Essay Writing: Learn how to write an Essay on Election and Democracy

IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Election and Democracy, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS.
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Elections are the foundation of a democratic country. The electoral system gives individuals the privilege to pick their very own government by casting a vote to the representatives they this as a reason. There are various types of the democratic system, yet elections structure an essential part of each of these. The purpose and goal for elections may anyway differ depending on the kind of democracy.


Example #1 of Essay on Election and Democracy

A democratic country is one in which the citizens reserve the privilege to express their perspectives and give their opinions publically in regard to any circumstance/condition in the nation. This can be the nation's social, monetary, political, or some other condition.

Citizens in an equitable government are likewise given the privilege to choose their legislature. They can cast casts a vote through mystery voting form and express their opinion about whom they discover reasonable to run their nation. The competitor/party that gets a more significant part of votes comes into control. In this way, the aggregate assessment of the citizens of a democratic nation decides regarding who might administer the country. Elections are held at customary interims to guarantee a reasonable play.

India is viewed as the biggest democracy on earth. A self-governing body called the Election Commission of India has mainly been shaped to administer the humongous errand of leading, overseeing, and regulating the political election process. The Election Commission of India tends to a few issues and places in enormous endeavors to guarantee free and reasonable elections in the nation.

Any citizen of India who is 25 years or above (with barely any particular cases, for example, those associated with crimes, and so on) can contest elections to come into power and provide new guidance to the nation.


Example #2 of Essay on Election and Democracy

India is viewed as the most significant democratic system on earth. It is perhaps the best case of agent democratic government where individuals practice their entitlement to cast a vote to choose representatives. These representatives make significant choices relating to the nation, including those identified with approach making. Citizens of India cast their votes using mystery voting form, and this structures the premise of reasonable elections in the nation. Indian democratic system is popular and appreciated for its free and reasonable constituent system.


The Role of Election Commission of India

The union government in India is chosen for a time of five years. Elections in the nation are in this manner held at regular intervals. The Election Commission of India directs and deals with the whole political election process in the nation. The Election Commission came into the structure in the year 1950. At first, it comprised of only one part. Two additional chiefs were delegated for the Election Commission of India in 1989. The duty of the Election Commission is framed in each state to guarantee the smooth and fruitful finishing of the political election process.

The principal duty of the Election Commission is to direct the political election process. The undertaking is humongous, and a lot of things should be dealt with to achieve it. This incorporates arranging political election plans, evaluating new ideological groups and approving them, viewing the conduct of the political groups contesting elections, giving political election-related updates to the media, administering the political election process, making a move against any negligence, and leading by-elections (if necessary). EC has been buckling down as far back as its initiation and has realized numerous adjustments in the appointive arrangement of India to improve the political election process.

EC controls Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha elections, State Legislative Councils and State Legislative Assemblies elections, and the appointment of the President and Vice President of India. It is, in this manner, said to be the foundation of the Indian democratic system.


Nations with Democratic Government

Numerous countries around the globe have the same type of government. Much the same as India, the citizens of these nations reserve the privilege to cast a vote and choose the government. A portion of the countries with democratic set up incorporates Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Canada, Sweden, Bhutan, Germany, the United States of America, and Finland. 

While these are largely democratic countries, they don't adhere to a similar arrangement of rules with regards to directing elections and setting public policies. Democratic government has been arranged into different structures, including a direct democratic system, democratic delegate system, Islamic democratic system, social democracy, parliamentary democratic system, democratic presidential system, participatory democratic system, and tyrant democratic system. Distinctive democratic nations practice various types of democracy.


The Final Words

Elections are an indistinguishable part of a democratic government. The citizens of a democratic nation choose the legislature by deciding in favor of the up-and-comer they regard appropriate to run the government. The government bears the enthusiasm of the normal man at the top of the priority list while making or changing any law or arrangement.

In a democratic nation, individuals reserve the privilege to scrutinize the legislature for its choices. They can topple the present government and acquire another ideological group to control the following elections. This drives the election government to work with devotion and make reasonable choices thinking about open intrigue.

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