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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on My Favorite Subject, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on My Favorite Subject,
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My favorite subject is the one that I can read for a considerable length of time without getting exhausted. The subject I anticipate concentrating in my class just as at home. It has not been a similar all during that time I have been studying. It has changed every once in a while.

Everybody has diverse interests, and their favorite subject differs dependent on the same. While arithmetic is the most loved subject of certain students, others discover it excessively troublesome and fear it. Here are essays on 'My Favorite Subject' of differing lengths to assist you in your exam.


Example #1 of Essay on My Favorite Subject

General Knowledge is and has consistently been my favorite subject. It was acquainted with us in primary school, and from that point forward, I have cherished it. During grade, I, was shown regular general knowledge things, for example, names of landmarks, acknowledgment of sports individuals and famous people, acknowledgment of nation banners, and the preferences. I thought that it was intriguing as I got the chance to learn numerous new and fascinating things. 

I generally look forward to the GK class in the school. As I grew up and went to higher classes, I didn't want just examination the general knowledge books recommended by the school yet, in addition, acquired such books from the library to extend my insight. 

Taking a gander at my enthusiasm for the subject, my dad chose to buy into a month to month general knowledge magazine. I energetically hung tight for it consistently and wrapped up the whole magazine in around three days. I read it again and again to retain the realities.

I win appreciation for my insight into this subject at school, home just as in my companion circle. This moves me to peruse and gain proficiency with even more. My teachers consistently suggested my name for the GK exam competition. I have participated in numerous such competitions and have additionally won numerous prizes for my school.


Example #2 of Essay on My Favorite Subject

Our inclinations continue changing every once in a while. Be it our favorite color, most loved snacks, most loved individual or most loved sport – everything changes as we grow up, and the most loved subject is no special case. Numerous students love certain subjects in their essential classes yet totally disdain those subjects as they get harder quite a long time after year. My experience has been very comparative. I have additionally had a move in interest, and my favorite subject has changed with time.

I have been a significant fanatic of mathematics directly from the time numbers were acquainted with us in the nursery. While my teacher had encouraged numbers up to 10, I got the hang of tallying up to 50 with the assistance of my mom. I was so interested and excited about learning this subject I before long started learning expansion. My mom presented fun methods for learning expansion by the utilization of various things, for example, spoons, oranges, delicate toys. I likewise learned subtraction utilizing such inventive strategies. 

Taking a gander at my enthusiasm for the subject, my mom, before long, made me join the math device class. I additionally went with her to the toy shop to get a math device for myself. I essentially cherished doing estimations utilizing this old strategy for learning mathematics. Joining the math device helped me upgrade my insight into the subject. It laid a solid base for me, and I performed very well in the subject. I scored high in mathematics. The vast majority of the occasions, I got full checks in it.

I practiced the problems regularly. At whatever point I was approached to consider, I opened my arithmetic book and started understanding the wholes. I cleared the mathematics Olympiad with a great score. I was likewise sent for many between school mathematics competition. A vast number of my cohorts came to me look for help in the subject. Many still come to me to learn various subjects. I help them with the subject at whatever point they need any sort of help.

While I am still great in mathematics and my name is suggested for different arithmetic competitions, I, for one, have become partial to French as far back as I have entered the 6th standard. We had an alternative of picking among Sanskrit and French as a third subject in grade 6th, and I chose to go for French.

While my parents demanded that I should take up Sanskrit as my mom is knowledgeable about the subject and could assist me with it, I persuaded them generally. However, they didn't care for the thought at first anyway they understood I took the correct choice after I began scoring high in the subject. I was always enthusiastic about learning the unknown dialect. It was something new and crisp, and consequently, I was keen on it. 

My enthusiasm for the subject keeps me stuck to it. Also, since I took it facing the desire of my parents, I learn it with even more interest to demonstrate to them that my choice was correct. My French teacher is very useful and strong. Her technique for instructing is very creative. She causes us to comprehend this new dialect easily. She has made adapting such a lot of fun and fascinating. I generally anticipate the French class. My companions and I additionally attempt to utilize the sentences we have learned as we chat with one another. I have additionally begun following French specialists and tuning in to French tunes. 


The Final Words

French has unquestionably gotten my favorite subject, and mathematics is my subsequent most loved subject at this point. I want to leave Hindi and take up French when the choice to pick between the two is given in the ninth standard. I may even take it up as a fundamental subject during graduation.

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