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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an Essay on Role Model, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Role Model, Role Model Essay
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There are such a large number of individuals we pursue nowadays via web-based networking media and, all things considered, as we love them and appreciate their qualities. We likewise get motivated and impacted by certain individuals we meet or essentially think about. Each individual has one of a kind characteristics and conduct attributes. Some of the time, somebody's characteristics stand out for us, and we start preferring that individual, regardless of sexual orientation or different contrasts.

We adore or get enlivened by their remarkable characteristics, capacities, and sustain a fantasy to resemble them one day. These characters that our heart pines to pursue and represent are our role models. A role model could be anybody. S/he could be a government official, an on-screen character or an entertainer, a notable altruist, social extremist, and so on. S/he could even be somebody you know beyond all doubt, similar to your father, mother or uncle, and so on.


Example #1 of Essay on Role Model

Father is the only man on the planet who will never hurt his girl. A father-daughter connection is the most delightful connection on the earth. It is so adorable and contacting how fathers care for their daughters and make the most of their fits of rage. My father is my role model.

I am his first need, and he is continuously incomplete towards me than my siblings. He pampers me a lot and makes me feel like - I am the most exceptional daughter on the planet. Like each other father, he excessively is exceptionally defensive for me. He always remembers to purchase unique presents for me from wherever he goes for business. He underpins aides and me through every single period of my life.

I share an unexpressed bond with my father that involves regard, love, and care. He is a self observer who, for the most part, doesn't express his emotions when he is disturbed, yet I see how he feels on various events. I know the injuries of his heart and the battles he has done for a mind-blowing duration. 

His youngsters are his reality, and he has consistently given them what they need, even in the most testing times of his life. He has always been solid and firm, yet he never grumbles or shows that he is burnt out on being so solid; however, I do know, I genuinely realize he is, and it truly squeezes my heart.

He accepts emphatically in humankind and lives with his morals throughout everyday life. He is the most kind-hearted individual and never under any circumstance, wishes malicious for anybody throughout everyday life. He is persevering, devoted, and sincere in his work. He is a straightforward individual and wants to carry on with basic life. He moves to be a decent individual throughout everyday life.

I love him. He is the most exceptional man in my life. He will perpetually be my saint, tutor, and guide for a mind-blowing duration.


Example #2 of Essay on Role Model

I am a major Bollywood fan, and my role model happens to be a Bollywood big name. I seek to resemble the perfectionist of the business, Amir Khan.

Amir Khan was born on 14th March 1965 in the family of movie producers. His father, Tahir Hussain, was a maker, and Uncle Nasir Hussain was a producer-director in the 1970s. He made his introduction in the film business as a youngster craftsman at eight years old in a hit motion picture Yadon Ki Barat in 1973. Amir Khan has advanced as an entertainer in a long time since he showed up in the motion pictures.

Amir Khan is a legendry hotshot in the Indian film industry and a role model for each yearning on-screen character. He has built up incredible statures in Bollywood and craftsmanship films. He made his introduction as a lead on-screen character in motion picture Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak inverse Juhi Chawla in 1988 coordinated by Mansoor Khan and created by Nasir Hussain, which propelled him to fame. He discovered his film industry accomplishment with Dil in 1990 and Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin in 1991. He won his place in the core of the group of spectators with Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar in 1992 and was there to manage for eternity.

He has offered variety to his group of spectators by playing various characters in various types. He has been valued for super hits like Andaz Apna, Rangeela, Raja Hindustani, Lagaan, Three Idiots, Sarfarosh, Dangal, Mangal Pandey, and some more. Amir Khan is specific in his jobs and decides to work in one film a year to devote his full time and vitality to the job. His movies are genuine and are loved for a lifetime.

Like each other on-screen character, he also had a lot of hits and tumbles, and he has suffered debates and shames as well. He has been reprimanded and acknowledged for his work. The way to fame is rarely simple, yet Amir has continually developed and re-created his persona. He is no uncertainty Indian films generally adored and regarded figure now.

He has offered variety to his group of spectators as an on-screen character as well as made his imprint as a maker, executive, TV shows have, and a playback artist. Amir Khan is the author of Amir Khan Productions. His generation Colonial show Lagaan has caused International to notice Indian Cinema. Lagaan was a major blockbuster hit and has won a number of grants in different classes. The film has additionally won open's Choice honor at Switzerland's Locarno Film Festival. Lagaan has additionally been in the UK's rundown of the top ten movies. 

His directorial debut movie Taare Zameen Par, a dramatization on dyslexia, demonstrated to be a colossal achievement winning him the National Film Award for the best movie on family welfare just as a number of other star screen and movie admission grants. 

Amir Khan additionally made his presentation on TV on sixth May 2012 by facilitating a show Satyamev Jayate, a television show talking about different social causes. On TV, as well as Amir Khan, is related to a few social causes in his reality. He has raised voice to help various crusades and fights, for example, Jan Lok buddy charge, Narmada Bachao Andolan. He is likewise UNICEF territorial generosity envoy and the brand representative of Incredible India Tourism crusade. He underpins different causes, for example, Disaster help, Environment wellbeing, Health, Education, Human rights, Slavery, and Human Trafficking, and so forth. He always attempts to make mindfulness about social issues through his films. 


The Conclusion

Mr. Perfectionist, aside from his on-screen work, is an entertainer who pays attention to his duty towards the general public. I genuinely appreciate the general character of this star. He is genuinely a motivation for me. I am a bite the dust heart devotee of him as his vision towards life motivates me.

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