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Learn how to write an essay on My Favorite Teacher, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS Writing Task 2. My Favorite Teacher Essay Topic for students and children
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We all, are aware and very much know about the importance of a teacher in our life. Each teacher is significant and similarly cherished and regarded by the students. Even though we give equal importance to every one of our teachers, now and then, there is a unique teacher who affects us, as a result of a portion of his/her characteristics. It could be anything – his/her constantly formed, co-employable, and cherishing nature or a piece of fantastic scholarly information. That teacher turns into our favorite teacher.


Example #1 of Essay on My Favorite Teacher

My favorite teacher was Mr. XYZ, who taught me English and Maths for a long time when I was in class third and fourth standard. He was from Varanasi anyway, living on the campus of the school. He took his higher examinations from the Banaras Hindu University. He was helpful and kind. He thought well about how to deal with little kids in the class. I, despite everything, recall him for his novel style of teaching.

What he instructed to me, I, despite everything recollect very well as he has made my Maths ideas exceptionally clear. Right now, I am concentrating in fifth class standard anyway, still, miss him without a doubt. I met him few times whatever topic I have to explain some extreme inquiries regarding my Maths subject. He looks extremely smart with a decent physique, shimmer eyes, and light hair. I like his great character and courteous nature.

He generally grinned when he entered the study hall and first got some information about our prosperity. He likewise helped us in sports at whatever subject our games teacher was missing. He has a grinning face anyway extremely exacting in the examination. He always rebuffed the students who were with fragmented home works. He is famous for making loads of enjoyment during class time anyway students get great marks in his subjects. 

He is a teacher with great aptitudes of educating, well-disposed nature, a great comical inclination, quiet and agreeable. I am one of the devoted students of him. Some of the time, he gave us chocolates on doing admirably in the class tests and tests. He never gave us heaps of assignments at home. He is extremely eager and always inspired us to put forth a valiant effort in the investigation.


Example #2 of Essay on My Favorite Teacher

Mrs. ABC is my favorite teacher of the sixth standard in the school. She shows us Hindi and Computer subjects in the class. She has an exceptionally remarkable character. She is very greasy, yet quiet. I generally give her a welcome card on the teachers day consistently. I additionally wish good karma on her birthday. She is accustomed to presenting a few jokes in the middle of while taking a class to make fun and draw our consideration towards study. I am not all that great at the Hindi subject anyway do very well in the Computer. She encourages me a great deal to improve my Hindi language. After taking the class, she generally gives a few inquiries to learn and pose for the following day.

She teaches us in the Computer lab to make us all the more precise and informed with the Computer. She needs to stay silent in her class when she instructs. She never leaves her powerless students hazy about what she has educated. She makes everybody clear about any subject and persuades us to pose inquiries in her group. She never begins the following subject until we as a whole comprehend the last one well overall.

She is exceptionally aware and cherishing in nature as she deals with all the students in the class. Nobody squabbles or battles in her group. She makes seating turn of the students on a week by week premise with the goal that nobody stays powerless and miserable. All my companions like her class and go to every day. 

She bolsters some feeble students by giving them some time outside the class. She likewise causes us to take care of issues other than the examination. She elevates us to partake in sports, or different rivalries sorted out in the school. She looks great with her grinning face and supporting nature. She causes us to get readied for the occasion festivities in the school, for example, Gandhi Jayanti, Republic Day, Independence Day, Mothers Day, Teachers Day and so forth. Some of the time, when themes over, she imparts to us about her battle time of life to empower us towards study. She is a cordial and nice teacher. We never dread with her anyway regard her a great deal.


Example #3 of Essay on My Favorite Teacher

My favorite teacher is my science teacher. Her name is Mrs. ABC. She lives close to the school grounds. She is the best teacher in the school and loved by all my companions as she shows well overall. Nobody feels exhausting in her group as she makes some enjoyment moreover. I like her methodologies for teaching in the class. She requests that we experience the subject from home what she will educate in the class the following day.

She instructs that subject in the class and poses numerous inquiries to get clear. She additionally raises questions about a similar subject the following day. Right now, get extremely clear about a specific theme. She steps through an exam in the wake of showing a few topics. She adores the showing calling and shows us with eagerness and enthusiasm. 

She is cordial to us and never makes us dread from her. We pose any inquiries identified with the subject in the class or her lodge with no dread. She watches the action of every single student while teaching in the class and rebuffs the smart ones. She guides us to focus on the investigation and consistently follow things that your teacher says in the class if you genuinely need achievement throughout everyday life. She never makes prejudice among frail and splendid students in the class. She bolsters a ton to her weak students and demands to excellent students additionally to support their feeble partners. She enlightens us to be enthusiastic regarding our examination and the subject of life.

She is an empowering teacher, energizes us not just in study anyway likewise in extracurricular exercises. She cheers actually to the student doing admirably in the school, whether in scholarly or sports exercises. She gives the free educational cost to her feeble students at her home for 60 minutes. Every student does very well in the science subject both in the class tests and tests. She is additionally the Vice-Principal of the school. In this way, she plays out all the duties well overall. She deals with the tidiness and greenery on the school grounds.

She never looks tense or serious as she has a grinning face. She keeps us upbeat in the school like her own children. She deals with all the plans in the school during any occasion festivity or rivalries composed in the school. She converses with all the students pleasantly and realizes well to deal with any troublesome circumstances at the school.

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