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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Duty Towards My Country, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Duty Towards My Country
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The duty of any individual of the nation in his/her any age bunch is an unquestionable requirement to do duty regarding that individual towards his/her nation. There is no specific time which will call anybody to play out the responsibility towards the nation anyway each Indian resident claims to comprehend and play out all the duties towards their country as day by day schedule or at whatever point required by the kind of responsibility. The PM of India, Narendra Modi, has said to examine this point in the schools, universities and different spots at the Republic Day festivity of India 2016.


Example #1 of Essay on Duty Towards My Country

The duty of an individual is the duty that he/she needs to perform exclusively. A resident living in the general public, network, or nation has different responsibilities and duties towards the general public, network, and country to be acted correctly. Individuals ought to have confidence in the goodness and never overlook significant duties towards their country.


My Duties towards my Country similar to a Citizen

A long time has been passed since our nation got freedom from British guidelines by the penances of numerous incredible political dissidents. They were genuine supporters of their duties towards the country who truly made conceivable the fantasy of opportunity in the country by paying the expense of the lives of a considerable number of individuals. After the freedom of India, wealthy individuals and lawmakers engaged in their improvement just and not the nation. The facts demonstrate that we have been autonomous of the British standard anyway, not from the covetousness, violations, corruption, untrustworthiness, social issues, child labor, neediness, remorselessness, terrorism, female child murder, sexual orientation imbalance, share demise, assault, and other criminal operations.

It isn't sufficient to make just principles, guidelines, laws, acts, crusades, and projects by the administration, and they should have been followed carefully by every single Indian resident to be truly liberated from all the criminal operations. Indian residents need to play out their patriotic duties towards the nation for the advancement of everybody by killing destitution, sex imbalance, youngster work, violations against ladies, and other social issues. Indian residents reserve the privilege to choose their own political pioneer, which can lead their nation the correct way towards improvement. In this way, they don't reserve the opportunity to accuse terrible individuals throughout their life. They should keep their eyes open while deciding in favor of their political pioneers and picked the person who is truly liberated from a degenerate brain and can lead a nation.


The Final Words

It is a must for the individuals of India to play out their duties separately towards the nation to truly get autonomous in the obvious sense. It is important for the improvement of the country, which can be conceivable just from the finish of its restrained, timely, devoted, and fair residents.


Example #2 of Essay on Duty Towards My Country

An individual has different duties in his/her life towards himself, family, guardians, kids, spouse, husband, neighbors, society, network, and in particular, towards the nation. Duties of an individual towards the nation are imperative to keep up its respect, bright future, and lead it towards improvement.

I am an Indian resident as I took birth here. Just like a mindful resident of the nation, I have numerous duties towards my country, which I should satisfy all that. I need to play out my responsibilities in different perspectives and such identified with the improvement of my nation.


What is Duty

Duty is an undertaking or activity that should have been performed by every single individual of the nation all the time for the advancement and more significant improvement. Performing duty dependably is the duty of Indian residents and is the interest for growth in the country.


What are my duties towards my Country

The resident of a nation is the individual who lives nearly his/her full life and leaves his/her progenitors as well, so everybody has a few duties towards the nation. Take a case of a home wherein different individuals live respectively anyway. Everybody needs to keep all the principles and guidelines made by the most senior individual or leader of the family for the advancement and serene life in the home. Much the same as that, our nation resembles a home where individuals of different religions live respectively anyway they have to adhere to certain principles and guidelines made by the legislature for more significant improvement in the nation. Steadfast duties of residents mean to evacuate all the social issues, acquire genuine freedom in the country, and go under the class of created nations. 

Individuals working in the legislature or private workplaces must go on schedule and play out their duties faithfully without sitting around as there is a good saying that "on the off chance that we obliterate time, time will annihilate us." Time never hangs tight for anybody, it runs ceaselessly, and we ought to gain from the time. We ought not to remain until we get the objective in our life. The most significant objective of our life is to make our nation an extraordinary nation in an evident sense.

We ought not to be childish individuals and comprehend our duties towards the nation. It's we, not other people who are both, the person in question and the benefiter. Every single action influences us positively and negatively (on the off chance that we do positive, we become a benefiter, and if we do negative, we become an unfortunate casualty). Along these lines, why we don't vow today to make every single stride emphatically the correct way to get shielded from being a regrettable casualty in our nation. It is we who reserve the option to govern the country by choosing a decent pioneer.

In this way, why we accuse others or government officials, we should accuse just us and not others as it's we who are not performing duties as per the interest. We have been engaged with our own day by day schedule just and have no means to other's life, extracurricular activities, political issues of the nation, and so on. It is our error that our country is still in the classification of creating nations and not in an established nation.


The Final Words

It is a significant issue, man; we ought not to relax. We ought not to be eager and egotistical; we should live and let others carry on with a sound and serene life. The splendid eventual fate of our nation is in our own hands. In any case, there is a period and a chance for us, we can improve. Begin living with open eyes and perform genuine duties towards the nation. We ought to keep up the neatness of our heart, body, mind, and encompassing regions for the great beginning.

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