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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an Essay on Music, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Music, Music Essay, What is Music Essay?
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Music is the art of communicating thoughts and feelings in notes & sound forms by utilizing the components of cadence, tune, and congruity through voices, instruments, or both. Music plays an incredible role in everybody's life. It keeps us occupied in to save time and makes our life serene. Music has additionally been known to help diminish stress and uneasiness. Tuning in to a specific kind of music has demonstrated to be valuable in treating wretchedness and alleviating pressure. For the most part, students get some errand on the music point, mainly to compose an exposition.


Example #1 of Essay on Music

Music is the God gifted art for living a spirited life to the entire human race. It is a food to the soul which encourages us to make physically and emotionally vivacious. Music is a melody that triggers valuable considerations and great recollections of past time, most loved spots, people, or occasions. Music is the delicate and widespread language that tells everything calmly and completes every one of the problems of us without any questions. 

I am enthusiastic and love to listen to music more often in my free time. It provides help, as it were, and keeps me cheerful. Listening to music is my obsession, and it is an amazing mystery to be spirited and always cheerful. It is one of the best God gifts to me, which I ever use for my health and consistently trains others to take the help of the music. 

I am exceptionally happy listening to music from my youth as my dad was a music performer at different places like show stages, holy places, birthday events, party with companions, and various other spots. Music is a significant part of my life; I can't think about my existence without music. My parents, particularly my dad, enlivened me to learn music as an additional conventional propensity other than the everyday schedule work. 

Music is exceptionally easy; anybody can learn it whenever anyway it needs enthusiasm, ordinary practice, and teach to learn. I started playing the flute very well, for which I become adulated by my companions and associates. It makes my mind calm and loads up with constructive thoughts that help me in my own life.


Example #2 of Essay on Music

Music is one of the best gifts to me by God since it has played an extraordinary role in my whole life. It generally gives and never takes anything from me. Music, for me, resembles oxygen, which I enjoy and make me relax. It makes me glad and keeps sound. It is genuinely said that one can't envision the existence without music. The existence without music resembles earth without sun and moon. From my adolescence, until I develop more youthful, I was so quiet individual without having any delight and satisfaction. 

I always preferred to be occupied in my studies or live alone. Nobody was conversing with me because of my studious nature. One day I was so exhausted because of the daily schedule, and my father observed it and asked my issues. He enlivened to take admission to the music school and become familiar with some music for one hour every day. I followed him and did that; after months after the fact, it acquired a tremendous transformation in me and nearly has changed my life totally. I did not stay like that I was before learning music.

Music gave me tranquil personality, mental fulfillment, psychological well-being, expanded my focus level, filled my brain with heaps of constructive contemplations, and above all, my companions began pulling in towards me on account of my music. My dad revealed to me that, consistently take the help of this music at whatever point you get tired in life, it most likely takes you out of your problems and leads you toward progress. Till that time, I listen to music, and I perform music at whatever point I become alone or with my companions.

Music resembles reflection; if it is skilled every day with enthusiasm and dedication, it improves focus and psychological wellness. We can keep away from reality with regards to the music; it is an extremely unusual and significant thing which stimulates anybody's feeling and psyche. It connects the soul and can never be finished from the universe. 


Example #3 of Essay on Music

Music can be the most significant and ground-breaking thing of anybody's life who wants to be the musician and know its significance in their life. One who tune in or plays music never gets tired of any issues in life. It helps in upsetting and loosening up the mind just as inspires to improve in life. The number of people loves to play music at numerous events or occasions.

A portion of the individuals become used to listening to music in their daily life, for example, in the workplace, in the home, and so on. It avoids every one of the issues of life and gives calmness to the mind. Nowadays, there is a pattern of playing moderate music in the workplaces of large organizations while representatives are working to keep mind crisp, tranquil, concentrate, bring positive musings just as expanding the exhibition of the workers.

I got my music cherishing habit from my parents and grandparents because my dad and granddad were enamored with listening to music. Slow music consistently runs in my home from morning till evening. I don't think a lot about the melodic arrangements; however, I, for the most part, prefer to listen to music at whatever point I travel or during my examination time. At the end of the week, we move, listen to music or play music with family at home or excursion on any most loved spot. Music connects my spirit and soul and makes me understand that I have no issues in this world. 

Music is the thing which encourages us to re-remembering our great recollections of the past with our friends and family and darlings. It has no restrictions, disadvantages, and rules; it just needs anybody to tune in or play energetically with full dedication. At the point when we listen to music, it gets stunning inclination the heart and mind, which associates our soul to the heavenly intensity of God. There is a true saying about the music that "music emulates life and life mirrors music." Being motivated, I likewise began learning music and playing guitar and expectation would be a decent music player daily.

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