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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Election Commission of India, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Election Commission of India
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One of the basics of a democratic government is free and reasonable elections. The main job or responsibility of the Election Commission of India is to guarantee a smooth election process. The independent power needs to keep up lawfulness during the elections. It can make any necessary move on the off chance that the circumstance gains out of power.

After reading these essays, you will have the option to know – what is the election commission of India and what are the roles and responsibilities of election commission of India; enhancements and updates made by the election commission in the election process of India; significant realities about the election commission of India; analysis looked by the election commission of India and so forth.


Example #1 of Essay on Election Commission of India

The Election Commission in India works under the authority of the Constitution of India. It is an independent authority that has been doled out of the post of successfully dealing with the election process in the nation. The Election Commission of India altogether controls the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha elections and the appointment of the State Legislative Councils, State Legislative Assemblies, and the workplaces of President and Vice President of India.

Set up in the year 1950, the Election Commission of India contained only one individual who held the post of the - 'Chief Election Commissioner'. The Chief Election Commissioner directed the election process exclusively for a considerable length of time. It was in October 1989 that two additional chiefs were designated for the Election Commission of India. For the most part, resigned IAS officials are chosen for the situation of the Chief Election Commissioner and different commissioners.

The Election Commission of India is working superbly as far back as its beginning. With a couple of exceptional cases, the election process in India has, for the most part, been smooth and reasonable. Numerous changes have been made in the election procedures to improve the methodology. This incorporates the presentation of electronic democratic machines (EVM), and Voter verified paper audit trail (VVPAT) in addition to other things.

It would not be right to state that the Election Commission is always moving in the direction of improving the election process in the nation.


Example #2 of Essay on Election Commission of India

Election Commission of India has been doled out an incredible duty. Its key role is to direct the procedure of elections in the nation and guarantee smooth culmination of the equivalent. To assist this goal, it needs to play out a few capacities. Comprising of a three-part party, the Election Commission of India can look for help from other government authorities and experts to achieve different errands identified with the election process, if the need emerges. 


Roles and Responsibilities of the Election Commission of India

Here is a more intensive look at the different duties and elements of the Election Commission of India:


# Election Commission of India needs to direct the accompanying elections:

Lok Sabha elections

Rajya Sabha elections

Parliament and State Legislature by-elections

President and Vice President elections


# The Election Commission additionally makes courses of action for by-elections and directs them if necessary.

# The Election Commission requires arranging the election plan. A great deal of arranging goes into it. The Chief Election Commissioner of India reports the timetable through question and answer session. The forthcoming applicants can petition for selections from that point.

# The Election Commission altogether surveys any new ideological group shaped to challenge elections. It is merely after an appropriate examination that the Election Commission perceives and approves the recently framed party. EC likewise allots a symbol to the party.

# The Election Commission needs to set up the constituent moves for the election. It ought to find out that the appointive moves arranged are right. Each voter enrolled to cast a vote ought to be permitted to do as such.

# The Election Commission applies the Model Code of Conduct in the territories where the elections are to be held. It likewise keeps a mind on whether the set of principles is being pursued or not. It issues notification to the party's damaging the characterized implicit rules.

# The Election Commission of India likewise needs to delegate election eyewitnesses to ensure the elections are directed in a reasonable way. It needs to contribute time, searching for a solid contender to deal with this position. 

# The Election Commission must make sure that there happens no episode of corner catching, bogus democratic and vote fixing. To bar these acts of neglect, it can demand the administration for sending the police or the military authorities close to the polling booths.

# The Election Commission needs to always watch the conduct of all the ideological groups during the elections and guarantee they pursue the set of principles.

# Acts of neglect, for example, booth catching and vote to fix request wiping out of elections in those specific regions. The Election Commission must drop the surveys during such seasons of emergencies. The self-governing body in this manner requires declaring new election dates and make the necessary courses of action for the equivalent.

# The Election Commission likewise needs to distinguish the competitors who have not documented their election returns on schedule and exclude them along these lines.

# The Election Commission additionally needs to watch out for the MPs and MLAs to guarantee they aren't enjoying any acts of neglect. In the case that they are found doing as such, at that point, EC needs to advise the equivalent to the president and guidance him to make the vital move.

# The Election Commission needs to encourage media with regular reports regarding the arrangement of the up and coming elections.

# The Election Commission needs to audit the election process consistently and search for new and improved approaches to upgrade it. It has consolidated numerous new techniques before.


The Final Words

The role of the Election Commission isn't simple. It needs to remain careful consistently and watch every detail to ensure the elections are directed expertly with no glitch. A great deal of difficult work goes into this. EC starts getting ready for that month before the initiation of elections and should be on its toes until the polling results are out.

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