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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Unity in Diversity, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Unity in Diversity, Unity in Diversity Essay
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Unity in Diversity - is an expression inferring unity among individuals with a different culture, religion, and other demographic contrasts. The starting point of expression goes back to ancient times and has since been utilized by different political and cultural groups to show unity among various people or societies. Individuals of fluctuating cultures, religious convictions, and social status, living respectively in harmony and congruity, is an ideal case of "Unity in Diversity."


Example #1 of Essay on Unity in Diversity

India is an outstanding nation of most established progress on the earth, where individuals of numerous ethnic groups live respectively for a considerable length of time. India is a nation of different human advancement where individuals utilized to utilizing right around 1650 communicated in dialects and vernaculars as indicated by their religion and decision. Notwithstanding being connected from various cultures, customs, religions, and dialects, individuals here regard one another and live respectively with heaps of adoration and sentiment of fellowship.

Individuals living to a great extent everywhere throughout the Indian land are combined by one confidence of fraternity. Unity in Diversity has always been one of the incredible attributes of our country, which has tie individuals of all religions together in one obligation of mankind.

We can always remember the freedom movements run by the individuals of all religions of India to make India a free nation. The battle for freedom is the extraordinary case of unity in diversity in India.

Unity in diversity ideas in India gives everybody a solid message that nothing is without unity. Living, respectively, with adoration and concordance, provides the genuine pith of life. Unity in diversity in India gives us that we as a whole are born, nurtured, and fed by one Supreme God. 


Example #2 of Essay on Unity in Diversity

Unity in diversity is the unity in differences. India is a nation that demonstrates better the idea of unity in diversity. India is a profoundly populated nation and well known everywhere throughout the world on account of the quality of unity in diversity. Unity in diversity is the quality and intensity of India, which has now been the most significant element recognizing India. 

Unity in diversity has offered to ascend to the incredible national trademark to the nation, which has become the establishment of a solid and prosperous India significantly after cases of corruption, fanaticism, and terrorism.

Individuals living in different states are by and large vary in their communicating in the language, culture, customs, garments, celebrations, look, and so on (known as Bengalis, Maharashtrians, Punjabis, Tamilians, and so forth); anyway, they disclose to themselves Indian which shows their unity.

Humanity and the likelihood of individuals help them to keep up unity in diversity here. Individuals in India give high significance to the otherworldliness, Karma, and Sanskar rather than their material riches, which bring them all the more closer. Individuals here have religious resilience control as their remarkable element, which causes them to feel no trouble in the event of various religions. 

The more significant part of individuals in India is identified with Hinduism, who has a greater ability to greet and assimilate all other great cultures in their territory. Every such component in the Indian individuals helps to put India on the map for idea unity in diversity.


Example #3 of Essay on Unity in Diversity

India is a nation of a different culture, castes, languages, creed, and religions. It is a country that is known for unity in diversity where individuals of various ways of life and habits live, respectively. They have a place with various food habits, religions, convictions, and beliefs in God. Disregarding all these diversity, they live respectively with the obligation of mankind and fraternity. Unity in diversity is the particular element of India, which puts it on the map all around the globe. 

The individuals in India are following the incredible old Indian culture of being tolerant and kind, which makes them acclimatizing in nature. Unity in diversity in practically all parts of the general public has become a source of unity and riches all through the nation. 

Individuals of all religions do love in various manners by following their very own customs and convictions, which speaks to the presence of fundamental consistency. Unity in diversity advances the spirit of congruity and fraternity among individuals past their contemplations of different assorted varieties. 

India is well known for its rich cultural legacies, which are a direct result of individuals of different religions. Individuals have a place with different culture offer ascent to the different ways of life-based on their faith and conviction. It again offers ascent to the movement in different expert regions like music, expressive arts, show, move (traditional, society, and so on), theater design, and so on. The profound convention of the individuals makes them more devotion to one another. 

All the religions Indian sacred writings are the incredible wellspring of profound knowledge to the individuals. There are rishis, maharishis, yogis, clerics, father, and so on in practically every one of the religions following their own profound conventions as per their sacred religious texts.

Hindi is a mother language in India anyway the individuals speak numerous different tongues and dialects of various religions and locales, (for example, English, Urdu, Sanskrit, Bhojpuri, Bihari, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Odiya, Gujarati, Kashmiri, and so on); anyway everybody feels pleased to be the resident of extraordinary India.

Unity in diversity of India is particularly for which it is outstanding everywhere throughout the world. It pulls in the travel industry in India to an incredible level. Similar to an Indian, we as a whole ought to comprehend our duty and attempt to hold its one of a kind component at any expense. Unity in diversity here is the genuine flourishing and the best approach to advance in the present and future.

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