Essay Writing: Learn How to Write an Essay on Addiction

Learn how to write an essay on Addiction, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS Writing Task 2. Addiction Essay Topic for students and children for exams
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Addiction of anything is awful – be it a drug, an individual, or a habit. While everybody around may prompt leaving the addiction, the individual who is really dependent on something realizes that it is so hard to do as such. Habit is hard to dispose of, and a portion of these may even be infectious. So your habit isnt just ruining you yet can negatively affect everyone around you. It might be anyone - your children, kin, or companions.


Example #1 of Essay on Addiction

Addiction is characterized as an intricate mind condition that might be brought about by overindulgence in a specific habit or thing. As Patrick Carnes stated, "Addiction is a relationship, a neurotic relationship wherein addiction replaces individuals." Obsession on anything is named as addiction on that specific thing. Addiction on anything - be it drugs, internet, internet-based social networking or gaming can have deadly results.


Addiction on Anything is Bad

Various individuals get dependent on various things. Some might be obsessed with an individual and, in this way, get dependent on conversing with him or being with him constantly. Some might be addicted to their own self and may get dependent on taking selfies and bragging about themselves on internet-based social networking, some might be obsessed with shopping and may get dependent on visiting markets and shopping centers to purchase pointless stuff. Our organization and conditions, as a rule, play a significant role in growing such addictions.

Even though individuals think about the harmful outcomes of habit, they cant prevent themselves from enjoying the equivalent. Addiction to drugs is the most noticeably terrible sort of addiction. Individuals typically build up this habit in their childhood, and much after making a decent attempt, they cant dispose of it sometime down the road. Numerous drugs have been created to defeat illicit drug use. In any case, if an individual doesnt follow poise, no measure of treatments or drugs can assist him with disposing of it. 


Addiction Free India

Various young people in India are dependent on liquor and drugs. This negatively affects both their psychological and physical wellbeing. Chronic drug use doesnt mean just mischief the fanatic, yet his whole family experiences him. Moreover, an individuals expert life likewise goes for a hurl because of this habit. While from one viewpoint, we talk about engaging our childhood and expectation that they will contribute towards the advancement of our nation, then again, we see a considerable number of adolescents demolishing their lives because of addiction to drugs and liquor.

The adolescent must be educated towards this issue. The legislature should likewise have its influence by putting a restriction on the offer of such substances to end these practices. Anybody seen selling these unlawfully should be severely rebuffed. 


The Final Words

The time has come to act dependably and disapprove of drugs or beside to habit of any sort. The administration or our loved ones cant support a lot on the off chance that we are not prepared to support ourselves.


Example #2 of Essay on Addiction

The term addiction is regularly connected with drugs. However, this isnt the main sort of addiction, and an individual can get dependent on various different things. This may incorporate addiction on food, addiction on computer games, addiction on portable, addiction on the internet, addiction via internet-based networking media, shopping habits, and betting addiction on the name a couple.


Sorts of Addiction

Here is a brief look at the regular kinds of addictions:

Food Addiction


Numerous individuals get dependent on the flavor of specific foods, for example, some uncommon sort of chips or burger from one particular eatery or pizza of a unique flavor or noodles or pretty much anything. A few people are dependent on eating zesty food so they can have anything which is fiery. In like manner, a few people have a sweet tooth and, in this way, hunger for desserts always. The habit is to such an extent that regardless of whether they are not eager, they, despite everything, hunger for such foods and gorge. The more significant part of the food things individuals are dependent on is unfortunate. Gorging and overindulging in undesirable food propensities can be dangerous for wellbeing.


Mobile and Video Game Addiction

Everybody nowadays is stuck to cell phones. We are continually on our telephones, messaging, calling, and surfing perpetually. We are so charmed in it that we overlook the individuals around us. Many gaming locales have been built up nowadays, and most games on these destinations are incredibly addictive. Individuals nowadays can be seen messing around; for example, Candy Crush continually on their cell phones and PCs. This mobile and computer game addiction doesnt just strain our own connections yet besides hampers our work. 


Internet and Social Media Addiction

Surfing the internet has additionally become an addiction for a few. Online life stages have additionally disturbed this addiction. We need to flaunt all that we do to the world. We are so found to account for the minutes to proliferate that we are having a ton of fun that we really neglect to have a ton of fun. Taking selfies is another addiction that individuals have built up nowadays.


Drug and Alcohol Addiction

This is the most noticeably awful sort of addiction as it can affect your psychological just as physical wellbeing unfavorably. Additionally, drug and liquor addiction is difficult to dispose of. Drug addicts frequently create genuine medical issues. However, they are not ready to leave this habit even though they know the outcomes. Heroin, Cocaine, Marijuana, Hallucinogens, and Crack are a portion of the regular sorts of drugs that are utilized to get into that sentiment of happiness for a brief timeframe.


Shopping Addiction

Numerous individuals build up the habit of burning through cash on things they dont require. They consider shopping to be an approach to discharge their pressure. It gives them an alternate kind of joy, and to encounter a similar, and they enjoy it routinely. For a few, it turns out into an addiction. They continue shopping binges even though they dont require anything. They keep purchasing stuff for themselves as well as for anybody and everybody they know.


Betting Addiction

When an individual begins betting, he cant leave the habit of any problem at all, whether he wins or loses, he is attracted to enjoy it on numerous occasions. This before long turns into an addiction. Betting has demolished the individual and expert existences of numerous around the globe. Gambling clubs and bars exploit this shortcoming of individuals and do productive business.


The Final Words

The incongruity is that even though individuals realize that overindulging in anything, can prompt its habit anyway, they, despite everything, cant prevent themselves from doing as such. We should assume responsibility for our lives and evade these destructive propensities with the goal that they dont assume responsibility for our life in the end.

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