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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on My Favorite Book, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on My Favorite Book, My Favorite Book Essay
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Reading books is as significant for an individual as making friends and mingling. Individuals have various tastes with regards to books. While some may like the thriller, others may cherish emotional while yet others may be snared to sci-fi. Individuals will, in general, have undisputed top choices with regards to books. 


Example #1 of Essay on My Favorite Book

I have read a few books. Be that as it may, none has enamored my interest as the Palace of Illusions. The book is composed of Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. Born in 1956, Chitra is an outstanding Indian American creator and artist. She did her graduation from the University of Calcutta and the Wright State University, United States, Chitra completed her Ph.D. in English from the University of California. 

Her book, The Palace of Illusions, portrays the narrative of Panchaali from the epic story of Mahabharat. Chitra has given a women's activist elucidation of this epic adventure by method for her storyteller, Panchali. The epic spotlights on the life of Panchali. It covers those parts of her life that were missed in different adjustments of Mahabharat. It gives a nitty-gritty record of Panchaali's life directly from the time she was born. Her introduction to the world was a wonder. She was born mysteriously in the fire.

Panchali was the little girl of a well off lord. She proceeded to wed the five Pandavas. The hardships looked by her after her marriage, have been composed finally in the novel. The difficulties of living in a state of banishment, her association with her better half and relative, and her relations with Lord Krishna have all described in the novel.

Panchali is an alluring and brave character. I essentially cherished finding out about her. Chitra has depicted the character and delineated the occasions quite well.


Example #2 of Essay on My Favorite Book

The God of Small Things is perhaps the best book composed by an Indian writer. This was the first novel of Arundhati Roy. Which made her win the Booker Prize for Fiction in the year 1997. It is also one of my preferred books. I love its plot, characters, and topic. 

Arundhati Roy was born in Shillong, Meghalaya. Her dad, Rajib Roy, was a tea estate supervisor, and her mom Mary Roy was a ladies' privileges activist. Her parents separated from when she was two years of age. She lived with her mom. They settled in Kerala, which was her mom's old neighborhood.

She has completed her studies in architecture. She rose to popularity with the arrival of her first novel, The God of Small Things, which turned into a success. It won her numerous awards. Roy is likewise a political activist. She has been working for the environment and human rights issues.

The God of Small Things portrays the account of a family living in Kerela during the 1960s. It covers a few issues, including the insidious caste system and socialism. It is the account of Esthappen and Rahel. It shares the delights and distresses they encountered during their youth years and how the unforeseen development during their initial life advanced them as people.

The story moves forward and backward, delineating the occasions happening in the life of the twins when they were seven years of age and as they turned 31. The story is about a useless family. The connection between the characters is very confused. It is something that is being passed from age to age. Pappachi, the granddad of Rahel and Estha, couldn't do well expertly, and he takes out the entirety of his annoyance and disappointment on his better half. He beats her almost every day. The life of their children Ammu and Chako is additionally messed up. 

Chacko's significant other Margaret deceives him. She succumbs to another man and leaves Chacko for him. Be that as it may, not long after her sweetheart passes on. Chacko and Margaret have a little girl named Sophie, who likewise kicks the bucket a shocking demise. Ammu weds a man named Baba, who is an awkward and dangerous individual. Their marriage additionally self-destructs soon. The two have twins, Rahel and Estha.

The fundamental piece of the story starts when Sophie, Rahel, and Estha meet. The twins are seven years of age around then. The plot gets intriguing, with a few wanders. Ammu's undertaking with a low standing man, Velutha, Sophie's heartbreaking passing, Chacko's scorn for Ammu, and all that pursues keeps the readers snared. It is miserable to read how Estha and Rahel need to go separate ways. The twins who were so near one another are raised at better places and never get the chance to see others for quite a long time. Finally, they meet and acknowledge the amount they cherished and required one another.

The socialist strain, the worry inside the family, social issues, and the entangled connections are altogether composed with accuracy and such that the intrigue is kept alive until the end.

I love the depiction of the characters. They are, for the most part, unique in relation to one another and have their very own fascinating story. I particularly love the twins. My heart goes out to them. They had awful adolescence on account of their damaging dad and baffled mother. Their lives didn't end up being extraordinary, even as they grew up. The main comfort they discovered was in one another's an organization, which they understood as they rejoined after years.

The story contacted my heart. It made me wonder how the standards established by the general public nearly ruin individuals' life. I encountered a few emotions, for example, outrage, disturb, delight, and love as I experienced this book.

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