Essay Writing: Learn how to write an Essay on Disaster Management in India

IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Disaster Management in India, providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Disaster Management, Disaster Management Essay
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A disaster is an outrageous interruption in the working of a living space that causes across the board human, material, or environmental losses that surpass the capacity of the influenced populace to adapt to its own resources. Avalanches, earthquakes, twister, violent winds, dry spells, floods, and so on are a portion of the instances of disasters. Disaster management is the control by which people always put forth an attempt to relieve the damage brought about by disasters.


Example #1 of Essay on Disaster Management in India

Disaster is an unfortunate circumstance where a regular pattern of life or biological system gets upset, and remarkable crisis mediations are required to save and protect lives or the earth. India is one of the most disaster inclined zones on the planet because of its unique geological nature and the poor social conditions in which the people live, which opens them to the successive demolition brought about by the perils. 

For India, the significant dangers are seismic tremors, avalanches, dry season, tornados, floods, forest fires, fire mishaps, and so forth. Fast development in the populace rate has undoubtedly set off the degree of disaster. Catastrophic events must be alleviated; however, man-caused disasters can be forestalled to a specific point of confinement. India has made numerous strides and has shaped various associations to moderate, diminish, and stay away from the risks of disasters.

In India, the role of disaster management falls inside the ward of the national disaster management authority of India (NDMA), which is working admirably in lessening the dangerous effects of the disaster and is working from an administration focused way to deal with decentralized network interest. 

In any case, it needs substantially more continued endeavors to turn out with a very much idea out technique and reaction to limit the enormous harm brought about by disasters at whatever point a cataclysm has struck, for example, tidal wave and Uttarakhand floods as of late. We have not had the option to mount sufficient salvage and recovery endeavors to manage the circumstance viably. 


Example#2 of Essay on Disaster Management

Land, water, air, and so on are a portion of the lovely manifestations of the omnipotent. Nature has a few indications – smooth and unfriendly. Once in a while, it is relieving, while in some cases, it is fierce. At whatever point it goes to be in its awful temper, it can realize pulverization or obliteration, which is known as a "disaster." 


Sorts of disasters

Calamities can be comprehensively grouped into two significant classifications:

# Natural disaster events

# Man-made/human-induced disasters


A Natural Disaster is a characteristic procedure that may cause loss of gigantic lives, wounds or other wellbeing impacts, property harms, loss of occupations and administrations, social and monetary interruptions, or substantial environmental damage. Different calamities like earthquakes, avalanches, volcanic emissions, tropical storms, floods, snowstorms, tidal waves, and tornados are secured under the extent of the term natural disaster event. Human incited disaster is otherwise called the intricate crisis and is the disaster caused because of significant happenings, for example, fires, oil slick, breakdown of power, plundering, wars, and so on.


Impacts of disasters in India:

The effect of normal and human-induced disasters is a large number of deaths, obliteration, wounds, tremendous loss of the lives of people and animals.


The effect of human activities on natural disaster events:

Since a long until further notice, it has been seen that modernization is prompting grave numbness towards the earth. Enterprises are dismissing natural local laws. Due to over-misuse of nature, we people have made such a circumstance where occasions like seismic tremors, avalanches are progressively being raised to the degree that they are causing a gigantic misfortune as far as human life and property.

It isn't so much that all of us are being uninformed about the earth. Many individuals are especially worried about nature and the earth. Indeed, there are numerous NGOs that are taking the issue of an unnatural weather change and contamination publically by taking out meetings and sorting out a few crusades to save the earth, and such activities should be valued.


Disaster management in India

National disaster management authority (NDMA) is the zenith body that is ordered to set out the strategies and rules for disaster management to guarantee favorable and viable reaction towards disaster. A different reserve called "national disaster the executives subsidize" (NDMF) is likewise there for restrictive relief.


NDMA generally plays out the accompanying capacities:


Strategies arrangement for disaster the executives

Moderation of disaster

Endorsement of the plans set down

Arrangement of assets with the end goal of relief of disasters and so on

Running different projects and bestowing rules

Anticipation and control


The natural disaster events are unavoidable, regardless of whether we have measures to foresee/figure the disasters we can't prevent them from occurring. As well as can be expected to be done is to maintain a strategic distance from the practices which are risky for the earth, which is driving towards natural debasement while planning plans for our disaster management.

When a disaster strikes, it prompts enormous decimation and death toll. If there should be an occurrence of the disaster like tremors, floods, and so forth. Where various people are uprooted and post-disaster, there are various causalities. This is the point at which genuine crisis readiness becomes effective by giving medical aid to the harmed ones, giving salvage and help tasks to the people in question. 

To deal with the circumstance effectively, we should be well-outfitted with the most recent advances. Additionally, it is of most extreme significance to be set up with an appropriate disaster supervisory group that can assume responsibility as quickly as time permits when the disaster strikes.

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