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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Environment, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Environment, Environment Essay
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The environment is only a thing that encompasses us. It really incorporates both the artificial and natural parts. In terms, it alludes to natural components like air, water, soil, waterways, lakes, and so forth. In the articles underneath, we will through the few parts of the earth and harms it. 


Example #1 of Essay on Environment

Our environment incorporates everything that encompasses us. The earth is a fundamental necessity for people and different species to get by on the planet. Without a clean and untouched environment, it would be hard for life to exist.


Self Sustainable Environment

The environment that we live in is fit for sustaining people as well as a considerable number of different types of plants, creatures, reptiles, creepy crawlies, and so forth. However, there is one prerequisite that human obstruction with the environment ought to be at its most minimal.

Our environment has an adequate inventory of water, nourishment, air, and other essential assets starting at now. It has supported all the requirements of species for many years. The ceaseless procedure of dissipation and rain, after a seemingly endless amount of time after a year, gets our streams running and lakes expand. Trees live for many years, giving a new inventory of oxygen and organic products each season. The soil additionally produces new vegetation and quickly prepare for the other. There could be no preferred case of self-supportability over the earth we live in. Also, it additionally has an excellent capacity to fix itself up to a limited degree.

In any case, regardless of all its maintainability and fixing capacities, the earth additionally has a cutoff. Human obstruction as contamination, living space devastation, asset exhaustion, and others is negatively affecting the earth.

Even though the earth is self-practical and could fix its harms, it depends up to an enormous degree on how people treat it. How we treat our environment, a similar we will receive consequently. The message is clear, treat the earth well, and it will give you treats. Abuse it and be set up to be also abused.


Example #2 of Essay on Environment

Environment alludes to everything natural that encompasses us. Today this common habitat is undermined by human activities. Trees, woodlands, lakes, streams, are a portion of the prime constituents of the natural habitat while building streets, processing plants, and stable structures, and so on are instances of environment infringement. Because of human impedance, the indigenous habitat that encompasses us is getting drained.


Environment is Precious

'Environment is valuable'; there are at any rate two primary clarifications to prove this case. First is that the natural habitat we live in today, for example, the waterways, lakes, forests, slopes, groundwater assets, and so on, have taken thousands or even a considerable number of years to go to the present stage. The subsequent contention to approve the value of the earth is that it is overly fundamental for a sound and glad living. Let me expound a bit.

Any forested zone that you know has been there since your youth, has presumably advanced in a considerable number of years. It takes such a large number of years for a natural woods to come in its full magnificence and to help such biodiversity. In any case, when a forest is chopped down for business destinations, things never continue as before, regardless of whether the backwoods is given a reasonable opportunity to develop again. Unfortunately, the loss of biodiversity can never be recaptured, irrespective of how hard we attempt. 

The equivalent is the situation with different components of the earth. The groundwater that we so beyond all doubt, utilize each day, has been developing over a range of thousand years. It implies that any misuse of groundwater will take a very long time to be topped off.


Life and Environment

We are so immersed in the day by day commitment that we don't understand the genuine power behind such uproar, which invigorates us to confront the difficulties. We imagine that our wants and desire drive us, yet that is just a large portion of reality. Aspirations are only psyche objectives that we set for ourselves, yet we can accomplish those objectives, simply because our environment underpins us in wellbeing. It gives all of us the necessities forever – oxygen, water, nourishment, air, and other imperative assets. We can't bear the cost of harm to the earth past a predetermined breaking point. Since, if we do as such, there would be no life on earth, disregard a troublesome one. 

Luckily, the air that we inhale still has 20% of oxygen by fixation, while people require around 19.5% of oxygen focus to inhale or to be increasingly explicit – 'to live.' Be that as it may, the rate at which we are harming our environment, the tables may turn rapidly enough, ruling out a fix.

The loss of marine oxygen from the seas is as of now compromising the presence of fishes and other marine species. The elements answerable for the consumption of sea oxygen levels are environmental change and supplement contamination. Ecological change is fundamentally a result of human activities, and it likewise compromises the earth overall.

These progressions are most likely the caution calls cautioning humankind against the harms it does to the earth. Without a perfect and safe environment, it is unproductive to try and think about any sort of life on the planet. All the excellence of the earth will simply disappear if the harm to the environment proceeds.


The Final Words

The environment is indeed essential for life on the planet, and insofar as stays in its unique structure and size, the existence will flourish. Be that as it may, on the off chance that it gets harmed past a specific level, at that point gradually the land and marine life will conclude, making the planet dead. It is, subsequently, our premier duty to check the ecological harm and make vital strides right now.

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