Essay Writing: Learn how to write an Essay on Renewable Energy

IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Renewable Energy, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Renewable Energy, Renewable Energy Essay
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The Additional Energy Sources Commission was built up in the Department of Science and Technology, in March 1981, because of abrupt increment in oil costs, the vulnerability identified with its supply, and unfavorable impact on the balance of payments.

This commission was likewise entrusted with the policy formation and their execution, making programs for the advancement of new and renewable energy, just as expanding and planning innovative work around there. In 1982, another division in the past Ministry of Energy, specifically the Department of Unconventional Energy Sources (DNES), was made. In October 2006, it was renamed as a - Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.


Example #1 of Essay on Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a feasible source that isn't harmful to both the earth and human health. Truth be told, renewable energy is produced from natural energy sources such are the sun, wind, water, earth, and plants.

At present, the expense of fuel is expanding because of the consistently growing populace of the world, and in parallel, the conventional fuel holds are likewise getting diminished ceaselessly. In such a circumstance, every one of the individuals has begun scanning for elective sources of energy. Renewable energy with massive potential for the future is turning into a need of today.

Over the most recent three decades, innovative work has occurred in renewable energy. The most recent advancements are turning out, which are sufficient to lessen individuals' reliance on conventional energy sources like coal, oil, and flammable gas. It is steadily turning out to be sure that renewable energies can demonstrate to be a superior option than petroleum products.

Another incredible thing is that environmentally friendly power energy choices have fewer reactions on the earth than non-renewable energy sources since they don't discharge ozone harming substances.

The supply of renewable energy gets continuous, and it likewise gets financially savvy. Along these lines, renewable energy assets are absolutely basic, pervasive, and promptly accessible all through the world, including rustic and remote territories where power has not yet been come to.


Example #2 of Essay on Renewable Energy

Such energy, which is infinite in surroundings and uninhibitedly present, is called renewable energy. At last, we can say that renewable energy is the energy that we get from those sources, which are accessible in bounty in nature. Sun, running water, and wind are sources of some energy that will never end since they are found everywhere & naturally. All these renewable energies are changed over and put away as power and shipped to us for our utilization.

Sources of Renewable Energy

The huge majority of the world's energy is gotten from coal, oil, gaseous petrol, wind, daylight, and uranium, which are non-inexhaustible assets.

Renewable sources of energy incorporate those sources, which, when utilized, become usable once more. Names of renewable energies are Sun energy, watermill energy, geothermal energy, and biomass (this incorporates ethanol, biodiesel). As per the information discharged by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, India's absolute renewable energy age limit is 896602 MW. India has the ability to produce 900 GW of renewable energy from renewable energies, for example, sun oriented energy, wind energy, hydro energy, and bio-energy.


Sorts of Renewable Energy

Various kinds of renewable energy are accessible in this world, which gives perfect and supportable power to our different needs. For example, wind, daylight, and sea are additionally instances of various renewable energies.

At the large scale level, we can group these renewable energies dependent on their sources.


Hydropower: Hydropower is the energy that is created by halting the streaming water of the waterway by building dams and driving turbines utilizing its stream. Siphoned stockpiling hydropower and run-of-waterway hydropower are two distinct manners by which hydroelectric activities create power.


Bio-energy: It starts from biomass bio-energy, which is a renewable power hotspot for the generation of fluid energizes, in which fuel is acquired from the decay of different sorts of agrarian squanders.


Geothermal Energy: Geothermal energy is a renewable energy that radiates from the warmth inside the earth. Geothermal power plants create power by retaining the energy of the earth and hot rocks. Aside from this, geothermal energy can likewise be utilized to keep water and structures warm according to the prerequisite.


Solar Energy: The warmth of the sun creates this energy; solar energy is delivered by retaining daylight from a wide range of solar-powered energy assets. Sunlight based energy is broadly utilized as renewable energy in India. 


Sea Energy: Ocean energy is likewise one of the significant sources of renewable energy, in which tsunamis and sea waves can create energy. Even though there is no huge advancement in the field of sea energy, but since seas encompass around 70 percent of the Earth, there is a ton of potential for energy creation here.


Wind Energy: Wind energy is an astounding case of renewable energy, in which energy is created by wind. At the point when the breeze blows in the breeze turbines, renewable energy is created by its rotational speed. For the assembling of wind energy, huge scale windmills are built on the coastline, where the breeze blows exceptionally quick.


The Final Words

Renewable energies are safe, self-supporting, and solid, with the gigantic sums accessible consistently. Likewise, the equivalent circulation of renewable energy is additionally conceivable. There are large measures of biomass, solar energy, wind energy, biogas, and little hydroelectric creating sources in India. 

We have gained extensive progress in the field of solar energy over the most recent couple of years, in which it has been generally pitched with the assistance of the legislature in the solar energy ventures, so now the privately owned businesses in this field has additionally begun assembling items like sun oriented batteries and sunlight based boards.

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