Essay Writing: Learn how to write an Essay on Computer Addiction

IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an education essay on Computer Addiction, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Computer Addiction Essay, Essay on Computer Addiction
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Here we are providing the samples of essay writing on computer addiction, here you will see how to write an education essay on Computer Addiction, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. You can consider as Story writing.


Example #1 of Essay on Computer Addiction

Computer addiction is among one of the numerous new age addictions affecting the lives of millions over the globe. Much the same as different kinds of habits, for example, liquor compulsion, portable enslavement, gaming addiction, and chronic drug use, computer addiction is additionally affecting individuals' life from multiple points of view.

Numerous individuals go to their computers just to kill time, and others see it as a departure from their issues while yet others use it to investigate all that it brings to the table. While it is okay to utilize the computer for all the above reasons, it is essential to realize when to stop. You have to characterize the number of hours you will spend on the computer and stick to it. This is a decent method to train your life and abstain from getting dependent on the computer.

Individuals experiencing computer enslavement have a hopeless existence. They cause different medical issues, for example, neck and spinal pain, irritated and dry eyes, constant headache, inordinate weight increase, carpal passage disorder, sleep deprivation, and even grief. They additionally become far off from their friends and family and experience the ill effects of depression. They lose enthusiasm for work and different exercises that are essential for their psychological and physical advancement. Their expert life additionally goes for a hurl.

In this way, computer enslavement is as awful as some other sort of compulsion. It must not be trifled with. A specialist can assist you with getting over it.


Example #2 of Essay on Computer Addiction

Diligent and habitually use of the computer is named as computer addiction. Numerous individuals in advanced society are dependent on the computer. They invest a great deal of energy messing around, surfing the web, and visiting on the internet on their computer systems. They offer the need for these activities over different things throughout everyday life. This strains their connections, hurts their wellbeing, and debases their exhibition at work.


Signs and Symptoms of Computer Addicts

# They are always engrossed with computers. You will consistently discover them sitting before it.

# They search for motivations to return to the computer.

# They start to overlook their friends and family.

# They skip family social occasions and significant conferences just to remain back with their computer.

# They lose enthusiasm for certain activities.

# They act protectively when gotten some information about the measure of time spent on the computer. They attempt to legitimize their computer use and deny that they are dependent on it.

# They feel disturbed and fretful when requested to kill the computer.

# They experience to visit the state of mind swings.

# They lose the feeling of time and defer significant assignments.

# They feel upbeat just when they are before their computer screens.


Computer addiction is awful for an individual's wellbeing. Above all else, it causes rest aggravation. Computer addicts think that it's difficult to escape from the computer and in this manner start to rest late around evening time. Their rest pattern is disturbed, and they frequently experience a lack of sleep. This prompts torpidity, headache, and stressed eyes. Dry and irritated eyes and debilitated visual perception is a typical issue among computer addicts. Sitting before the computer for extended periods likewise causes neck and spinal pain. Computer addicts also experience carpal passage disorder.

The majority of them put on weight and stand a high danger of creating issues like coronary illness and diabetes.

Computer addiction can negatively affect an individual's life. It is critical to dispose of this addiction to improve personal satisfaction.


Example #3 of Essay on Computer Addiction

The vast majority are not prepared to enjoy outside exercises nowadays. They are generally bustling sitting in front of the TV, surfing the web, or engaged in their versatile or computer. Over time, these wellsprings of excitement transform into genuine addictions. One such addiction is computer addiction. Numerous individuals around the globe are known to be dependent on their computer screens. They go through a few hours per day in front of their computer screens, and even the idea of leaving it makes them feel fretful.


The closeness between Computer Addiction and Drug Addiction

computer addicts are as powerless as drug addicts. Similarly, as drug addicts aren't ready to dispose of their propensity for utilizing drug computer addicts are not prepared to leave their computer. They gain joy by its utilization. It brings them into a condition of happiness. It is very like the impact rendered by various drugs.

Both computer addicts and drug addicts show impulsive conduct. They start to confine socially. They overlook their parents, youngsters, mate and companions, miss get-togethers, and keep away from genuine associations. They love remaining snared to their individual addictions. It is the main thing that satisfies them.

Be that as it may, the satisfaction rendered by both these addictions is transitory. Before long, these addicts start to encounter the negative effect of these addictions. They feel desolate and discouraged. Their exhibition plunges, and they can't concentrate on anything. They likewise become feeble physically and are at a danger of bringing about genuine sicknesses.

Their emotional wellness breaks down. They become absent-minded, anxious, and regularly create uneasiness issues. Vast numbers of them go into wretchedness. It has additionally been seen that computer addicts are at a more serious danger of creating drug and liquor addiction. At the point when somebody experiences both the conditions, it has alluded to them as a double conclusion. 

It is conceivable to beat both these addictions with some exertion. A few changes in the way of life and backing from loved ones can help toward this path. One can likewise look for proficient assistance to dispose of these addictions. Exceptional treatment sessions are directed to support the addicts. It might require some time to mend these, and there are odds of backsliding in both cases. 

Computer addiction must be paid attention to. If you end up sitting around idly before the computer superfluously and feel it is hurting your own and expert life, then the time has come to assume responsibility for the circumstance. It would be best if you disposed of it while there is still time.

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