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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an Essay on Train Journey, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Train Journey, Train Journey Essay
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Trains are a standout amongst other transport alternatives for reaching long distances. Low charge, reliability of time, and simplicity of movement make the journey via train, both affordable and agreeable. Moreover, there are a few different favorable circumstances of going via train. You can unwind, stretch, move around or even sleep, something which could scarcely be envisioned while going in a car or other transport.

An adventure on the train additionally offers an elite perspective on the scene and culture as the train goes through the open country. In venture over the states, one gets the opportunity to see last's conventional dresses, rural harvests, and culture. One likewise gets the flavor of nearby food as it is served by the merchants in the railroad stations and wagons. The journey is also engaging as you can communicate with individual travelers from various locales and etymological foundations. 


Example #1 of Essay on Train Journey

It was the long stretch of September, and the fall break was going to start in half a month. Our first term tests had quite recently been finished, and we were free from the weight of concentrates in any event for a couple of days. Our school plans journey excursions to different spots during the fall break. I always needed to go on such a tour and play around with my companions.


My First Train Journey with Friends

While my parents enabled me to go on neighborhood school journeys, they had consistently been doubter about sending me on out positioned trips. They thought I was excessively youthful and reckless and accordingly dreaded sending me. I attempted to persuade them every year. I saw the notice about these school trips hanged on the notice board; however, they can't. Notwithstanding, after a ton of convincing in class VII, my mom guaranteed that she would send me when I arrive at class IX as I will become more seasoned and become progressively full-grown by at that point.

In this way, a year ago, I helped her to remember her guarantee. Even though hesitant, she consented to send me on my school excursion to Raipur. She likewise persuaded my dad, and he gave the composed assent alongside the sum that must be stored for the journey. My bliss knew no limits. Not many of my dear companions had likewise got permission from their parents, and we were too excited about our outing. I was excited about visiting Jaipur as well as about the train venture.


My Train Journey Experience

I was fortunate to get the seat near the window. It was a day journey of around six hours, and there was a great deal to see outside the window. Seeing little sand slopes, green fields, and long streets entranced me, and I stuck to the window for most of the adventure. For the remainder of the adventure, we played imbecilic pretenses and antakshari, which was excessively fun. I just wished the journey never arrived at the end.

Nonetheless, before we even acknowledged, we arrived at the Jaipur station. As I wandered around from post to fortification in the Pink city, I longed for the train venture back to my old neighborhood as I completely appreciated train journeys. Our train venture back home was a lot of fun.


The Final Words

Train journeys have captivated me continuously. I have gone on a significant number of them; however, this one was even more exceptional as my companions joined me. I am anticipating all the more such train journeys.


Examples #2 of Essay on Train Journey

Train journeys have interested me continuously. Be it the daily journey or a night venture I, generally lean toward going via train. During my day venture via train, I love sitting by the window to watch the view outside. I love seeing the green fields, large trees, hovels, and water bodies. I can sit for a long time watching this view from the moving train. What I like about night journeys is that trains offer a ton of room and solace. We can rest serenely and nap off to rest. Dozing in a moving train is its very own encounter, and I simply love it. 


My First Train Journey

While all my train journeys have been critical there is one that I will treasure until the end of time. This was my train venture from Shimla to Kalka. This train venture resembled no other.

We had heard a great about the Shimla – Kalka train venture and truly needed to encounter it. It is said that the train goes under the world legacy rundown of UNESCO. In any case, since our arrangement was made out of the blue, we couldn't get the tickets for venturing out from Kalka to Shimla, which was baffling.

From the start, we thought of dropping or delaying the excursion anyway then we chose to take a transport to Shimla. The tickets from Shimla to Kalka were accessible, so we booked our arrival venture by the much-discussed toy train that sudden spikes in demand for this course. While I was altogether excited for my excursion to Shimla and delighted in all of it with my family, I was continually dreaming about our adventure back home as I couldn't hang tight for the toy train understanding.


My Awesome Train Journey Experience

We arrived at the station a few moments before the train takeoff time. I was excited about taking a gander at the train and couldn't hold on to board it. We before long kept our gear on the train and sat on our seats. I snatched the seat by the window to observe the grand view outside. As the train began, I saw the hypnotizing perspective on the slopes secured with pine trees. There was greenery all around. It had down-poured a night prior, and therefore the flora looked significantly greener and new. It was a fantastic sight.

The toy train covers a distance of 6 km, and there was not a single minute when we got exhausted during this journey. There was such a great amount to view and experience. The train goes at a moderate speed and takes around 5-6 hours to arrive at Kalka with the goal that we can encounter the natural surroundings without limit. It experiences 102 passages, and this makes the adventure all the more astonishing.

It likewise ignores upwards of 864 scaffolds and offers an encounter which is one-of-its-sort. While I sat by the window for the most part of my adventure, I similarly proceeded to remain by the train entryway for around an hour or so to have a more intensive take a gander at nature.


The Final Words

All of my train venture from Shimla to Kalka was charming. The experience was basically unparalleled. Each train venture darling must experience this at any rate once in their lifetime. Nature sweethearts would adore it even more.

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