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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an Essay on Money, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay On Money, Money Essay
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Money is a tool utilized by individuals to purchase the required merchandise and services. It is being used as the source to satisfy essential needs and is likewise a source of solace throughout everyday life. Money is the most significant source to carry on with a sound and prosperous life; be that as it may, it can't be contrasted and the criticalness of affection and care. Both have their very own significance and advantages. In any case, money is a helpful and vital product to live happily, arranging all your standard liabilities towards your family and friends and family. 


Example #1 of Essay on Money

Money is a particularly required thing in life, be that as it may, it can't purchase items like time, love, and genuine consideration. It can just satisfy the greedy needs of the individual and not the inward needs like genuine romance. Nowadays, everything has gotten so expensive yet important to purchase for carrying on with a straightforward life. What's more, imagine a situation in which we have no money, it is possible that we would bite the dust or endure more whenever spared.

Money can purchase anything for all intents and purposes and encourages us an excellent deal for the entire life. We ought not to compare the money and relations because both are required independently to run a fruitful life. 

In this competitive world, everybody needs to get considerable knowledge with advanced education from the prevalent school and college to land a great position to gain more money. An individual needs more money to satisfy the necessity of all individuals from the family, particularly one who is just the working individual of the family.

The person needs to satisfy the eating, dress, and living prerequisites of the relatives, and for that, money is required. Wealthy individuals of the general public are given specific acknowledgment and fame anyway destitute individuals carry on with their life by organizing only nourishment for two times each day. Every one of the progressions and contrasts is a direct result of the money.


Example #2 of Essay on Money

Money is actually a significant thing for people to lead their life acceptably. In contrast to creatures and plants, we need more money all over the place. To live in society, we have to keep up our status and position in the general public for which we need money. To eat nourishment or drink water, wear fabric, get admission to the school, take prescription or go to the emergency clinic, and other numerous exercises, we need loads of money. Now the theme emerge is, the place we got such required money. We have to get a more elevated level examination and make hard attempts to land a high position or start our own business, which requires more expertise and certainty. 

Prior to the state of destitute individuals was extremely poor because of the weight of rich individuals. They were not helping the needy individuals and use them just as a worker on the exceptionally low pay. Anyway, the state of the destitute individuals has gotten great as the standard and guidelines of the legislature as been change to even out the state of both. Now everybody has equivalent rights to contemplate higher and land great positions. Numerous individuals comprehend that money is the starting point of the abhorrence in the brain anyway. I don't think so because reasoning is the procedure of human personality and not the formation of money. 

I comprehend and accept that money is the most significant key to satisfy external needs. It is human nature to take things in various manners. A few people take it just to meet their greedy requirements, and they never make it healthily anyway. A few people understand everything to the money, and they can do anything to get the money, such as murder, debasement, black market work, carrying, advancing pay off, and so forth.


Example #3 of Essay on Money

There is no uncertainty that money is so fundamental for our sound living. Money is nearly everything for us to carry on with an actual existence and keep up the status in the society. It is the money that satisfies the greed of bringing important comforts and enhancements of life. If one has money, he/she can buy anything in their life. It is the money that encourages us to grow great character, improving certainty, makes us ready to financial soundness, improving limit, expanding capacities, and upgrading our boldness to an extraordinary level. Without money, we feel defenseless and alone in this existence, where nobody is prepared to help and help. In the present materialistic world, money is a significant and incredible thing without which one can't live and endure. 

Nowadays, to procure more money in incorrect manners, terrible individuals are taking the assistance of corruption, kidnapping, murder rich individuals of the general public, and different insensitive exercises by corrupting the good and moral estimations of the humanity. Sluggish individuals pursue incorrect approaches to acquire money as they comprehend that these ways are straightforward and simple; anyway, it isn't valid. One can earn huge money in less time and doing illegal acts; most likely, he would lost it sooner or later as he is following an incorrect way to acquire money. The individuals who are procuring money by observing every one of the principles of mankind acquire less money; however, for a long time, and they become the high-status character of the general public.

Individuals doing corruption set aside their money as black money in different nations and utilize that money for awful works or expanding their materialistic extravagance. Be that as it may, average citizens of the general public regards a great deal to the individuals gaining money utilizing strategies incorrectly as they have the dread of them and tad ravenousness that they can receive some money consequently at whatever point required by giving them regard. They are, for the most part, called the bhai or dada or wear. Money can't purchase or remain the time just as can't give genuine affection and care anyway profoundly required by us all to run the life in the correct way.

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