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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Life, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Life, Life Essay in English
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Life has been presented to us by God, and we all should value it. We ought to be grateful for all that we have and attempt to grow ourselves every day to construct a superior life. Actually, life is related to sentiments, progress, and advancement. Like the plants have life since they grow, people and creatures have a life as they feel trouble, satisfaction, and they also grow.

The adventure of life may not generally be smooth; however, we should continue onward and remain positive every one of the occasions. Life is the most valuable resource on this planet and must be ensured regardless of its structure and appearance. Each species, not just human, have a central right to carry on with their life, how they want. Life is an endowment of God to humanity, and any endeavor to disturb or harm; it will have undesirable results.


Example #1 of Essay on Life

There is a significant amount of problems & pressure surrounding us nowadays. A great many people complain about issues at the office, problems seeing someone, and the growing challenge in different fields. Individuals are so immersed in managing these issues that they don't see the genuine magnificence of life. There is a great more to life than these things. Truth be told, on the off chance that we take a gander at life intently, we will acknowledge how lovely it is.

God has given us plenty of everything. This is apparent when we take a gander at nature. The trees, plants, waterways, and daylight – everything is in abundance as is the vitality that lives inside us. This is the magnificence of life. 

In any case, it is not necessarily the case that life is a luxurious situation. It isn't! The issues and worries of individuals are veritable. The rich, poor people, the informed, the uneducated, the lovely, and the not all that excellent – everybody has his/her own set of issues. Life isn't simple for anybody. Notwithstanding, we have to comprehend this is how life is. 

On the off chance that everything came simply, we would not so much worth it. Life is excellent in its own specific manner, and we should search for motivations to appreciate it and grasp its magnificence during the issues we are managing.


Example #2 of Essay on Life

We all have only one life. We are here for a limited timeframe and don't have a clue when our time ends. We should, in this way, capitalize on the time we have. We should carry out beneficial things, help as much as we can, value the excellence around us, and remain positive. We should appreciate life and be thankful for all that we have, as very few are fortunate to have the sort of life we do. 


Genuine Value of Life by Philosophers

Various logicians, researchers, and artistic individuals have characterized the genuine value of life in various manners. According to writer Henry David, "There is no incentive in life with the exception of what you decide to put upon it." "The genuine value of a person can be found in how much he has accomplished freedom from oneself," said Albert Einstein. 

Then again, Myles Munroe states, "The value of life isn't in its term. You are not significant due to what extent you live, and you are significant in light of how compelling you live. 


Distinguish the Purpose of Life

Various individuals enjoy various activities every day. A few people study, some do the family errands, some work on field-tested strategies, some work for a business, and some simply appreciate and terrible away their time. 

A few people achieve more than two of these tasks every day. They continue dealing with these undertakings throughout every day and may enjoy a reprieve on the ends of the week. They may design an occasion for a day or two or meander around locally to revive; however, as the following week starts, they start with their regular errands once more. In any case, they continue trudging each day as they feel this is the thing that they are intended to do.

These daily tasks are only an approach to make due in this world. We study, clean our home, cook nourishment, get down to business, and acquire cash just with the goal that we can live serenely. This isn't our genuine motivation behind life. It doesn't enhance our spirit.

God has sent us on this Earth for some reason. We have to recognize this reason and work towards accomplishing it. When we know the reason and effectively perform it, we should then see how it can help people around us and search for approaches to help them. Every last one of us has been presented with extraordinary power or blessing. We should impart it to others to make the world a progressively beautiful place to live in.


Remember Your Blessing

We should value everything and everybody in our life. Nothing in our life ought to be underestimated. We should appreciate our parents, our kin, our companions, our activity, our home, our things, and everything God has offered on us. Or more all, we should value our life.

We should be thankful to the all-powerful for enabling us to deal with ourselves. We should consistently take a gander at the positive side of life. We should remember our blessing and worth it. God has given us such a large number of things to acknowledge, and we should express gratitude toward him by aiding people around us. We should assist them with carrying on with a superior life.


The Final Words

We are destined to serve humankind and improve this world to be better placed to live. We should be grateful for all that we have and remain humble. We are altogether honored with some extraordinary power. Our motivation is to distinguish it and use it to elevate ourselves just like everybody around us. This is the genuine value of our life.

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