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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an Essay on Village Life, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Village Life, Village Life Essay
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Village life is referred to be quiet and pollution-free as individuals are nearer to nature in villages; in any case, it likewise has its very own arrangement of difficulties. However, the individuals living in village zones have a beautiful existence; they are without numerous modern civilities that make life confortable. Conventional village life is without the solaces that city life offers.

However, today, pretty much every village is all around associated with streets; transportation is still rare and, if present, is of low quality. Light and water probably won't be an issue for the present-day village. However, they need behind the urban communities on the accessibility of other city courtesies. Villages have inadequate seepage framework and no waste transfer system by any means, making the occupants increasingly inclined to sicknesses and contaminations. What's more, unexpected weakness care offices add to the resident's hardships.


Example #1 of Essay on Village Life

Individuals living in the villages, for the most part, enjoy farming activities and avoid the rushing about of the noisy city life. They have a straightforward existence. An average day for a resident beginning early morning. Individuals generally get up around 5 am and start with their everyday errands. Since a large portion of the individuals in the villages rest on their rooftops, they are woken up as the sunshine breaks. They may even be woken up by the crowing of chicken.

In the more significant part of the villages, it is the male individuals who go out to work while the females sit at home and complete the family unit assignments, for example, cleaning and cooking. Youngsters prepare and head to the schools found close by. The male individuals are, for the most part, associated with cultivating and other farming activities. They either have their own ranches or work for the landowners who employ them. Cycles are the most widely recognized intends to make a trip from home to work. This is the motivation behind why the contamination level in the villages is far low contrasted with the urban communities.

Farmers drudge hard in the homesteads. Vast numbers of them return home for lunch others have their lunch in the shade of a tree. With everything taken into account, life in a village is moderate yet beautiful.


Example #2 of Essay on Village Life

Indian villages are wonderful and beautiful. The major part of the Indian populace lives in villages. The residents have a beautiful existence in the midst of greenery away from the distraught surge of the urban areas. The necessities of the locals are less, so they are happy with what small amount they have. While the residents in India appreciate a contamination-free condition and are nearer to nature anyway, they do confront certain difficulties.

There are a large number of villages in India. Each state in India incorporates several villages. The way of life and customs followed in Indian villages contrasts from state to state. How the residents spruce up, and the sort of things they eat is distinctive in various areas. In any case, their method for living is, to a great extent, the equivalent. The village people in India have a simple life. They are persevering and appreciate the simplicities of life. 

The jobs of people in the Indian villages are very much characterized. The ladies in the villages remain at home and deal with the family errands. They cook, clean, and may even be engaged with sewing and sewing. The male individuals from the house go out to acquire their employment. They are generally associated with village activities. Some of them additionally enjoy making handiwork things. The typical day for a resident starts early and closes early as well. They wrap up their assignments before dinnertime and head to sleep early.

Even though the life of village people in India is to a great extent great anyway, it very well may be trying the same number of villages in the nation need essential pleasantries. Numerous villages in India don't have power. Indeed, even those that have control supply experience long power slices prompting a great deal of bother. The residents in India additionally face a sanitation issue. Houses in numerous villages in India don't have washrooms; subsequently, it gets very troublesome, particularly for the ladies.

Numerous villages don't have medical clinics and nursing homes. Indeed, even those that have emergency clinics don't have great nursing staff.

Our villages would turn out to be increasingly lovely if such essential comforts are made accessible here.

Very little significance is given to education in the villages. Even though gradually and relentlessly schools are being opened in villages, numerous locals don't send their youngsters to ponder. They especially don't want to instruct the young lady kid as they accept she needs to do the family unit tasks as she grows up, and therefore there is no requirement for her to go to the school. This is dismal, and this attitude must be changed.

Indeed, even the more significant part of the individuals who get the privilege to training just secure essential or auxiliary education as the more significant part of the villages don't have higher optional schools. To look for a graduation or post-graduation degree, the kids need to migrate to a big city. A large portion of the locals delays sending their youngsters to the urban communities for the dread of losing or removing them.


The Final Words

Life in Indian villages is, to a great extent, great. Individuals have a straightforward existence and are there for one another in disorder and wellbeing. Be that as it may, our villages need basic conveniences and living without these can be very testing.

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