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Learn how to write an essay on My Teacher, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS Writing Task 2. My Teacher Essay Topic for students and children for exams
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My Teacher is the person who cares for my academic, mental and moral improvement. My parents are usually busy and have different employments to do, yet my teacher has just a single goal, and that is – my welfare. My Teacher instructs me subjects; clear my questions, watch my interests, and revises me when required; motivates me; rouses me at whatever point I am feeling low and urges me to explore my limits.


Example #1 of Essay on My Teacher

Nobody can deny the way that teachers play a significant role in building our future. Directly from the main day of school to the most recent day of school, they instruct, discover, and address shortcomings; whats more, giving training, they additionally shape our character. To put it plainly, they make our future. 


Teachers are the Builders of Our Future

There are numerous relations that are having a special place in our hearts. I am certain one of those is a "teacher" for the vast majority of us. A few of us even loathe our teachers, particularly the individuals who were severe with us or used to give us disciplines or punished us for wrongdoings.

As we grow old, as a rule, this hate transforms into adoration because, in proficient life, we understand the significance of being chastened. Kabir das has put the usefulness of the teacher, delightfully in the accompanying lines.


"Master khumbhar shishya kumbha hai, gadhi kadhe khot, Anter hath Sahar de, Bahar horse chot"


In the above lines, Sant Kabir das says that a teacher resembles a potter, and a student resembles the water pot being made by him. During the time spent making the pot, he beats the dirt from outside and yet keeps a hand from inside for help.

This is the reason I love my teachers (particularly the individuals who reprimanded me more). They are the ones answerable for making my future.

At the point when I was youthful, I needed to turn into an English essayist. At the point when I used to advise this to my companions and guardians, they used to chuckle since I was exceedingly terrible at English. My teacher used to every day used to admonish and rebuff me; however, I never became annoyed. His direction and my difficult work paid off, and I am ready to turn into an English teacher and an author. I used to scold him before for being so exacting with me; however, now I am grateful to him since his severity paid off.

Along these lines, do cherish your severe teachers since they will make you what you need to turn into. As it were, they are the planners of your future.


Example#2 of Essay on My Teacher

The facts demonstrate that guardians are our first teachers. They show us a great deal; however, this reality couldnt be denied that our good education begins in school and is given by our teachers. This is the reason teachers are given a great deal of regard in our general public. They play a significant role in an individuals life.


Role of Teachers in Our Life

A teacher is a guide, tutor, companion, and numerous different things that one can consider. It relies on the student, on how he characterizes his teacher. Sant Tulsi Das has put this flawlessly in the accompanying lines:


"Jaki Rahi Bhavana jaisi, Prabhu Murat dekhi tin taisi"


In the above lines, Sant Tulsi das says that God/Teacher will appear to the individual similarly as the individual might suspect. For instance, Arjun felt that Lord Krishna was his companion while Mira Bai felt that Lord Krishna was her darling. This is valid for teachers moreover.

There was something otherworldly about her. I confided in her indiscriminately. I cant give a name to the relationship which I imparted to her; however, I can most likely say that it was an amalgam of numerous connections.

It is said that on the off chance that the establishment of a structure is solid, at that point, one can add any number of floors to it, yet on the off chance that the establishment is feeble, at that point, doing that is unsafe. I was fortunate to have awesome essential teachers who established the framework of everything like training, character, and so on in me. It was a result of that solid establishment, and I am ready to become what I needed to turn into.

Whatever discipline I have, this is a result of my center teachers. They chastened, yelled, and stretched me as far as possible. At the point when I was in school, I hated them the most, yet now I understand why they did that.

Somebody has genuinely said that when a sons/little girls shoe size gets equivalent to the size of a parents/teachers, then they become companions. I used to impart all my own things to my teachers, and consequently, I got direction, and thus, I got spared from young related issues.

A teacher plays numerous roles in our lives, similar to an entertainer, who plays various roles in various motion pictures, and we welcome him/her in all roles.

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