gold.' Numerous individuals confess to having useless families anyway. Their online networking posts show that the image is all blushing. Thus, a primary picture is made to look exceedingly high by utilizing channels and a wide range of utilizations. This is an ideal case of the expression, 'everything glitters isn't gold.' Research demonstrates that a great many people who give off an impression of being beautiful and happy on their online networking pages are in all actuality merely faking everything. 

Additionally, a great many people nowadays have become very greedy and arrogant. They regularly become a close acquaintance with others to satisfy their narrow-minded thought processes. Numerous individuals bond with rich and powerful individuals so that they can boast about their companionship. Numerous individuals additionally counterfeit being pleasant and amicable just to set up business connections or get an opening for work. 

When their activity is done, they change shading like a chameleon. The expression can appropriately be utilized to caution us against such individuals. We should be exceptionally aware while permitting individuals in our lives as regularly the most beguiling and cordial individuals end up being the meanest and egocentric individuals. We should subsequently evaluate individuals appropriately before building up a profound association with them else we may wind up in a tough situation.


The Final Words

Numerous comparative expressions have been instituted every once in a while; however, none has picked up as a lot of prominences as 'everything glitters isn't gold.' It is regularly used to caution individuals of the deceptive outsides of things.

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