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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Christmas, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Christmas, Christmas Essay
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Christmas is celebrated on 25th December consistently by the world Christian people society. The day holds a lot of noteworthiness for Christians as they accept that Jesus Christ was conceived around the same time at Bethlehem. It is seen as an open occasion in a few Christian, more significant part nations. Additionally, in certain countries where Christians are in the minority, it is as yet seen as a vacation.


Example #1 of Essay on Christmas

Christmas is a significant celebration celebrated by the Christian people society on 25th December consistently. It is commended to honor the date of birth of Jesus Christ, the child of God. Christmas is seen as an open occasion in numerous nations and as a discretionary occasion in a few.

In America, Christmas is commended as an extended vacation in schools, universities, and even workplaces. Christmas arrangements start with the obtaining of a pine tree known as the Christmas tree. Families go through hours looking for a Christmas tree that suits their prerequisites and house.

This Christmas tree is beautified with lights, lamps, and other little articles. Presents for the kids and family are additionally swung from its branches as astonishments.

Another most significant fascination of Christmas is magnificent lightings and the 12 PM accomplishments. On the celebration day, the family orchestrates an enormous campfire in the open, where they celebrate with loved ones. The dining experience, dance, and sing Christmas hymns around the fire.

The most significant part of Christmas is giving and sharing. Individuals require some investment and cash to disseminate endowments and nourishment to poor people and destitute. The celebration calls for trying to celebrate together, abandoning nobody.


Example #2 of Essay on Christmas

Christmas is commended on 25th December by the world Christian people society. It remembers the introduction of Jesus Christ and is consequently celebrated with strict intensity.

Christmas is being commended for a considerable number of years and has, for the most part, advanced from an old, agnostic celebration praising the winter solstice. Individuals celebrated the appearance of long radiant days and the exit of winter. The appearance of more sultry days implied that individuals could now go out to acquire cash and do a lot of things.

The most significant customs of Christmas include enhancing the house, appropriating presents, and devouring with the loved ones. Individuals start getting ready for the celebration months ahead of time. Youngsters love to search for the Christmas tree, which is the most significant thing around Christmas.

Older folks shroud a few presents for the youngsters in stocking in the Christmas tree. Kids sit tight for the day when the blessings will be uncovered to them, and they will cheerfully celebrate with the family.

Numerous specialists in shopping centers and commercial centers are dressed as Santa Clause for the stimulation of the clients and the kids going with them. Exceptional occasions are sorted out in the schools/universities and workplaces before they close for the occasion.

It is additionally the time when individuals meet their family members and companions and ensure that they eat Christmas feast together.


Example #3 of Essay on Christmas

Christmas is a celebration celebrated all through the world by the Christian people society on December 25th. The Christian people society, as well as the non-Christian people community, are beginning to praise it here and there or the other. The celebration recognizes the introduction of Jesus Christ.


Was Jesus Really Born on Christmas?

There is no authentic reference to the date of birth of Jesus being 25th December neither in the Gospels nor some other strict content. Be that as it may, scholars accept that he was conceived at some point between 6 BC and 4 BC. The early Christian Churches weren't praising the introduction of Jesus.

It was uniquely around 440 A.D. that the congregation authoritatively proclaimed December 25th as the birthday of Jesus Christ. This declaration was anyway, founded on an old, agnostic celebration, as opposed to any recorded verification of Jesus' introduction to the world.

In the excellent book itself, it is shown that December 25th is probably not going to be the birth date of Jesus Christ as December in Palestine is a freezing month, and the shepherds around this month are not out on the fields yet inside the house.


Christmas in India

Christmas is seen as an open occasion in India. Numerous schools, universities, and workplaces are shut on Christmas. Indian Christians start the day by visiting church toward the beginning of the day. Chapels are particularly enriched, and uncommon messages are perused.

Individuals decorate their homes, welcome one another, and feast together with loved ones. Endowments are additionally given to youngsters and other relatives.


The Final Words

Christmas is, in any case, a celebration of happiness and requires an excellent celebration. Another most critical part of Christmas is that it is a traditional celebration that is it promotes giving, sharing, and minding over any demographic division.

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