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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on My City, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on My City, My City Essay
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My city isn't only the place I live in; however, a basic part of my identity. Everybody has affectionate recollections of their city, and they generally stay a part of an individual's life.

My city, for me, is where I have spent through the vast majority of my youth. It is a place I love and need to be in for my entire life. It is where I have a home. 


Example #1 of Essay on My City

My dad has a transferable occupation, and thus we are consistently on the move. We have changed upwards of four urban communities since my youth. I never thought that there is any city that I would truly have the option to call home until I moved to Jaipur. It has been only two years that we have moved to this place, yet it feels like home as of now.

I love everything about this city, from the house we have rented, my school, my neighborhood, nearby markets, the excellent landmarks, and the tasty food. Everything here is simply stunning. In any case, what I like the most about this city is the individuals here.

The individuals here are extremely warm and benevolent. Our local aunt is always prepared to stretch out help to my mom at whatever point our dad is out on legitimate visits. Her children are as agreeable as she and I have discovered my closest companion in her little girl. I have additionally made some truly dear companions in my school.

I likewise love the way that there is such a great amount to explore in this city. The ceaseless bazaars loaded with excellent garments and home stylistic theme things, the antiquated landmarks, and the delightful sanctuaries – I simply love everything about this city. At last, there is a place I want to call my own. This is my city, and I couldn't want anything more than to live here until the end of time.


Example #2 of Essay on My City

I was only three years of age when my parents moved to Nagpur. Nagpur is an arranged city that structures a part of the National Capital Region of India. The city appeared on seventeenth April 1976, and the day is commended as Nagpur Day every year.

I have been living in Nagpur throughout the previous 12 years. Despite everything, I recollect our old house where I went through 3 years of my life. However, I was exceptionally youthful around then, despite everything I have affectionate recollections of my companions who lived in our neighborhood. 

We remained in a rented apartment for the initial three years and afterward moved to our own flat in a lovely society that has all the advanced courtesies. My school is a good ways off of only 3 km from my home, and my parents' office is close by as well.

Since the most recent couple of months, my parents have additionally begun enabling me to go to the shopping centers with companions even though they pick and drop me to the place. Journeys to these shopping centers are very energizing. I particularly love playing various games, for example, bowling and air hockey at these shopping centers. 

Nagpur is unquestionably a Foodie's enjoyment. With such a large number of workplaces and instructive organizations around, Nagpur is a center point for tasty road nourishment. A wide range of nourishment things, from Mutton kababs to Chinese momos – everything accessible here is simply flavorful.

My birth city is one of the most happening cities in the country. Everything here is naturally beautiful. I wish the administration here fortifies women's security as well.


Example #3 of Essay on My City

Lucknow is my city of birth. It is the place my family and my relatives live. We used to stay until I was sixth class, but around two years back, we needed to move to Rajasthan because my dad's business requested so. My parents and I moved to Udaipur, Rajasthan anyway my grandparents kept on living there. Notwithstanding, my dad's task is currently finished, and we will be moving back to Lucknow. I will praise my thirteenth birthday celebration in my own city, and I am excessively excited about it.

We lived in a joint family. I lived with my parents and grandparents. My initial recollections of Lucknow are altogether identified with my grandparents, their accounts, the avenues of Lucknow, and the end of the week outings to the close-by business sectors. I took a morning stroll with my granddad, who used to portray his youth encounters in transit. I recollect the freshness of the bougainvillea plant that developed in our terrace.

I recall my night visits to the beautiful white marble sanctuary with my grandma. I recollect the scent of the newly arranged kabab paranthas at the road slow down in our neighborhood. I likewise remember my end of the week outings to the market with my parents. We shopped and ate and had a great deal of fun during that time.

Lucknow is known for its business sectors, its delightful nourishment, and remarkable landmarks. My preferred places in Lucknow are Imam Bara, Marine Drive, Hazrat Ganj market, and Bhootnath advertise. I have a lot of affectionate recollections of these places. 

I have visited Imam Bara on many occasions. The first occasion when I visited this place with my parents when I was extremely youthful. A few years later, I again visited the place as a part of my school journey. We likewise went to the place when my maternal auntie and cousins visited us. I can visit Imam Bara again and again and still not get exhausted.

We frequently visited marine drive at night. A walk around the waterway side was incredibly reviving. I likewise cherished shopping excursions to Bhootnath and Hazrat Ganj markets with my mom. We both love shopping, and the assortment of things we arrived was simply astonishing. 

I am dying to be in the city of Nawabs once more. I want to have the flavorful kabab rolls and korma of Lucknow. I additionally need to visit all my preferred places in the city and meet my old companions.

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