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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Role of Science, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Role of Science in our Life
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The most significant role is played by science in developing India. The scientific discoveries and inventions made in the nation just as in different parts of the world have helped in the advancement of the country.

Science offers a better approach for taking a gander at things. It broadens the extent of the things accessible around and in this way, helps in the development and advancement of any country.


Example #1 of Essay on Role of Science

Science has played a significant role in making India what it is today. Scientific devices have helped our nation create in each circle. Be it the rural part, mechanical segment, wellbeing, infrastructure, or some other circle – the advancement of each of these can be ascribed to science.

The mundane agriculture methods that were being utilized in India since ages required a lot of work yet yielded practically nothing. With the investigation of science, specialists have thought of more up to date supplies and procedures of agriculture that have been utilized in the horticultural division in India. This has helped in expanding the harvest to respect an incredible degree.

The new-age technologies and types of gear utilized in different parts have improved with time, and this has changed their method for working. Various new parts, for example, telecom and information and technology, have additionally appeared over the most recent couple of decades. These are every one of the endowments of scientific inventions.

The establishment of new parts and businesses has presented different new products and enterprises as well as expanded the work openings in the nation. In addition, the procedure of fare, import, starting, and overseeing the business and speaking with individuals around the world has gotten snappier and more straightforward with the assistance of science. 

With everything taken into account, science has played a significant role in making India.


Example #2 of Essay on Role of Science

Science has helped in the development and advancement of India to a great extent. There are numerous establishments in the nation that educate the students on this subject. A large number of these students think of more up to date scientific developments while others chip away at the effectively accessible ones to improve their method for working.

We, as a nation, have profited a lot by these inventions. Scientific inventions made in different pieces of the world have likewise been actualized for doing various undertakings in India. These developments have played an indispensable role in making India.

The infrastructure of a nation plays a significant role in its advancement. India's establishment has improved in the course of the most recent couple of decades, inferable from the usage of innovative scientific procedures. A few streets, scaffolds, and flyovers have been built to facilitate the method of transportation. It requires some investment to drive to better places. 

Products would now be able to be shipped to various places in the nation in lesser time. The vehicles that are again an endowment of science help all the while. Everything is accessible promptly in all aspects of the nation attributable to this speedy office. 

Science has additionally played a significant role in fortifying the fare showcase in the nation. The generation of different products has been expanded inferable from the execution of experimentally propelled methods and apparatus. There are different agrarian and mechanical items that our nation would now be able to deliver in abundance.

Other than satisfying the prerequisite of the individuals abiding here, these are likewise be traded to different nations. The procedure of import and fare has additionally been smoothened with the improvement in the methods for communication and transportation. This has helped in the financial development of the nation. 

India has undoubtedly profited a great deal with the development and advancement in the field of science. Scientific technologies have played a significant role in making India.


Example #3 of Essay on Role of Science

Man has developed over the ages. He has upgraded his method for living and the total of what this has been conceivable with the assistance of scientific inventions. It began with the disclosure of fire went on to the technology of wheel, bullock truck, and stone instruments, and afterward, there was no halting. Man has been creating more current things by applying science and has improved his way of life, all things considered, from that point forward.


Here are Few Points on Role of Science in Building Economy

The Rise of Industries: Gone are the days when individuals in India were primarily restricted to bungalow ventures and handiwork organizations. With the development of science, numerous new organizations have been framed. A few enterprises have seen a blast as a result of the new age scientific supplies and apparatus. Science has along these lines played a significant role in the development of the modern sectors in the nation.


Development in Employment Opportunities: The establishment of a more prominent number of ventures and organizations in the nation has expanded the work openings. Various gifted experts get an opportunity to fill different situations in these organizations. Numerous individuals are prepared at work to do various errands. They help in the development of the organizations that this helps in the general financial development of the nation.


Better Export Market: More up to date scientific methods and procedures have profited the horticultural just as the te in India. Better produce has offered to ascend to the fare of different nourishment things. So also, the utilization of cutting edge supplies helps in the invention of different products that are sent out to different nations. Along these lines, science has helped in improving the state of the fare advertise in the country in this way, profiting a few organizations just as the nation's financial condition. 


Better Communication: If there is one scientific technology that everybody on this planet is grateful for, then that is the method for communication. With the development of cell phones, internet, and other savvy tools of communication, it has gotten very simple to share thoughts with individuals living in far-away grounds. Best practices utilized over the globe would thus be able to be actualized.

Similarly, like other nations, India has likewise profited as a result of it. We are refreshed with the most recent in the realm of science and technology and consistently receive the practices that help in boosting the nation's economy.


Science has played a significant role in making India. Without utilizing scientific strategies and methods, we would not have had the option to build up the nation to the degree it has grown today.

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