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Learn how to write an essay on Good Friend, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS Writing Task 2. Essay about Best friend or Best Friend Essay, Essay Topics in Eng
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A good friend is the best endowment of our life, which is elusive, and once you get never let him go. A friend in need is a friend; indeed, this well-known expression has totally cultivated the importance of good friendship as friends are consistently remained by you when you are out of luck. Friends who demonstrate the nearest, dearest, steadfast, loyal and the best partner are called good friends.


Example #1 of Essay on a Good Friend (Essay about Best friend)

A good friendship is the most lovely gift from God, which should have been dealt with and sustained like any extremely valuable thing on the planet. A good friend is somebody hard to discover without any desires and no requests. A good friendship has the nature of various shades with heaps of notions; in some cases they get cheerful, once in a while, they get passionate and now and then they battle with one another, yet that doesnt influence their actual friendship.


What makes a Good Friend?

Good friends are continually mindful, adoring, steadfast, energetic, a tad pundit, and in particular dependable towards their friends. These characteristics make a friend as a good friend. The individual who swindles you talks despite your good faith and laughs at you can never be your actual friend. Friendship is where friends tune in and attempt to see each others issues. In this way, we can say that this connection is about acceptable audience members. To have a good friend is continuously similar to getting a good pearl.


Is Friendship Matters with Status?

Friendship has never limited by individuals money related status. A ruler can be a good friend of a poor homeless person, and shoddy work can be a good friend of a wealthy industrialist. Ruler Krishna was in unqualified good adorable friendship with poor Sudama. Friendship of Krishna and Sudama is an achievement for us all. They resembled perfect partners. Their friendship was on that level, where if one gets injured, others feel the agony. 

To adhere to the simple rules of friendship isnt simple for all; it requires a sort of confidence, trust, and dependability towards their friends. It is the absolutely honored relationship we get in our lives and needs to keep up with some respect. A friend may be of our age or various age group; however, it doesnt influence the nature of good friendship.


Example #2 of Essay on a Good Friend (Essay about Best friend)

Friends are the medium with an individual who can live with more bliss, energy, and satisfaction. Good friends accompany the meaning of unwaveringness and dependable. A good friend never leaves their friend during an extreme time. This makes a pure connection to a good friendship.

Beloved friends are always associated with the entire existence of an individual. They really indicate to a good friendship. With a friend, life turns out to be simple on each phase of it and results consistently in a superior manner. It is very clear that unquestionably there would raise a few issues or battles between friends, yet it makes their relationship progressively trustworthy. To have a good friend is continuously similar to getting a good pearl.


A good Friend is a Person Who is Loyal and Trustworthy

Friends are the individuals who become some portion of their friends joy, and a good friend is the individuals who consistently bolster them in their terrible or intense time as well. The nature of devotion makes a friend a good friend. Steadfastness is fundamental uprightness for any friendship. A steadfast friend consistently helps out of luck, thinks about one anothers emotions, and offers privileged insights with no inquiry. Devotion upgrades the immaculateness of friendship.

Two people of all ages group can befriend, they like to invest energy with one another additionally share their privileged insights, trouble, feelings, satisfaction, and desires from life. Reliability is an absolute necessity right now friendship as, without trust, you cant have the option to communicate your inclination with anybody—faithfulness and trust matter from the two sides in a relationship of good friendship. A friend is expected to depend on this solid relationship of friendship. This connection is hard to communicate or depict just individuals who include in evident friendship can feel its aroma.

A kind of friendship depends on the conduct and shared comprehension between at least two people. An encompassing of some nearby or good friend helps in making life simple and important additionally helps in dealing with Challenges comes in each phase of lifes excursion. Just the nearness of your great mate in your terrible time gives you moral help and helps a ton in conquering that predicament. A friend is required continuously, and it is possible that you are upbeat or you are tragic. No issues they are far or close to a good friend is one who never leaves their friend to be in their awful time.

Good friends are always good and faithful to their friends; they never belittle or selling out their friends. Individuals who acclaim somebody on their appearances and state terrible behind their backs are not considered a good friend. The meaning of good friends is one who is pure, steadfast, and reliable for their friend. A good friend is elusive; however, when you get its gods favor. Unwaveringness and trust are required in each relationship alongside friendship. An individual who isnt faithful isnt qualified for turning out to be even a friend. Good friends are the mystery gooders of one another. They have dazzle confidence in their actual friends. Friends share their insider facts with one another, solitary dependent on the trust they have between them. 

Good friendship resembles a consequence of any love, or we can say when God needs to help somebody, he sends an individual as a good friend of the person in question. Good friends are the individuals who comprehend without saying what your friend needs; this is the nature of a good friend. Never let your actual friend go from your life; it is a sort of pure and celestial connection which we gain from experience.

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