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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Life in a Big City, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Life in a Big City, Big City life Essay
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Life in a big city can be portrayed as quick, fast, and to a great extent, cut off from nature. While it offers great chances and modern facilities, it tends to be very thorough and unpleasant. However, the individuals who live in big cities are familiar with life there and think that it is difficult to change in a small village or town.


Example #1 of Essay on Life in a Big City

Life in a big city is always quick paced. There is a great deal of competition all around. Everybody needs to show improvement over the other, and they continue battling day and night to encourage their point. 

A feeling of competition is ingested in kids from an exceptionally young age. Each parent needs his children to remain in front of the challenge. Schools in large cities don't merely concentrate on thinks about yet besides on different exercises. They brag of a good foundation and exceptionally learned resources to set up the understudies for life ahead. 

Big cities likewise offer grand job openings. Somebody with great instructive capability can secure a well-paying activity in a big city. The open doors are unending on the off chance that one is truly expecting to work. Additionally, big cities have all the advanced harmonies required for the public to living. In any case, winning an agreeable life furnished with all the advanced facilities can really be very distressing.

While city life can bring comfort, it doesn't ensure harmony. A few people move from villages to big cities to bring home the food. While big numbers of them can win tremendous and improve their way of life, they wind up losing their genuine feelings of serenity in the distraught surge of the big cities.


Example #2 of Essay on Life in a Big City

Life in a big city looks appealing on account of the sort of facilities it offers. A few people leave communities and villages and move to big cities as they are tempted by the kind of way of life it offers. They drudge hard to accomplish the life they had always wanted; however, not every person is fruitful in their endeavors. Numerous such individuals end up in wretchedness and move back to the places where they grew up or have a pitiable existence in the big cities.


Unlimited Opportunities

There is no doubt about the way that big cities offer endless chances. There are various employment and business open doors in the big cities dissimilar to communities where the extension is restricted. The modern segment is constantly developing, and increasingly more work power is required to fill various positions.

In this way, individuals with various educational backgrounds and work experiences are required here. Additionally, the administration segment is likewise blasting at a decent pace. These administrators generally have their workplaces in big cities, and in this manner, the extent of work openings is more significant here. A considerable lot of these workplaces contract individuals with necessary information about the particular field and train them at work.

Big cities likewise include various instructive organizations and preparing focuses that teach and train individuals to work in various segments. There is no lack of chances for an individual who is happy to learn and buckle down.


Life of Isolation

There is great competition in the big cities. Everybody needs to win more, look better, and accomplish a superior way of life. A great many people here are so blinded by influence and cash that they can't look past it. They trudge day and night to gain some money and are occupied with contending with their companions, family members, neighbors, and even their very own kin. In this race to achieve things, they are frequently left confined.

They might have the option to earn substantial sums of money and have an extraordinary way of life; however, they are as yet troubled as they have nobody to impart their bliss too. Life in a big city might be outfitted with all the cutting edge facilities; however, individuals here frequently experience the ill effects of dejection and sadness. This is decidedly not normal for life in big cities where individuals esteem connections and are there for one another. They visit each other much of the time, praise celebrations, and other uncommon events together and help each other in the need.


Comfort at the Cost of Peace

Life in big cities is said to be disordered. There is rushing about all over the place. Individuals live in a solid wilderness a long way from nature. Their life might be agreeable anyway they accomplish this comfort at the expense of their true serenity. They might be outfitted with better therapeutic facilities anyway. The odds of causing medical issues in big cities are likewise very high.

There is a significant level of pollution in these cities and furthermore because of the expanding feeling of anxiety among individuals living here. Essentially, there are better schools and universities in big cities, yet the degree of competition here is in one way or another robbing the children of their childhood.

The average cost for basic items in the big cities is very high. To have a decent way of life and manufacture a decent social standing, it is fundamental to buckle down all day every day. The big cities take colossal credits for obtaining various things, for example, house, vehicle, and so on. Paying these credits and keeping up their way of life can be upsetting. So even as they have an agreeable existence, they are never settled. 


The Final Words

Life in a big city is by all accounts a cakewalk; however, it is entirely extreme. It very well may be amazingly testing. Not every person can make due here.

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