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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Postman, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Postman, Postman Essay in English
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A postman has consistently been a significant part of our general public. His job duties include reaching the post office on time each day, arranging the letters as per the addresses, putting them cautiously in his pack, conveying them to the right address, and revealing back to the post office at night. He reports to the postmaster and adheres to his guidelines. His job is intense; however, he completes every one of his duties with a grin. He likewise expedites a smile, the essence of individuals who get letters, presents, and cash orders conveyed by him. 


Example #1 of Essay on Postman

A postman is a social assistant or helper. He is as imperative to the general public as other network helpers, for example, a doctor, a teacher, a police officer, and a vegetable-merchant. He helps in associating individuals by passing on their messages to one another.

A postman wears a khaki uniform and holds a pack brimming with letters on his shoulder. He rides a bike and wanders around on boulevards to convey letters to various locations. He needs to ensure that each letter arrives at the right address. He additionally needs to guarantee that the letters are conveyed opportune. Numerous individuals buy into magazines and bulletins. The postman likewise carries these. He is denounced if he doesn't play out his obligation well.

Postman's calling is very intense. He faces numerous hardships, for example, cycling throughout the day, independent of the climate outside. Regardless of whether it is blustery, breezy, or bright, a postman can't disappear. He should be out on his cycle to disperse the letters with the goal that individuals don't miss any important message. 

This can be very strenuous physically. In any case, he carries out his responsibility with commitment. Before sun-down, he needs to answer to the post office. He is permitted to return home merely after the postmaster's endorsement.


Notwithstanding the difficult work, a postman isn't paid well. I wish the administration builds the remittance of the mailmen.


Example #2 of Essay on Postman

Since my initial youth years, I recall one individual who visits us usually. He goes to our home quite often and has become a part of our family. He is our postman, Rahul. While numerous postmen are moved to an alternate territory at regular intervals, Rahul has been conveying letters in our region for a significant long time. It has been for quite a while.

My Grandparents Await Postman Eagerly

While the majority of us have changed from composing letters to sending a snappy email or message, my grandma still favors the great old method for composing letters. She and her kin exchange manually written letters usually to stay in contact with one another. I regularly go with her to the post office to buy inland letters, wrap, and stamps. She likewise relegates me the errand of placing letters in the close by the letterbox. We, at that point, anticipate their answer. My grandma excitedly sits tight for our postman, Rahul, every day, thus do I.

Aside from the letters from my grandma's kin, we regularly get letters from banks and some different establishments. Rahul realizes that my grandma distinctly anticipates letters from her friends and family. He rings the cycle ringer cheerfully as he moves toward our place when he brings letters for my grandma.

Similarly, as my grandma is thrilled to get these letters, Rahul is happy to convey them. Now and then, her sibling sends her blessing. Regardless of how little the blessing is, the delight of getting a fantastic bundle is virtually unrivaled. Rahul ensures the package is deliberately kept in his sack to maintain a strategic distance from any sort of breakage. He happily hands it over to my grandma, who is excited at accepting it. 

My granddad, then again, sits tight for letters from the securities exchange and bank. While my dad does all the financial transactions on the web and gets warnings on his versatile or email, my granddad still inclines toward the old method for managing such establishments. In this way, he also anticipates Rahul consistently. He trusts Rahul totally, and in this manner, as opposed to visiting the bank, he regularly picks accepting even the most significant and secret records by means of post. 


My Pen Friend

I love this old method of staying in contact. To encounter the delight of accepting letters, I, as of late, made a pen companion. In this time of cell phones and visiting applications, this appears to be very good old and every day. Be that as it may, I truly needed to encounter this, and it is incredibly marvelous. I usually compose to this companion, and it is energizing to get letters from her. She even sent me a lovely birthday card, which came as a beautiful shock.


Our Postman; Our Friend

We are fortunate that Rahul has been allocated our region as he is a genuine expert. He completes his errands with genuineness and devotion. A significant number of our family members grumble of passing up letters and blessings. It is all because of the carelessness of the postman in their general vicinity. They visit the post office to enlist gripe concerning the same. 

Be that as it may, the lost/lost packages and letters are only occasionally found. Fortunately, we have never confronted any such issue. This is because Rahul is an intensive expert. He comprehends the significance of auspicious conveyance of letters and other postal articles and ensures nobody passes up an important message. 

It would not be right to call Rahul a genuine companion. On celebrations and other exceptional events, for example, birthday celebrations, we offer desserts and juice to Rahul as he visits our home. My mom likewise gives him some money and a pack of sweets for his family. We have been following this custom for a considerable length of time. 


The Final Words

Our postman, Rahul, is consistently on time, notwithstanding the climate outside. He works resolutely and always has a grin all over. His genuineness and devotion inspire me to buckle down.

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