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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an Essay on Man, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Man
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We all comprehend the term Man, and the plural is Men. It is a natural term which is normally utilized. However, do we truly realize how the man or the human species appeared and how it developed over time? Man, as we see today, is a result of advancement that occurred more than a considerable number of years. Man is said to be the wisest animal on earth. No big surprise, he has concocted such huge numbers of things to make life agreeable and worth living.

Today, man has possessed each edge of the globe, and there is never again a territory or spot which has not been investigated by him. One of the most significant characteristics of man is knowledge. With an extraordinary capacity to think, pass judgment and decide, man has set up himself as the most dominant species on earth. Men likewise hold a pinnacle position in social orders and family structure.


Example #1 of Essay on Man

God made every one of the men the same. It additionally made a situation reasonable for the endurance of man. In any case, man has upset both these things. Men assembled limits and made a few contrasts based on his religion, rank, statement of faith, monetary status, and so forth. He jumps at the chance to associate with individuals having a place with his stature and looks down on those lower than him. The progressions in innovation realized by man have interceded with the typical working of the earth, and it is very nearly demolition.


Man and Culture

Culture hugely affects the upbringing of a man. It, to a great extent, impacts how an individual's psyche and generally speaking character takes care of business. This is the motivation behind why individuals having a place with various societies have various attitudes. A thing or circumstance that may seem typical to individuals having a place with one culture may appear to be totally strange to other people. The individuals of India have high respect for their way of life. Indians have confidence in regarding their older folks and obeying them. In contrast to the outside countries, youngsters in India continue living with their parents even as they become grown-up.

Indians invite everybody with an open heart and regard other's strict and social notions. Individuals having a place with various ranks and religions live here in harmony and amicability. So also, individuals having a place with different societies adhere to their qualities that help in forming their character and viewpoint.


Man and Environment

While human life has improved and upgraded in different manners, this progression has likewise had various negative repercussions. One of these is its effect on the earth. The mechanical upset demonstrated to be an aid for the general public. Various individuals landed positions, and a few new items were delivered to make life agreeable for man. A few businesses have been set up from that point forward.

Various items are being produced every day for our utilization. Both everyday utilized things just as extravagance things are being delivered in these ventures to improve our way of life. While our way of life is being developed, life on earth is getting corrupted. The developing number of enterprises and vehicles has prompted air, water, and land pollution.

This pollution is corrupting nature. A few other human practices are additionally adding to the pollution. It has affected biodiversity and is causing a few diseases among men, just like other living creatures.


The Final Words

It is time man must stop and think where he is going. The time has come to return to our underlying foundations and quit contaminating the earth. On the off chance that we proceed with like this, our planet would never again merit living.


Example #2 of Essay on Man

Man is viewed as the smartest species. In contrast to different creatures on earth, man is engaged with such a significant number of exercises that assist him with developing rationally and furthermore sway his physical prosperity. Man has been allowed with insight, and he has utilized it to make his life agreeable.


Early Man

The existence of early man drove was totally unique in relation to how we live today. In the old occasions or the Stone Age, which was around 2 million years back, man lived in the wildernesses in the midst of wild creatures. He battled to discover nourishment. He chased wild creatures, got fishes and winged animals, and ate them to extinguish his craving. He likewise moved up trees to have natural products, vegetables, and leaves. Early man is in this manner alluded to as tracker gatherer. He lived in caverns and wore garments made out of creature skins and leaves. Similarly, as the advanced man, the early man additionally favored residing with his family.

The early man regularly moved here and there looking for nourishment and settled at places that were based close to waterway or water streams. He made a trip here and there for the most part when his nourishment sources at one spot got depleted. Creatures and flying creatures, for the most part, relocate from one place to the next. Since the fundamental source of nourishment for the early man was animals, he excessively moved alongside them. Moreover, various trees and plants bear foods grown from the ground in various seasons. Consequently, early man likewise moved according to the seasons. He moved in bunches as it gave a conviction that all is good.

While at first, the early man strolled by walking, he before long created haggle bullock trucks to travel long separations. He likewise made numerous apparatuses with stone and wood.


Medieval Man

As mankind developed, the man moved out of the caverns and manufactured houses. Before long, unique human civic establishments were shaped. The focal point of man moved from chasing of nourishment for endurance to building more current things to improve life. This was the start of another time, and men living in this age started to be called medieval men. The physical traits just as the degree of considering the man had advanced an extraordinary arrangement contrasted with that in the Stone Age.


Present-day Man and Post Modern Man

The way of life, culture, and different parts of man developed further, and he came to be known as the cutting edge man. Further advancement of man gave him the name of post-present day man. The present post day man is very not quite the same as the early man regarding looks, conduct just as mental capacity. Various common factors alongside some human mediation in the equivalent realized this change


The Final Words

Man has advanced and made significant progress from how he lived in the early occasions. The early man was positively physically more grounded and fitter contrasted with the cutting edge man. But, with regards to the psychological perspective, it has improved manifolds over time. Human insight has developed as yet developing. This is unmistakably clear by the innovations we are thinking of. We can't envision living how man lived in the Stone Age.

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