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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on My School Picnic, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on My School Picnic, My School Picnic Essay
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School picnics are loaded with incredible fun. Much the same as our school companions and experiences we have during our school life, the recollections of school picnics are likewise one to be appreciated for a lifetime.


Example #1 of Essay on My School Picnic

It was the first week in school after the first term examination when the school picnic during the current year was declared in the class. Everybody has been energized from that point forward. The current year's picnic was bound to be at Vananchal resort, which is situated in the backwoods of Jambughoda. Fortunately for me and my gathering consent of our folks has never been an issue, so we were ready to go since the day of declaration.

It was a chilly winter morning, the school transport left at sharp seven in the first part of the day. Right around two hours, a long course to the retreat felt like a matter of a few moments as we played fun games with individual colleagues. We answered to the hotel at around 9, and we were altogether given invite drinks. At that point, we left for a nature walk where we saw shifted kinds of trees and winged animals. After the nature walk, it was the ideal opportunity for the most energizing piece of the picnic.

Truly! It was pool time, which lamentably couldn't last the entire day. That is the thing about the pool, regardless of to what extent you get the chance to be in it, it's rarely enough. At that point, we ate, trailed by some fun exercises, for example, rappelling and zip-line, which excessively was enjoyable. The time passed unexpectedly early, such that we couldn't understand the day was finished. This was undoubtedly a day I'll esteem for quite a while.


Example #2 of Essay on My School Picnic

"Picnic," a day each student in the school anxiously anticipates the entire year. The current year's school picnics were to be held at Splash Water Park, which was at three hour's drive from our school. Everybody from my group was appearing for the picnics expect for one of my companion Rahul who lamentably was out of station upon the arrival of cookout to go to some family work.


School Picnic to Water Park

Upon the arrival of the picnics not at all like each other day we answered to the school sooner than our customary timings, because of energy, clearly! Our class was separated into four gatherings of ten students each. Each group had one pioneer to watch upon the other friends. I was the commander of our gr. 

We arrived at the goal at 10 am and were allowed 30 minutes to gather our bathing suits, wash up, and prepare for the genuine fun. Water Park was loaded with stunning water rides to be specific Demon's opening, languid waterway, Amazonia, free fall, and so forth. Demon's opening and Amazonia were my top choice. Demon's opening was a round tube-shaped water slide with totally exciting wanders aimlessly, and Amazonia was an excessively huge water slide that took us through a misleadingly made wilderness, which gave a vibe of going through the streams in Amazon downpour timberlands. 

In lunch, we were served lip-smacking Punjabi nourishment with gulab jamuns in the dessert. At that point, there was a wave pool, other than which there was a magnificent counterfeit cascade. We looked at the recreation center at 5 pm and came back to our school at around eight. 


The Final Words

I recollect nothing from the arrival venture as we were altogether worn out till the day's end. Our legs were tormenting as they had practiced hard while climbing those means for the slides, and in this way out of fatigue, nearly everybody was snoozing in the transport while returning. It was a day all around spent.


Example #3 of Essay on My School Picnic

The amusement park has consistently been my preferred goal for a day out. To my pleasure, the current year's school picnic was bound to Essel world. This cookout implied a great deal as it was our tenth standard and possibly was the last year together in school. One year from now, my companions and I will be in various streams. We had each plan to make this one noteworthy, so we say farewell having heaps of upbeat recollections. 

Restless night has consistently been a pre-picnic side effect for me. I would never rest until late around evening time cookout out of musings of how astounding the next day would be. The path from school to the amusement park was a significant long one during which we played imbecilic acts and truth and set out to kill time.

We were dropped at a place using transport from which we needed to check in a raft to additionally arrive at the amusement park. From the vessel, we could see a ride called Shot-N-Drop. We could hear the yells of individuals getting a charge out of the ride and could feel the rush from the vessel itself. It was our day today, perhaps the last one with our kin, and we needed to make the most out of it. Thus, without squandering brief, we raced into the recreation center to pick up the most out of it.

Today, I don't recall each ride we had been on. However, regardless I recollect the butterflies in my stomach when a ride named thunder swung all of us from one side to the next, those snapshots of rush and dread when Shot-N-Drop had us on free fall, those goose pimples when Top-Spin spun us around, those dumb giggles when our running vehicles ran into others, that delight of at long last making out of Alibaba's mirror labyrinth and that shivering minute when Aqua-jump sprinkles sprinkled upon us the beads of cold water. 

The bliss that we picked up in the most straightforward things throughout everyday life, blasting into giggling in the wake of pulling tricks on our colleagues and that flitting outrage of the person who had been tricked, those drained at this point grinning faces by the day's end and a lot all the more shivering minutes are the recollections to treasure until the end of time.


The Final Words

Recollections of this day will always hold a comfortable place in my heart and soul. Someplace regardless, I wish if I could return right up 'til today again and feel that same thing with those same individuals once more.

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