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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Dowry System, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Dowry System
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Dowry is fundamentally the money, adornments, furniture, property, and other unmistakable things given by the girl's family to the husband and his folks during the occasion of marriage, and this system is called Dowry System. It has been pervasive in India for a considerable length of time. The Dowry system is one of the insidious systems ubiquitous in the public arena. The Dowry system is said to be as old as humankind and is widespread in numerous social orders over the globe.


Example #1 of Essay on Dowry System

The dowry system that remembers the girl's family offering presents for the type of money and kind to the man of the hour's family is to a great extent blamed by the general public anyway a few people contend that it has its own favorable circumstances and that individuals are as yet tailing it merely because it holds significance for the ladies and advantages them in specific manners.


Dowry System is Having any Advantage?

Numerous couples nowadays decide to live autonomously, and it is said that dowry that generally incorporates gifting money, furniture, vehicle, and other such resources goes about as monetary help for them and causes them to start their new life from a positive point of view. As both the girl of the hour and husband to have quite recently started their vocation and are not excessively stable monetarily, they can't manage the cost of such tremendous costs at the same time. However, is it a legitimate explanation? If so, then both the families ought to put resources into getting them settled as opposed to putting the whole weight on the girl's family. Also, this should hold great if the families can bear to offer monetary assistance to the love bird without going under obligation or bringing down their own way of life.


Numerous additionally contend that those young ladies who are bad looking can discover grooms by satisfying the last's budgetary needs. Tragically young ladies are viewed as weight and wedding them off as they enter their twenties is the need of their folks who are happy to do anything for the equivalent. Giving gigantic settlement in such cases works, and this abhorrent practice appears as though aid for the individuals who can discover (purchase) groom for their little girls. In any case, it is time such an outlook ought to be changed.


The supporters of the dowry system additionally express that giving a colossal measure of blessings to the man of the hour and his family raises the status of the girl of the hour in the family. In any case, measurements uncover that by and large, it has neutralized the young ladies.


The Final Words

The advocators of the dowry system may concoct different irrational motivations to help the system; however, the reality remains that it accomplishes more damage than anything else to the general public all in all.


Example #2 of Essay on Dowry System

Dowry System has been a prevailing piece of Indian culture. In numerous parts, it is known to be installed in the way of life and has gotten to a higher degree a custom. This undue custom of the girl of the hour's folks parting with costly gifts as money and kind during her wedding began as a method for engaging the ladies as they started their new life at a totally new spot.


At first, money, adornments, and other such gifts were given to the girl of the hour anyway the sole motivation behind the system has veered off over the timeframe and the blessings are currently assigned to the husband to be, his folks, and family members. The adornments, money, and other stuff given to the girl of the hour are additionally protected in by her parents in law. Various factors, for example, absence of education, sexual orientation disparity, and absence of exacting laws against this system have offered to ascend to this detestable practice.


Laws against Dowry System

The Dowry system is one of the most horrifying social systems in Indian culture. It has additionally offered to ascend to a few issues, for example, female feticide, deserting of the girl youngster, budgetary issues in the girl's family, out of line intends to acquire cash, enthusiastic and physical maltreatment of the little girl in-law. To control this issue, the administration has concocted laws making settlement a culpable demonstration. Here is a point by point take a gander at these laws:


The Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961

By method for this demonstration, a legal system to screen the give and take of dowry was set up. According to this demonstration, a punishment is forced in case of dowry trade. The discipline includes at least five years of detainment and a base fine of INR 15,000 or the dowry sum dependent on whichever is more noteworthy. Interest for dowry is similarly guilty. Any immediate or backhanded interest for settlement could prompt a half year of detainment and a fine of INR 10,000.


Domestic Violence Act, 2005 for Women Protection

Numerous ladies are mishandled genuinely and honestly for not satisfying the dowry needs of their parents in law. This law has been set up to engage ladies against such maltreatment. It shields ladies from aggressive behavior at home. All types of misuse, including physical, passionate, verbal, monetary, and sexual, are guilty under this law. The discipline for various kinds and seriousness of misuse fluctuates.


Potential Ways to Eradicate Dowry System

Notwithstanding the laws dispensed by the legislature, the dowry system, despite everything, has a fortress in the general public. Here are a couple of answers for killing this issue:



The absence of education is one of the fundamental supporters of social practices, for example, settlement system, rank system, and kid work. Individuals must be instructed to advance legitimate and sensible intuition to dispose of conviction systems that offer ascent to such malice rehearses.


Empowering Women

Rather than searching for an all-around settled man of the hour for their little girls and contributing every one of their investment funds at the wedding, individuals must spend on the last's education and make her self-subordinate. Ladies must keep on working significantly after their marriage and spotlight their vitality on useful things instead of surrendering to the snide comments of parents in law. Ladies should likewise be caused mindful of their privileges and how they can utilize them to monitor themselves against any misuse.


Gender equality

Gender equality that exists at the center of our general public is one of the principal purposes behind the dowry system. From an early age, youngsters must be instructed how the two guys and females have equivalent rights and are not prevalent/second rate compared to one another.

Aside from these, crusades ought to be held to sharpen the issue, and the laws set by the legislature must be made progressively stringent.


The Final Words

The Dowry system is the reason for distress for the girl and her family. The arrangements referenced here must be paid attention to and fused into the system to dispose of this issue. The legislature and the overall population must hold hands to annihilate this system.

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