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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on My School, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS, Essay on My School, My School Essay
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My school is where I get an education; learn new subjects under the direction of prepared and gifted teachers. My school likewise gives abundant chances to partake in extracurricular activities like games and music. The administration of my school accepts that it isn't just academic greatness that we ought to be after, yet besides, the overall character advancement and developing into a decent and helpful individual.


Example #1 of Essay on My School

My school doesn't have a big campus, like several different schools in the city. It resembles a four-story building with a little garden inside. In spite of the space limitation, I have never felt its nonappearance, and I spend an excellent time at school, consistently.

We have normal classes and great teachers who take care of every one of our needs and questions. I feel like being comfortable in my school. I have never felt home wiped out and at times, even would prefer not to return home after school. 

Learning new things and sound conditions keep me drawn in and continuously occupied for good. I never get exhausted at school and consistently endeavor to improve each day. Aside from education, my school additionally makes significant upgrades as a part of my character.

It is where my desires get a wing, and I get quality and certainty to acknowledge them. No other place in the whole world could supplant my school and the job that it plays throughout my life. I will consistently be appreciative of my companions, teachers, and the staff of my school, for making it such a comfortable and instructive place of learning.


Example #2 of Essay on My School

My school is situated only a couple of kilometers from the downtown area and is effectively reachable by road. It has a rambling green campus with an attractive garden and a huge ground. The garden lies at the inside and can be seen from practically the entirety of the classes. We frequently sit in the garden during the break and take our lunch, yet we take care not to make it messy or spill nourishment.

My school is additionally an excellent place where my character gets formed, and my thinking gets improved with education. It changes me from a living person to an increasingly reasonable and significant self, with dreams, yearnings, and certainty to accomplish them.

It does such a significant number of brilliant things throughout my life. I learn music, dance, play sports, partake in competitions and demonstrate my abilities to other people. I additionally figure out how to act and hold myself in the public eye.

There is substantially more than education that I will be appreciative to my school for giving me. I learn here about the social and different issues which hamper the development of the country. I additionally find out about how together we can conquer these deterrents and set our nation on the way of progress. 

Each time I think about my school, I consider it a temple of education. A temple where my spirit meets education, making my life increasingly significant and helpful to the general public and the country also.


Example #3 of Essay on My School

My school is situated in the core of the city. It is an outstanding establishment hailed for its education strategies and committed teaching staff. My school assumes an exceptional job in my life. It resembles a platform from where I start my life's adventure.


My School – Where Learning is Fun

Schools are the center of knowledge where we go to classes on different subjects, cooperate with the teachers, get our questions replied, and appear in exams. In my school, learning is increasingly similar to a fun activity, as a result of the extra gifted teaching staff.

My teachers are learned about the subjects they teach as well as are sufficiently talented to teach through fun activities. For instance, our physics teacher clarifies each idea by expressing genuine models that we could identify with. This way, we did not just comprehend the subject better; we likewise don't feel like that we are learning by any stretch of the imagination. 

In addition, not a minute, I recollect, when any teacher had ever answered impolitely to any of the students. They, in every case, persistently tune in and answer every one of the questions presented to them. Learning at my school is fun, and it is made conceivable simply because of the teachers.


Significance of My School in My Life

My school is significant in my life, in a way much more than my family. My family gives me love, care, friendship, and accommodates everything other fundamental needs. Be that as it may, the entirety of this isn't sufficient to make me a decent person and prevail throughout everyday life.

The most basic essential for achievement in life is education, and my school gives it to me. Without my school and the education that it provides, I would resemble a befuddled and meandering soul, practically random throughout everyday life. 


Luckily, I am sufficiently fortunate to be taken a crack at a renowned school and increasing superb education, anticipating understand my fantasies one day.


The Final Words

My school is where my life gets its significance, and I grow rationally, physically, and instructively consistently. Envisioning my existence without my school would resemble taking a gander at an inauspicious catastrophe up close and personal. No school and no education would leave my life unimportant and my body without a spirit. My school is my subsequent family, and it grants fundamental groundbreaking characteristics to me.

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