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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Nationalism, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Nationalism, Nationalism Essay
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India is a place that is known for its cultural, religious, and linguistic diversity. Nationalism is the main string which ties the people together in the string of unity, regardless of their having a place with various cultural, ethnic foundations. It assumes a significant job in joining all Indians from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.


Example #1 of Essay on Nationalism

Nationalism implies ascending from narrow identities of caste, religion, and to feel a profound feeling of pride in our country. Lord Ram appropriately told sibling Lakshman after crushing Ravan that the brilliant famous city of Lanka scarcely advances to him as Janani janmabhoomischa swargadapi gariyasi, which means - Mother and country are better than paradise.

Our nation doesn't rehearse any feeling of segregation to any resident as they appreciate all rights and benefits. It is the obligation of us all to cultivate the unity and trustworthiness of India by a feeling of nationalism that rises above all obstructions of area, religion, and language.

It was this superseding spirit of nationalism that won India opportunity from the British following quite a while of hard battle and incalculable penances. Around then, India was separated into a few princely states, yet it remained as one country in the struggle for independence. We need to save and ensure this opportunity as even seven decades after independence, there are dangers to national security and unity from the dissenter and secessionist powers inside and outside India. Just a profound established sentiment of nationalism can spare India from any further division for the sake of right to self-assurance in Kashmir or extremist developments in North-East India.


Example #2 of Essay on Nationalism

Nationalism implies then feeling, that we carry in our hearts, regard, love, and appreciation for our homeland. Even though this sense is given on us usually, however, because of some external causes or might be because of a little numbness or horrendous promulgation, there have been developments embracing hostile to national sentiments, for example, the ones saw in Kashmir or North-East India. In any case, on account of the constant feeling of nationalism in its residents, India has stood firm as one country, thwarting the structures of rebel powers.


Putting the country first: As a mother brings forth her children and overwhelms numerous snags to expand love and care on them, our country additionally does likewise for us. Much the same as a mother, our country additionally bears the agony while creating methods for endurance and sustenance for us all. Researchers have said all the vegetation, waterways, and other natural assets of where we take birth go about as the best blessings to live an upbeat and quiet presence. It is the warmth and the feeling of respect towards our homeland that makes us stand firmly before different countries around the globe.


The Final Words: Truth be told, a country is brought into the world when all residents living in its limit share a feeling of unity in cultural legacy and association with one another. It is this undiluted feeling of nationalism that ties India in a single string from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. The sentiment of nationalism has consistently beaten contrasts of cast, belief, and religion in a large nation like India. Indians legitimately invest wholeheartedly in living in the most significant vote based system of the world, known for its estimations of harmony, human fellowship, and aggregate advancement.


Example #3 of Essay on Nationalism

The kind of love, adoration, warmth, and the blessings that a mother showers on her child while nursing him is exceptional, and the equivalent is valid with our country. Much the same as a mother who can never consider something besides the improvement of her children, our country additionally showers protective love on us, without anticipating anything consequently from us. However, it is basic for each Indian to have a feeling of pride and appreciation towards the country, and, we should feel nationalism in words and deeds.

India is one country, regardless of religious and regional diversity, Nationalism ties every one of us in a spirit of unity. In spite of us all having various traditions, holding various convictions, watching various celebrations, and communicating in various dialects. It is the feeling of nationalism that secures the country against all dangers and threats to its unity and honesty.

We can have our various ways of life as people living in culturally and phonetically unmistakable states, yet stand together as one under one banner, national song of praise and national token. We can have our spot with satisfaction among residents of the world as pleased and steadfast residents of the most significant democratic government of the world.

The significance of our motherland outperforms every single other consideration of caste, creed, and religion. It is just through this profound feeling of nationalism and enthusiasm that we can shield our opportunity that we accomplished after preeminent penances and sufferings by a large number of children and little girls of India. Let us never weaken the spirit of nationalism to reimburse our obligations to our homeland.

There are a few powers at work that are working to debilitate the nation by spreading nonconformist emotions and weeps for Azadi (as saw in harried parts of Kashmir and North-East India). Tragically some instructive establishments in India were as of late in the thick of enemies of India sloganeering and fights with cries of destroying India tearing the air. Just a resolute feeling of nationalism can save the nation from falling prey to the secret plans of enemies of India's powers.

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