Essay Writing: Learn how to write an Essay on the Consequences of Global Warming

Learn how to write an essay on Consequences of Global Warming, providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS Writing Task 2. Global Warming Essay for students and children
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Global warming is the ceaseless ascent in the Earths surface temperature and its consequent effect on its climatic conditions. Global warming has caused unfavorable impacts on the worlds environment. It has prompted extraordinary climate conditions, which thus have antagonistically influenced life on the planet. Global warming, caused because of the outflow of ozone harming substances, for example, carbon and methane, has prompted a few negative repercussions remembering an ascent for the ocean level, an increase in air pollution and outrageous climate conditions in different areas.


Example #1of Essay on Global Warming

Global warming, the term instituted by New Jersey researcher, Wally Broecker, alludes to the ascent in the normal temperature on Earth because of the discharge of ozone harming substances, including carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and methane. These gases are produced by vehicles, manufacturing plants, and various sources. These dangerous gases trap heat on the Earth instead of letting it vanish in the climate in this manner, causing an ascent in the temperature.

The atmosphere on Earth is getting hotter because of global warming, and this is having negative repercussions on the earth. Here is a point by point take a gander at the results of global warming:


Effect on Air: An increase in the Earths surface temperature has offered to ascend to air pollution. This is because the ascent in temperature bothers ground-level ozone, which is shaped when carbon gases respond with daylight and warmth. An increase in the degree of air pollution has offered a route to a few medical issues. Instances of breathing issues and lung pollutions have expanded radically. Asthma patients are most noticeably awful influenced by this.


Effect on Water: Icy masses are liquefying, and the seawater is getting hotter because of global warming. Together, this has prompted an increase in the ocean level. The ocean level is relied upon to rise further with the rise in the temperature in the occasions to come. This is a reason for worry as this would make flood circumstances in the beachfront and low-lying regions, subsequently disturbing life. Moreover, seawater has gotten acidic because of which the amphibian life is at risk.


Effect on Land: A global warming has caused extreme climate conditions. Numerous spots are encountering incessant and substantial rains and are in this manner confronted with overwhelming floods while certain locales are facing outrageous dry spell. This has affected the lives of individuals as well as debased the state of the land in these zones. Agrarian grounds have been affected antagonistically because of this.


Example #2 of Essay on Global Warming

Global warming is a continuous ascent in the Earths temperature. This ascent is, to a great extent, caused because of the outflow of ozone-depleting substances like carbon dioxide and methane. A few bits of proof given by the researchers demonstrate that the Earths temperature is rising, all the more so after the 1950s. Human activities throughout the most recent couple of decades have prompted the warming of the atmosphere system on the planet, and it is being anticipated that in the 21st century, the global surface temperature is probably going to go up further. 

This ascent in temperature is negatively affecting life on Earth. Here is a point by point, take a gander at the outcomes of global warming.


Impact on the Climatic Conditions

Global warming has prompted an adjustment in precipitation plans in various areas over the globe. Subsequently, while certain locales are encountering dry season like circumstance others are confronting floods. Along these lines, the wet territories are getting wetter, and the dry ones are getting drier. An increase in temperature is likewise offering an approach to storms, violent winds, heatwaves, and rapidly spreading fires among different changes in the climate. Numerous districts on earth are encountering outrageous climate conditions because of global warming, and the issue is relied upon to irritate later on.

The worldwide ocean level has ascended over the twentieth century. There are two critical explanations behind this ascent in the ocean level. One is the warm extension that happened because of the warming of the seawater, and second is the expanded dissolving of the land-based ice. It is being calculated that there will be an impressive ascent in the ocean level on the occasions to come. The proceeded with ascend in ocean level is a significant danger to life in the beachfront and low-lying zones.

The general condition of the Earth has been antagonistically influenced because of global warming. This ascent in temperature exacerbates air pollution further by raising the degree of ground-level ozone, which is shaped when the smoke produced by industrial facilities, vehicles, and different sources interact with warmth and daylight. Expanded air pollution has prompted various medical issues, and the condition is declining continuously.

The increase in temperature, sporadic climatic conditions, and ascend noticeable all around and water pollution has affected the life on earth severely. The regular floods, dry seasons, and twisters have removed a few lives, and the expanding level of pollution is causing a few medical issues. Like people, numerous different types of creatures, just as plants, cant adapt up to the evolving climate—the quick changes in the climatic conditions on the land-only as the ocean is negatively affecting them. The termination pace of creatures and plants has risen. According to analysts, numerous types of birds, warm-blooded animals, reptiles, fishes, and creatures of land and water have vanished because of the expanding level of pollution and changes in the atmosphere.

Farming has been most noticeably awful influenced because of the unpredictable precipitation plan shaped because of global warming. Numerous zones are encountering successive dry spell like circumstances while others are accepting substantial precipitation and floods. This isnt just influencing the individuals living in those zones yet is adversely affecting the harvests as well. Rural terrains are losing their richness, and the yields are being harmed.

Global warming is a genuine concern. Its repercussions are obliterating. Carbon outflow should be controlled quickly to bring down the results of global warming. This should be possible, assuming every single individual contributes his/her bit towards the reason.

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