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Traffic Rules are proper rules and guidelines framed by the government and other significant offices for the security and comfort of everyday street commuters and different travelers. A few laws vary for various sorts of street clients, for example, cyclists, people on foot, vehicle drivers, and so on, while some are normal. Whatever the rule might be, it is framed with only one prime target – to guarantee the safety of all street commuters.


Example #1 of Essay on Traffic Rules

Indian streets are stuffed with different sorts of vehicles – autos, transports, trucks, ranch vehicles (tractors and so on), alongside bikes, rickshaws (three-wheeled), motorcycles, and walkers. Indeed, even sellers and street-side slows down could be effectively spotted infringing out and about.

With so much gigantic assortment of vehicles and various workers, it gets essential to structure explicit principles to be pursued while utilizing the street to guarantee safe travel for everybody. In this manner, traffic rules come into the picture. They are a lot of regulations and rules detailed to be obeyed while utilizing the streets. 

The rules to control traffic on the streets have been placed in the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. The Act became effective from first July 1989 and is consistently material all through India.

Probably the most noteworthy traffic runs in India are – compulsory enlistment and protection of all private just as business vehicles; giving of driving licenses only to the grown-ups on or over the lawful age of 18 years; fine and detainment on smashed driving; speed cutoff points and zebra crossings for the security of people on foot and different commuters; obligatory head protectors and safety belts; wellness declaration for a wide range of vehicles; while moving toward a crossing point, give the option to proceed to vehicle previously navigating out and about and so on.


Example #2 of Essay on Traffic Rules

The hesitance to follow the traffic rules in India is slightly different from city to city, correspondingly as its language and culture. Individuals in certain parts of India determinedly comply with the traffic rules, while in some different parts, they will, in general, be ongoing guilty parties.

Shockingly, the individuals who ignore the rules are very much aware of them, and furthermore the outcomes that could emerge by not tailing them. All things considered, they show their hesitance and regularly mock the rules, putting their very own life just as the life of others at risk.


Present Indian Scenario

Our hesitance to follow the street traffic rules could be surveyed from an ongoing 2018 statics, which expresses that street mishaps in India guarantee 400 lives each day. Prime causes behind the fatalities are – over speeding, bouncing sign, over-burden business vehicles, packed traveler vehicles, not wearing security gear, and so forth. Most powerless are the bike riders and walkers, who are hard to spot on swarmed and occupied streets. As indicated by an ongoing report, bike drivers in India comprise 40% of absolute street mishap deaths every year.


Purposes behind Low Awareness

Individuals' hesitance to follow traffic rules could be attributed to different factors. There is no sorted out street security training in the Indian system. Kids come to think about the general traffic leads by their folks or without anyone else perception. There are many traffic signs that the kids have never been told about.

The rule thing "let go" mentality likewise assumes an exceptional job in the Indian setting. Individuals will, in general, pursue reckless drivers. On the off chance that a solitary driver hops a red sign, he will be trailed by numerous others. As though they were not trusting that the lights will turn green, yet for somebody to bounce it. 

Another purpose of low awareness is liberal checking. Individuals resisting traffic rules are only occasionally defied, therefore making them progressively hesitant. When not halted for various occasions, they become routine guilty parties, trading off their own safety just as security of others.


Techniques to Increase Awareness

Numerous activities could be taken to expand open awareness. A composed structure for giving training concerning street security and rules in the schools must be provided. Street security and rules could be begun as a subject in schools and expert courses. The utilization of print and electronic media could likewise be a crucial instrument in bringing issues to light. Any message sent by VIPs through print or electronic media will have a more prominent impact on the demeanor of individuals. An obligatory instructional meeting for are new driving permit holders, on-street security, and rules also will help in bringing issues to light.


The Final Words

Regular campaigns ought to be composed by the governments in a joint effort with significant offices, wherein individuals must be instructed about traffic rules and rule, additionally urged to utilize appropriate safety gear. A strict checking and an arrangement of zero resistance towards offenses like drunken driving, over speeding and so forth, will send a solid message to people in general and discourage them from mocking the rules.

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