IELTS Writing Task 2: Examples of Educational Essay Writing on My School Life

IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn Format on how to write an educational essay on My School Life, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS . You can consider as Story writing in English
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We have heard continuously that school life is simply the best life, enjoy till you are in school commit the same number of errors as you can till you are in school, and numerous such expressions which make the children who are still in school wonder that why are the older people building up this thing up. In any case, when school life is finished, and people enter this present reality, they understand that how right the older parents were. 

Children should carry on with their school life without limits. They will miss nowadays sometime down the road and could always be unable to enjoy such a joyful life once more. School life lived well offers memories to enjoy and companion to keep for a lifetime.


Example #1 of Essay on My School Life

School is considered to be a temple of information & knowledge, the first place that acquainted you with the world and all the more so your very own self. My school life is about the memories I profoundly love. The memories of not just the fun, companionship, and all the game and extracurricular yet besides how it helped me discover my inclinations. I owe everything to my school life. It has helped me to be who I am today. 

My school life has been loaded with many memories throughout the years. It gave me different chances to create my educational capacities as well as the artistic and game side. It bolstered me in my games just as presented me to various kinds of people. The entirety of this accounted for causing me to see how to carry on socially and in building a character that I have today.

Various things make school life the best stage in one's life. The entirety of this, in the long run, is because we are youthful to do botches over and over till we understand, sufficiently stupid not to consider people and do what we want to do, curious to know it all we can and above all still not uncovered and tainted with the insidious sentiments of this world. And the entirety of this makes us construct our very own character. 


Example #2 of Essay on My School Life

It is said that entering the secondary school is the initial phase in reality in any student's life. It is where one gets memories forever. Thus, one is clearly anxious while entering this stage, however well beyond that, incredibly energized as now they'll be grown-ups and will have the option to take their choices all alone.

What's more, it is very much said that with extraordinary power, comes a more prominent obligation, and with these duties, comes social weight.  


My High School Experience

One can't carry on with a joyful life in secondary school. There is a great deal of study pressure. We have to adjust between our scholastics and extra-curricular activities and furthermore get ready for focused assessments that lie ahead. Indeed, even as we have such a considerable amount to would, we don't like to pass up the fun we can have with our companions as this is likewise the ideal opportunity for blossoming fellowships and a ton of wickedness. 

I had numerous mixed secondary school experiences. One of these was the point at which I bunked a lecture, with two of my companions. In addition to the fact that we bunked the lecture, additionally, we bounced through our school dividers to escape the school premises and watch a recently discharged film.

Presently unintentionally, ten additional students from my group likewise bunked the class. Also, the packs of the entirety of the 13 students, including us, were still there in the class, as we were not permitted to leave the class with sacks during school hours. In this way, our teacher did the looking at and found about the students who bunked; thus, in the end, we were suspended from our lab sessions for seven days.

In any case, we didn't quit bunking addresses post this. We turned out to be genuinely intelligent in discovering approaches to bunk. We attempted to find some kind of harmony between being a decent student and getting a charge out of secondary school. During every one of those bunks, I understood that it is so essential to have companions to make your life worth living.

At that point, there came our first secondary school test, and I figured out how to be on the rundown of the top 10 students of my group. I had consistently been a decent student scholastically. So this time, considerably after every one of the dirty tricks that I enjoyed, I figured out how to score great imprints. In any case, this was the last time that I got great imprints. My evaluations began corrupting after that, and this prompted a ton of stress and uneasiness. I lost enthusiasm for contemplates and enjoyed gaming, watching motion pictures, or understanding books.

Fortunately, I didn't do anything awful; however, this ordinary stuff exacerbated things as I couldn't focus on my examinations. Thus, I experienced advising, which I never thought I'll ever require. It was a troublesome period for me, yet in the long run, I had the option to get the not too bad score in my finals. My parents remained as my mainstay of solidarity during this time. They urged me to examine and spurred me to lead the correct way. I can't say thanks to them enough for their direction and backing.


The Final Words

All of such experiences from my secondary school gave me activities to remember for a lifetime. They caused me to acknowledge how everything incorrectly could turn right if just you accept so and have support from your friends and family.

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