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IELTS Writing Task 2: Learn how to write an essay on Journey by Train, we are providing some Essay Writing examples for IELTS. Essay on Journey by Train, Train Journey Essay
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Train journeys are very energizing, intriguing, and comfortable, as well. The train is, in truth, one of the most convenient and efficient methods of travel for long distances. I have headed out to a few places via train and made probably the best recollections during this adventure. Those have been the most unwinding and exciting journeys of my life.

Watching towns, societies, houses as you travel over the countryside, has consistently pricked my interest for better. It's entrancing that how a train adventure could upgrade your insight about societies, districts, dialects, and cooking styles. The journey resembles perusing a book that has every emotion to keep you engaged until the goal. Another, a bit of leeway of a journey via train, is that it offers a chance to communicate with individuals with totally extraordinary ethnicity and semantic foundations.


Example #1 of Essay on Journey by Train

Train journeys are too fun, particularly while going with a group of companions. One of my most essential journeys via train was my adventure from Delhi to Jaipur. It was a school excursion, and we were all truly excited about it. We had various designs for the outing and were particularly anticipating make some extraordinary memories on our way.

We all arrived at the railroad station by 6 in the first part of the day, and the train began inside a couple of moments. I involved the seat by the window to see the view outside. The perspective on the green fields, sloppy streets, and cabins in transit was wonderful. My closest companion sat next to me, and we visited as we looked outside.

Before long, it was the ideal opportunity for breakfast. I adored the cutlets and bread served on the train. We likewise had hot tomato soup in the wake of having a plate of bread and cutlets. After the morning meal, we all chose to play antakshari. Playing antakshari in huge groups is continuously fun. Our instructors additionally went along with us, subsequently adding to the good times. We played antakshari for the remainder of the adventure, and before we even realized we had arrived at our goal. It was an incredible encounter. The organization of my companions made this train journeys even more joyous. 


Example #2 of Essay on Journey by Train

I have experienced many train journeys with my family and also with my companions. Going via train is comfortable and charming. I generally lean toward train travels over excursions for the experience they offer. I have gained incredible experiences on these excursions. While I have appreciated all my train travels, my train head out from Delhi to Goa is the nearest to my heart.


Adventure from Delhi to Goa

I went for an excursion to Goa with my schoolmates when I was in the seventh standard. The school arranged the outing. After much influence, my folks consented to send me on the outing. The more significant part of my companions likewise got permission from their parents. We intended to do a lot of fun things on the excursion.

Furthermore, site-seeing and messing around with companions on the excursion, I was additionally excited for the train journeys. The train journeys from Delhi to Goa was for around one and a half-day. This was the longest journey I ever had. I was genuinely anticipating it.

My folks dropped me to the station. They were somewhat on edge as this was the first occasion when I was voyaging so far without them. My mom gave me a minute ago guidelines, and I gestured loyally as I excitedly anticipated the train. We left Delhi at around five at night. I sat near the window with one of my best friends.


Going with Friends

Going with companions is always big fun. I had been to Jaipur, Nanital, and Shimla with my companions. Our school arranged every one of these outings. We went via train on every one of these outings and had a great deal of fun in transit; however, none of them included such a lot of voyaging. A large portion of these were night journeys. In any case, on our outing to Goa, we went through one night and one and a half-day in the train. 

I continued sitting by the window for the first two-three hours of the journey. I adored the view outside. As it began getting dim, I joined my companions who were playing idiotic pretenses. We continued playing this game until it was the ideal opportunity for supper. In the wake of having our supper, we visited until late at night. We shared our encounters, described intriguing stories, and impersonated our instructors. It was all incredibly fun. I rested serenely around the evening time and woke up late.

The morning meal was served very quickly after I woke up. After having the morning meal, I proceeded to remain by the train entryway, which was half-opened. The view outside was lovely. I love nature, and I can watch the greeneries, trees, slopes, and water bodies for quite a long time. It mitigates and satisfies my faculties and offers a brilliant encounter.

I continued remaining there for quite a while. One of my companions went along with me there. We delighted in the view and talked about our affection for voyaging and nature. During the remainder of the day, we messed around, had the nourishment, and spoke with one another. We arrived at Goa at approximately ten in the evening time.


The Final Words

This train journey was an excellent encounter. I delighted in it entirely and gained a few lovely experiences in transit. The above essays of the train journey are for your knowledge so that you can write your own essay using these as a guideline.

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