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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Drought, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Drought, Drought Essay in English
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Drought is a situation when there are no rainfalls for a significant period. The event of drought is a typical sight in numerous parts of the nation. The outcomes of this condition are drastic and commonly irreversible. Drought is the situation when certain parts of the world are denied of rain for quite a long time or now and again the whole season. There are a few reasons that cause drought-like circumstances in various parts and end up being lethal. One of the most widely recognized climatic conditions prompting drought is the shortage of rain over a specific region.


Example #1 of Essay on Drought

Drought, which brings about the deficiency of water, is fundamentally caused because of the absence of rain. The circumstance is risky and can end up being lethal for those living in the drought influenced territories. It is especially bad for the farmers as it demolishes their harvests. The persistent drought, like circumstance likewise, prompts the dirt to get less fertile.


Reasons for Drought

Different variables lead to drought. Below you will get to know the different reasons in detail:



This one of the fundamental drivers of the deficiency of rain that prompts drought. An adequate measure of trees and vegetation is required ashore to restrict the dissipation of water, store enough water ashore, and pull in the rain. Deforestation and the development of solid structures in their place have caused a significant misbalance in the earth. It brings down the limit of the dirt to hold water and builds dissipation. Both these are a reason for low rain.


Low Surface Water Flow

Streams and lakes are the principle wellsprings of surface water in different areas around the globe. In extreme summers or as a result of the utilization of surface water for numerous human activities, the water in these sources is drying down, prompting drought.


An unnatural weather change

The negative effect of an unnatural weather change on nature is known to all. Among different issues, the outflow of ozone harming substances that outcomes in the ascent in the world's temperature have brought about the rise in vanishing. High temperature is likewise a reason for out of control fires that exacerbates the drought condition.

Aside from these, over the top water system is likewise one of the reasons for drought as it depletes the surface water.


The Final Words

Even though the reasons for drought are, to a great extent, known and are, for the most part, the aftereffect of abuse of water assets and other non-natural agreeable human activities, not a lot is being done to control this issue. It is time the administrations of different nations should hold hands to conquer this global issue. 



Example #2 of Essay on Drought

Drought, a condition when certain areas are confronted with a shortage of water because of low or no rain, has been the reason for a few issues in India. There are numerous territories in the nation that are hit by drought every year while others are confronted with this condition incidentally. Drought is caused because of different factors, for example, deforestation, a worldwide temperature alteration, and deficient surface water and severy affect the lives of the individuals living in the influenced territories just as the general wellbeing of the earth. 


Drought Prone Areas in India

Numerous districts in the nation are hit by drought every year. Insights uncover that roughly one-6th of the all-out topographical region of the nation that possesses around 12% of the populace is drought inclined.

One of the most drought inclined states in the nation is Rajasthan. About eleven regions right now hit by drought. These districts get insufficient or no rain and have a low degree of groundwater. Drought is likewise a typical wonder in the province of Andhra Pradesh. Pretty much every locale here is hit by drought every year.


Rain Water Harvesting

This is the system of gathering and putting away water in tanks and normal supplies to utilize it later. Water reaping must be made required for all. The thought behind this is to put the accessible water to use.


Ocean Water Desalination

Seawater desalination must be done with the goal that the immense measure of water put away in the ocean can be utilized with the end goal of the water system and other farming exercises. The legislature must make significant interests right now.


Recycle Water

Wastewater must be cleansed and recycled to recycle. This should be possible from many points of view. Little advances, for example, introducing a rain barrel, gathering the wastewater from RO frameworks, use of shower containers, sparing water from washing veggies, and making rain nurseries can help right now. The water collected by these methods can be utilized to water the plants. 


Cloud Seeding

Cloud seeding is done to change the climate. It is an approach to expand the measure of rain. Silver iodide, Potassium iodide, and dry ice are a portion of the synthetic concoctions utilized with the end goal of cloud seeding. The legislature ought to put resources into cloud seeding to maintain a strategic distance from drought in the zones inclined to this condition.


Plant More Trees

Deforestation and the building of solid structures is one of the reasons for inadequate rain. Endeavors must be made to plant more trees. This basic advance can change the climatic conditions and furthermore realize other positive changes in nature.


Water Usage

Everyone should accept it as a duty to stop the wastage of water so that enough water is accessible in any event, when during times of low rain. The legislature must find a way to keep a mind about the use of water.


Campaigns must be Run

The administration must run campaigns expressing the advantages of water reaping, planting more trees, and different estimates that the overall population can take to battle drought. This is a decent method to spread mindfulness and control the issue.


The Final Words

Even though the legislature has set up certain drought alleviation designs anyway, these are insufficient to beat the underlying issue of drought. It is very important to find a way to maintain a strategic distance from this issue. Everybody ought to contribute their bit to control this issue.

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