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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Patriotism, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Patriotism, Patriotism Essay
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Patriotism can be characterized as one's affection, respect, and love for his nation. Numerous individuals devote their lives to serve their country. These individuals are alluded to as patriots. The sentiment of patriotism brings individuals closer. It must be promoted for the improvement of the nation just as the individuals dwelling there. Patriotism implies having adoration and commitment to one's nation. The individuals who are genuine patriots move in the direction of building their country in however they can.


Example #1 of Essay on Patriotism

Patriotism is putting the nationalism of one's nation first, working for its improvement, and giving up for it if need. Numerous individuals believe that patriotism is tied in with laying one's life for his/her nation, yet it doesn't really imply that. It means living for the improvement of the country, serving it every which way and ready to forfeit one's life at whatever point there is a need. 

Numerous individuals in the past have served their nations and even laid their lives for it. Numerous individuals still keep on serving their country with as much commitment. Indian political dissidents were loaded up with the sentiment of nationalism. They couldn't have cared less about themselves and worked benevolently for the country.

Indeed, even today, numerous individuals are devoted to serving the country in the manner they can. In any case, the sentiment of patriotism is gradually fading. The young today don't feel as emphatically for his nation as individuals of the previous ages felt.

The elderly individuals must try to impart the sentiment of nationalism in their youngsters. Establishments, for example, schools and universities, should likewise advance the equivalent. The young people of the nation must love and regard the country and work towards building it solid. 


Example #2 of Essay on Patriotism

"Patriotism is supporting your nation continuously, and your legislature when it merits it," said Mark Twain. Nationalism is tied in with cherishing and regarding one's nation and progressing in the direction of its advancement. Individuals must hold hands with the administration and different foundations to work toward this path. 


Patriotism is Fading with Time: Patriotism is fading with the progression of time. It is scarcely found in the younger age nowadays. This is because individuals nowadays have gotten excessively engaged in their very own lives. They are additionally turning out to be increasingly narrow-minded. A narrow-minded individual is one who consistently ponders himself and keeps his inclinations above everything and everybody around him. Then again, patriotism is tied in with cherishing one's own nation magnanimously. An individual who is excessively immersed in himself and gives monstrous significance to himself and his needs can never be a loyalist. The developing challenge nowadays has likewise contributed a great deal to it.

Every individual is busy making money to make his life increasingly agreeable and superior to the people around him. There is not really any space to consider whatever else in such a situation. Love for the nation and serving the country is right around an overlooked idea nowadays. Rather than progressing in the direction of the improvement of one's nation and contributing to its advancement, the youth today is relocating to different countries looking for a better way of life. 

If the mentality of individuals had been the same around 100 years back, they would have never joined together and battled for the opportunity of the nation. They would have searched for their own narrow-minded themes in that circumstance.


Genuine Patriot Vs. False Patriot: While numerous individuals professed to be patriots during the British rule, not many among them were bogus patriots who exploited the circumstance to encourage their own narrow-minded thought processes. Indeed, even today, numerous individuals really love and regard their nation while some lone profess to do as such. A genuine nationalist is one who is committed to serving his country. 

He puts the nationalism of his nation and compatriots first and is happy to forfeit everything for the improvement of his country. Then again, bogus loyalist is one who professes to adore his nation and shows that he is a nationalist while out in the open. Be that as it may, he does as such for his own addition and doesn't really have these emotions. 


Nationalism Vs. Patriotism: The terms patriotism and nationalism are frequently utilized reciprocally. But in a true sense, there is a big difference between the two. Patriotism implies being pleased with one's country for its positive focuses and moving in the direction of its improvement. Then again, patriotism involves being glad for one's country, paying little respect to its positive and negative focuses. While nationalism is great, patriotism is viewed as nonsensical and angry.


The Final Words: Nationalism is natural in a few while it very well may be imparted in the others. The sentiment of patriotism is required for the advancement and improvement of a nation. It likewise brings individuals of a country closer and causes them to experience the affection and delight of sharing and caring.

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